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Welcome to my newest logs of Mesutchi & Osutchi. Written separately from my Tama Logs, this log covers my experience from October 26th to December 1st with my Mesutchi & Osutchi. The hatching date began on September 29th, 1998. The Tama's them selves came from Japan and I read no Japanese so I took advice from what I have read on web pages and on the Tama List. This log and on will depict my second hatched pair of Mesutchi and Osutchi, after my first pair died. Note: It might be good to read Mesutchi & Osutchi Information before you read this page, unless you have a pair and know what I'm talking about! :) I made most of the images on this page, please don't take them. If you choose to steal them anyway, don't link directly to my server, please upload to your own server.

October 26th, Monday: It's been a few day's and I have waited in anticipation for 'the change' and finally today they did! While I was getting ready to leave I heard the ever familiar changing sound drawing my attention to them. I looked on to notice that only Osutchi was changing. He changed into my sweet Kabutchi, whom I have missed a lot. I love this guy.


Kabutchi: "Kabuchi just wants to meet and fall in love with the kind of girl who can make him feel happy and at ease just by being near. He's a bit of a dreamer and romantic, isn't he?"- Japanese translation from Mesutchi & Osutchi HQ

It took almost 20 minutes for Mesutchi to change into Pipotchi...


Pipotchi: "This sweet little "cupid" is the kind of girl who's busy helping her friends "get together"... So before she knows it, she's the only one without a boyfriend! Someone please introduce her to a nice guy that deserves her!"- Japanese translation from Mesutchi & Osutchi HQ

I have noticed the past few days that they no longer do much of anything at the same time. They poop over 30 minutes apart, they don't drop hearts at the same times anymore, the only thing they did was go to bed on time, untill now.

Since they changed into this adult stage they seem to be back to doing things at pretty close to the same time, it's like their schedule changed to match each other once they changed. Which doesn't really make sense since when they changed the schedule didn't match at all.. I don't know.

They were 8 years when they changed into these forms. The discipline (even though, again I never gave them any) went back up to 50% this time. Their minimum weight went to 20 units and yes I finally have their weight down to a decent amount... minimum.

I'm rather happy I got Kabutchi back, even though I really didn't want to go through the same cycle as I did the first pair I hatched I really did want to get Kabutchi back, he's such a sweetie! :) Tomorrow I will be mating them :)


Tuesday October 27th: I did decide to mate them today (to the mood of Rod Stewarts "Passion"), but I waited untill later on in the day. They asked for discipline two times each today in which I ignored both just because I've been doing that since generation 2, why not continue. It almost seems like things are set from generation 3 and on. Weird like that. Because I did get the same babies I got the first time I hatched these two characters, PetitTeretchi.

Pipo & PetitTere
Pipotchi & Petit-Teretchi
Kabu & PetitTere
Kabutchi & Petit-Teretchi

I mated them around 5pm today, it was cute as always, I really love these two characters so it is really nice to have them back. I mated them to the music of Rod Stewart... "Passion" I'd call that mood music. :) Either way it went well and of course the babitchi are generation 4.. so I know what characters I will be likly to get next.... the Mametchi characters :P

Anyway, I really have to sleep and so did they, so I'm off.. talk more about it another time...

Kabutchi & Baby
Pipotchi & Baby

November 1st, Sunday: It's been quite a while since update because I haven't had the time I want to update these pages. No less, the adults left the children on Thursday night and Friday and Saturday I was out all day so I was unable to get the animation of the babitchi alone. Course a picture of PetitTeretchi can be seen of them with the parents in the animations I made above.

Saturday morning before I even turned on the computer they changed from PetitTeretchi into Harutchi, the second part of the babitchi stage in generation 4. Even though I have given severe neglect for the past few weeks I have ended up right where I was last time I hatched Mesu and Osu up to this point after generation 2.

Harutchi Mesu/Osu Gen4

They both look like the above animation, they have yet to get features that separate the boy and girl from each other in looks. That happens in the teen stage when they have differant animations and looks all together. The next stage should be Pyukitchi and Kuribotchi, the kodomotchi (teen/child) characters of Generation 4.

As of second generation I have avoided giving any discipline at all and I have remained treating them badly, yet they have continued on this course. After the teen characters I will most likly get ChoHimetchi and ChoMametchi for the adults. If they have the generation 4 babies after I mate them I beleive I am going to start my other pair of Mesu and Osu and cross mate generation 4 with generation 1 characters, that way I might get some variety instead of getting the same characters over and over again in Generation 4, like last time. That was a nice big run-on sentence :)

One thing I have to note that I find interesting about these Tama's. I have no clue why I didn't mention it before or even take much notice to it. Most likly because I really didn't even nelgect like this untill now so now they always beep before I take care of them. No less without looking I can tell if they are beeping for discipline or for attention because all the hearts are empty. The beep is quite differant! The discipline one seems to be longer and more stretched out (if you get what I mean). The call for attention is like 3 beeps that are short and less distressing (can't think of any other word for it). Because I'm ignoring disciplines that helps me ;) They both jsut beeped for discipline, thats what reminded me to say something.

Another thing I must note is that a friend wrote to me and suggested I try and make them overweight while both the baby and the adult are on the screen. If I get a single character over weight, they change into the Debutchi, making a big face on the screen where you cant do anything but check status and play the game to get the weight down. It does that when the weight reaches 99 units. Well, I decided I'd try and do this while the adults were still with the babies. I tried last time (as mentioned in log 1) but I didn't get the weight up high enough and the parents left that night.

Well i had the oppertunitly to give this idea a chance again and lo and behold I did finally get the weight up to 99 units while the baby and parent was still there on Thursday. Sadly though, nothing happened. No big puggy faces, no refusal to eat, no nothing happened once they reached 99 units with the both fo them there. That's kinda disapointing.. I was looking forward to seeing two huge puggy faces on the screen :).

Oh yeah, I wont' forget to mention that when the parents left the food changed again. They now eat the bread for meal and the cake for snack, like P2 Tama's. They have 4 crowns on TMP and it reads 4th generation. I am curious that when/if I cross mate them with a generation 1 pair.. will the crowns change? I wonder what they babies will be? I spose I will see in a couple of weeks :)

Both of them went to bed at 9pm tonight...

Tuesday, November 3rd, 1998: Yesterday I meant to type in here, but I didn't stop working on my Furby section until late last night. Either way, something I would call exciting happened with Mesu and Osu yesterday!

They did change as expected, but not really into what I expected! Around 2pm, both the babies, generation 4, changed. The male became the generation 4 teen, Kuribotchi. But Mesutchi changed into the teen character from generation 3, Batabatchi!

Batabatchi Mesu Gen3 teen
Kuribochi Osu teen 4

I was so happy! Finally some difference in character and maybe a variety of babies? Either way I think it's great, I might not have to start up the second pair of Mesu and Osu to keep them from being the same characters over and over again.

When they changed the Osu remained the same except character, while Mesu went back to eating the generation 3 meals and snack and having only 3 crowns on the TMP meter, instead of 4.

Weirdly enough they both asked for discipline within 2 minutes of each other all day (in which I gave them none btw). They also poop around the same times and loose hearts at the same rate.

They are both 6 years old right now and that means they will most likely change in the next 3 days or so. They both weight 26 units of weight right now, the minimum is 20, but I had to feed a couple of snacks this evening when I went to vote and didnít have time to play the game with them.

Forgive me for the short log....

Thursday November 5th: I haven't been writing as I would like to lately because of work. No less I am staying up late tonight to update this. The good news is both my Mesu and Osu changed yesterday.

The moment happened while I was at the store getting lunch. I looked at them and I was happily surprised to find the two differant adult characters. I got the generation 4 character adult, ChoMametchi, on Osutchi. While I got the generation 3 characteron Mesu, Pipotchi. Below are the animations of them. Including my messed up one of ChoMame.. the dern program messed it up...

ChoMametchi gen4 adult
Pipotchi gen3 adult

When they changed I was so thrilled! For the longest time I beleived that not a thing I would do would get me any character except the same string of characters I got the first time because it has taken so long for it to recognize my bad care. Well finally it has.

They frequently ask for discipline, in which I ignore totaly now. I always wait untill they are empty and beeping before I care for them and they are a bit overweight right now. Yesterday when they changed the discipline went up to 25% (even though it was 0%) before the change.

That was yesterday though. Might I note they went to bed at 11pm and got up at 11am? I don't recall this happening last time, but maybe I'm mistaken.. I really thought they went to bed at 10 and got up at 9. But maybe it's just my failing memory that is missing this point. Either way they are still up while I'm writing this log, but they will be going to bed in the next 10 minutes though.

Today when I woke up I completely forgot about mating them. So I got up and went to work and I would have typically mated them during lunch or something, but I didn't get to it untill I got home. I completely forgot untill 6:30. Well I did mate them at 6:50 tonight with much anticipation. What babies was i going to get? Gen 3 or Gen 4? Which character determined it? Or does the caretaking determine that factor? I have no clue, only guesses.

No less at 6:50pm this evening I turned on Alanis Moressette's I Was Hoping, from her new CD, and began the mating process. I selected the icons, then connected them and watched them slide off the screen. As it went on I watched with as much anticipation as ChoMametchi did. Almost silently I watched Pipotchi have two little babies.. from generation 3! She pointed the male PetitChocotchi in the males direction.. with much excitment they hugged and the mating was over as fast as it had begun.

I don't have an animation of both of them with these babies and I don't have these babies animation alone (why didn't I do that?!) so I'm not gonna put up anything! ;)

Due to the fact I have to sleep before my head falls on this keyboard, I'll make a better attempt at updating tomorrow night and Saturday, even though I think I'm working both days. I am in real anticipation to see what happens with these two from here on out. I'm purposly taking really bad care of them. You know this experiance with Mesu and Osu has taught me really bad caretaking habits :P I feel unsure about starting up to many Tama's right now due to the fact that if/when I get both the gen4 characters and they start going in that circle like what has happened previously.. well then I'll want to start up my other pair to break that occurance. Right now I'm not sure I'll have to do that or not.. it'd be nice if I got back to generation 1 or 2. I guess I'll see what happens over the next couple of days. I have a scan of these characters, without babies that I will be puting up tomorrow or Saturday.

Saterday, November 14th: Since I last wrote, a lot has happened. Unfortunately my busy/lazy rear is just now getting to this. "Tomorrow or Saturday" turned out to be a week from then ;) No less I'll summarize the week.

A couple days later the parents left the children during the late night.

gen3 babitchi

That is what they both looked like when in this baby stage after the parents left them. Their weight went down to 5 units, the discipline went down to 0% (even though I've never given any) and they were eating Gen3 food again.

Through out the week, of much neglect and such, they changed into the next portion of the babitchi stage, MizuTamatchi. Now right here I thought I was doing very well with neglect. I only was filling up one heart on each at a time, with a few exceptions where I filled up half way. I was giving no discipline, they were overweight, constantly pouting in the corner because I was neglecting (usually because I skipped disciplines.. still can't believe they pout if I don't discipline them!). But soon enough, a couple of days ago they change into none other then PropellerTchi and Batabatchi, the teen stage of gen3. I was thought I was doing so well neglecting too! No less, with much disappointment I continued on with the same treatment as I have for the past month. I don't want them to die, but this is the way I can get success in getting other generations of characters without getting stuck at gen4, I'm pretty sure they won't die from this.

I'd like to say that when they changed into the teen stage there was one thing different about their process. While, like always, Osu got 25% discipline when he changed (that I didn't give, it just always goes up in this stage it seems), Mesu was different.. she had no discipline when she changed into the teen stage. While I felt I was treating them to pretty close to the same way this entire week, it seems that this may be an indication that I didn't treat them exactly the same - this not being a bad thing at all.

Yesterday something really weird happened. Well not weird, but.. different. It's mid afternoon. I'm at work. I hear that familiar changing sound and look at each of my Tama's to find that Mesutchi changed. I soon realized that I got Mimikotchi from Generation 2! I was so happy! Finally I got one of the Mimitchi characters! By luck, no less. Here is my animation:

gen2 mesu adult

"Her ideal guy is "more of a big-brother type than a handsome charmer." But it won't hurt for him to be good-looking, too!" says Mimikotchi." - Japanese translation from Mesutchi & Osutchi HQ

Man, the weird part about this thing is I waited all day yesterday for Osutchi to change! Last night Osutchi went to bed at 9pm in the babitchi stage as PropellerTchi, un-changed. I'm sitting here this Saturday and it's 11:05am, Mesutchi just woke up (Mimikotchi sleeps from 11pm to 11am) and is able to mate, but my Osutchi hasn't even changed! My Osutchi has been up since 9am and after all this time, it's almost been 24 hours later and he still has yet to become an adult. I worry.

Osutchi changed at 1:36pm. Weirdly enough he changed into Kabutchi, the 3rd generation adult character, whom I love so much. Of course, since he just changed today I will have to wait until tomorrow to mate them.

But sadly that won't be happening.. yet. I can't believe I get the privilege of writing the next couple of paragraphs of what happened today (heavy dripping sarcasm). I was in for quite a shock as the evening hours progressed.

While I have been taking bad care and neglective care and thus was my goal so I could work my way down to the first or middle generations. My only way of doing this has been simply no discipline, take care of when they call, only fill up one or two hearts on each, keep the weight high and sometimes fill all the hearts.. but only occasionally.

Kabutchi went to bed tonight at 10pm as he always does and of course Mimikotchi goes to bed at 11pm, so I had to wait another hour with her. Well... as time passes 10pm arrives and Kabutchi goes to bed. I checked her, she was filled up on both happy and hunger. So I set her down and began working on my page. Less then an hour later I hear beeping. My first thought was 'Morino must be getting out of the cocoon stage'. Upon being wrong I looked and found Mimikotchi on the screen looking very sad with a skull beside her head. My mouth dropped. I'm still in shock. I can't believe this. She keep beeping.. she was doing the P1 Tamagotchi death. I pressed all the buttons in a desperate attempt, but all that happened was she stopped beeping (I guess this canceled the sound? I dunno). She stayed on the screen looking sick and next thing is she lays an egg and the ghost appears. She is dead.

I don't understand why she departed, other then it was the bad care taking I've given up till now? I'm not certain. But if that's true, then why hasn't Osutchi died too? I take care at the same time and the same care. She could have mated today and had the male changed yesterday when he should have, she could have mated with him today, which would have probably changed the evenings outcome.. or maybe not?

No less she is gone now and all that's left is the ghost and her status which reads: 8 years, 92 weight, TMP 2, Generation 5. I'm really sad.. I was so happy with the results and having been able to get the different characters and such.

Well, I've been thinking and I've decided to do something about this. I'm not gonna let Kabutchi die on me.. I love that guy, don't want him to die alone. I'm going to restart Mesutchi tonight and pause Osutchi for a couple of days until I get an adult to mate him with on my Mesu. This is the only thing I can think of to do, that or let him die too... but I was hoping to have them around longer.

So at 11:35pm tonight I am starting her again in hopes for a fast change into adult hood so I don't have to keep him paused too long.

So right now I have Kuritchi, the babitchi gen1... he changed at 12:44am into MohiTamatchi and went straight to bed.

November 18th, 1998: Well I still have my Osutchi on pause right now. He is paused in the sleeping stage, when he wakes up he will be able to mate. First of all... I must get a mate for him. I have Mesutchi still going and she has progressed the past couple of days through the babitchi stage and into the kodomotchi stage. After MohiTamatchi she became Ojotchi and that is the form she is in right now.


"She may seem well-mannered and charming, but she's still at that mischevious stage, so go easy on her! She thinks of herself as a proper little lady, however, so if you don't treat her as such, she might get upset and sulk! " - Japanese translation from Mesutchi & Osutchi HQ

Isn't she a sweetie? I love this character... I dunno, maybe it's the mohawk? :) Either way I really like it, the Tamatchi characters are always so sweet. Right now she's doing pretty well.. considering I am again treating her average to bad because I don't want the best gen1 character.. something new would be good.. maybe Kikotchi?

She has asked for discipline quite a few times in the past couple of days but I have not given any... with the exception of one. I disciplined once to 25% when she was in the MohiTamatchi stage, the one before this teen stage. She is now 4 years old and the discipline is at 0% since she changed into this stage. I don't intend on disciplining anymore through adult hood. It sure will be interesting to find out what babies they make. Since the male is gen3 and she is Gen1, will I get a Gen2 baby because that's right in the middle? Or will I get a gen1 baby because sheís gen1? Or does it have to do with care taking? Might I get gen3? If I only knew. Guess I'll find out in 2 days or so when she becomes an adult. I'll wake the male on the day she is able to mate, thus they might be the same age even. I forget his age right now.

November 22nd, 1998: To catch this log up to speed... I must update the past few days worth of information. I kept the male on pause until the 21st, up until then I raised the Mesutchi through her teen stage and then on the 20th, she finally changed! I got Gankotchi, the most unhealthy adult Gen1 character. Here's the image I made of her...


Gankotchi Mesu Adult: "She's got a loud booming laugh and a voice loud enough to make your head ache! But whenever she sees little kids or people in trouble, she just can't leave them alone and has to help. She can really be quite nice." - Japanese translation from Mesutchi & Osutchi HQ

I guess I succeeded at being a bad care taker because I ended up with her, and even though sheís unhealthy, she really is rather adorable. That's one thing about Tamagotchi, none of the characters are really repulsive or ugly unlike some of the knock-off virtual pets out there.

When she changed her TMP remained at one crown and her discipline went to 0% and I have refused to give her anymore discipline since she changed.

Of course I had to wait a day to wake up my male from his week sleep and mate them, as they can't mate on the day they change. I've been trying to figure out what generation the babies will be since these characters are from different generations. Will the babies be from Gen1 or Gen3... or maybe go in the middle for Gen2? I found that out yesterday on the 21st.

It was around 5pm and I thought it might be a good idea to finally mate them and end my curiosity about them babies. So I turned on Melissa Etheridge, Similar Features, and removed their covers. At this point I was hoping they were compatible.. I mean her being so unhealthy and Kabutchi my Osutchi being a really good character. Everything seemed to go fine, they both said OK and I figured that most likely after that point I'd know.. what does it say if they arenít compatible, I wonder. Kabutchi watched as the female got really still, the slow beeps filling the air. We all waited intensely as the female kinda puffed up her face and stood in the corner, ready to deliver. It seemed forever until she finally delivered, but when she did... generation 1 characters were born!

Right there I was analyzing whether they had Gen1 because the female was Gen1 or because she was treated bad and thatís all she could have. I mean, consider the fact that typically of any Gen1 adult she should have a Gen2 baby, right? Well she had Gen1 instead, so I do wonder how this kind of information is processed between the two and how is this determination made.

Anyway, they are ooh so cute and adorable Tsubutchi. It's my belief they sleep from 11pm to 11am, tonight will most likely be their last night together. They did go to bed and hereís the animation. I forgot to animate the baby in Gankotchi's image, oh well.

Ganko & Tsubu
Ganko Baby Slp
Kabu & Tsubu
Kabu Baby Slp

December 1st: Have I not written in here since the 22nd? For real? Gosh time can fly when you don't want it to. I've been really busy... behind on everything is my middle name. If i could sleep less then I'd have time for work, life, and the computer. :P

No less my Mesu and Osu have moved well past the stage they were last in since the 22nd. The parents did leave the babies that night. The babitchi moved through the same stages as any normal gen1 characters, becoming MohiTamatchi and then changing into a teens. I did manage to get differant kodomotchi characters this time around. They changed into Hawaikotchi and Hawainotchi (weird names if ya ask me).

Osutchi Hawainotchi

Hawainotchi:"A bright, cheery fellow who's always super-energetic. But he's always in such a hurry that the people around him can get qyite exasperated! He has a very unique walk." - Japanese translation from Mesutchi & Osutchi HQ

That above is the cute Osutchi teen character... below is the Mesutchi..

Mesutchi Hawaikotchi

Hawaikotchi:"A dreamy eyed romantic. Her dream-guy is a sporty type, whose white teeth sparkle when he laughs. Her little pink pigtails are very cute." - Japanese translation from Mesutchi & Osutchi HQ

I was personaly surprised and delighted to see these two. Their are two teen characters in generation one and I've always had the Tamatchi characters. I find Obotchi and Ojotchi to be very very cute, but I'm still happy I was able to get these two guys. Change is sometimes good. I had company over and didn't get to make the sleeping animation before they changed into adults.

Now I figured I had a chance at getting one of the other characters then what I've already had in the adults. What did I do? I did what any neglective caretaker would do and neglected them instead of taking good care. They've taught me how to be neglective, I swear! I decided during this stage I would give some discipline, so I gave 50% to each of them, from when they changed at 0%. Well... the one thing that did get lucky for me is this... I did get differant adult characters.

There are two sets of adults I had not gotten yet and I did manage to get one. The most unhealthy characters where the ones I got.. Megatchi and Gankotchi!

Mesutchi Gankotchi

Gankotchi:"She's got a loud booming laugh and a voice loud enough to make your head ache! But whenever she sees little kids or people in trouble, she just can't leave them alone and has to help. She can really be quite nice." - Japanese translation from Mesutchi & Osutchi HQ

There she is... you know for the most unhealthy she sure is rather cute :)

Osutchi Megatchi

Megatchi:"He likes to analyze everything, and always has a cool, dispassionate view of the world. As a result of this personality, he claims not to be interested in girls. He worries that someday he might end up falling in love." - Japanese translation from Mesutchi & Osutchi HQ

Once they changed I was rather quite happy with the results.. sometimes neglect with discipline combined really pays off. Though I'm unsure what role discipline played in it because I got the most unhealthy of all the generation one characters, oh well. When they changed their discipline went down to 0% again so I decided to bring it back up to 50% before they leave me again.

The TMP meter reads 1 crown and generation 6 on my Osutchi. The Mesutchi only reads 1 crown and generation 2 because of what happened before. No less, they are a matching pair of adults. I guess that just happens because I tend to take care the same of both of them and somtimes it's hard to take differant care.

I've been Christmas shopping much latly and working, so I havn't really been doing tons on my page. When I was out Monday I was able to mate them, so I did - in LeAnne's car. LeAnne and I almost mated them at Pizza Hut, but we decided not to.. they tend to get loud when they are making babies! :)

Now since these characters are both generation 1 I was guessing that maybe I'd get generation 2 babies. But then again these characters are kinda unhealthy, so I was also guessing that maybe they would just repeat and go back to generation 1 babies. I wasn't sure what to expect as they danced around the on the screens in the cold darkness in LeAnne's car late Monday night. Just another wonderful thing about Mesu & Osu :)

Now Generation 1 only has one babitchi - Kuritchi. But Generation 2 has 3 babitchi... Imagine me being happy when I got generation 2 babitchi. I got the character called Kakutchi. It's a little square head :) I'll make an animation for him as soon as the parents leave tonight. I think they will be leaving, so I should be able to do the animation tomorrow night.

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