Tamagotchi Log 07/11/2016

Morino and LR44 Batteries

Greetings. Never before has a log in this section had so many images! There were about 3x more than this, so I would like to note I did try to cut them down! :-)

I've been meaning to write this log for over a week now. I ended up getting really sick yet again. My sister says she is used to being sick. I need to get used to being sick too. She and I both have bad genetics so we both have more than our fair share of medical problems.

That aside, I am here and.. I have Tama news!

I did hatch my Morino and, as the days went by, I wrote down notes so I would not forget what happened and when. So I am going to share that with you now..

Selecting Egg

June 12, Day 0
Today I pretty much just hatched, fed, and played games with Babymotchi. There was no intense child stage like the original Tamas.. he started off empty on everything and once filled and happy he was well behaved. He was acting like a young Tama, not like a babitchi in the baby stage on the P1/P2.

Goodness his bite is soooo big when he eats leaves! I forgot about how cute he is!

He went to sleep a few hours later.

June 13, Day 1
I woke up about 10am to find he was already awake. He was bandaged up so he had gotten attacked while I was asleep and I didn't hear him. Usually that sound would wake me up, I was very very tired though.

Around noon I caught him being attacked. On the screen I saw a giant boot. I saved him this time. However, later in the evening I missed another attack so he was again bandaged up.

Mostly a quiet easy afternoon really otherwise. I just kept him happy and fed. He beeped once to play in the afternoon when I let him go too long.

At 6:43pm.. I heard the changing sound. He became Imotchi.. the little white worm.

Part of growing up is getting a smaller mouth it would seem.

Imotchi went to bed promptly at 8pm.

Imotchi Crawling

June 14, Paused
Today was a big day for me in terms of financial things. I had to go and meet a lawyer and discuss my future. I wasn't sure if I would be okay with this meeting. I had a lot of anxiety building.

Turns out the guy was super nice, very friendly. My Uncle Randy was so good to me, spoke so well of me I was almost wondering who he was talking about!

You see.. a week prior to this while I was fixing his computer I had mentioned my financial burdens. And we got to talking and he told me about his financial troubles in the past. He talked me into taking a chance to see this lawyer. This lawyer is a bankruptcy lawyer you see.

Needless to say.. this day I paused my Morino. He had a tiny bit of awake time in the late evening, but otherwise I was really distracted. I needed to work when I got home, so I mostly focused on that. I had a lot to think about in general.

Imotchi Sleeping

June 15, Paused Again
I wasn't home much of the day at all, there was so much going on, I worried about my Imotchi being neglected. Again he had a tiny bit of time before bed, but nothing except the usual playing and feeding happened.

June 16, A Partial Day
I again wasn't home very much. I had to shop for food and take care of errands. I got no sleep the night before, so I took a nap in the afternoon too.

He finally got awake time with me but he didn't have much time because I set the clock right so he went to bed at his normal time.

The one thing I do like about Morino always that improved upon the originals design is the fact that the status check icon is the first selection on the menu. That makes it so convenient. Not that it was a big deal for it to be down below on the P1 and P2, but it makes a lot of sense for it to be located in the first selection spot.

While I was outside taking a photo of a double rainbow, Imotchi went to sleep. When I came back in I saw him snoring with the light on. I quietly turned off his light and let him be for the night.

Double Rainbow in Backyard

June 17, An Afternoon Together
I've had so little sleep lately that I paused Morino right before I went to bed so I could let myself sleep in.

At about noon I unpaused him.. and right as I pressed start on the clock immediately there was beeping and a big foot on the screen! It didn't even let me scroll back from the clock. Since I was right there of course I had no problem keeping him safe. After the attack the screen went right back to the clock screen. Well good thing I unpaused right at that moment, he needed help! :-)

This day he had an ice cream cone in addition to the leaf. Yesterday he had like these little popcorn pieces. I fed him ice cream.

At 4pm sharp he got attacked yet again! I foiled that plan though, he was saved once again!

He went to bed tonight at 8pm, sadly with a poo next to him. I had gone into the other room to grab a drink, forgetting the time, and I came back to find him there sleeping. Stinky poo next to him. Poor guy. I hope he didn't have crappy dreams.

Imotchi After Pooping

June 18, Many Stomps!
He woke up at 8am. I was ready and waiting so I could clean up his poo right away. Much better, less stinky for sure!

At 10:02am he almost got stomped on yet again! I chased that big foot away. No stompy for you today.

At 2:02 pm he got attacked again. And even tho I did try to stop it from happening he got stepped on. :-( I guess my reaction was not in time. Poor guy.

Additionally he called for attention a couple of times this day. I was very distracted.

June 19, Another Afternoon
He was only awake for around 8 hours today, I woke up very late because I didn't get much sleep at all the night before. I was feeling quite sick on this day. My body was fighting an infection and this made me extra tired.

He nearly got stomped again mid-day but I saved him. Otherwise nothing major happened. He was happy to play games and munch. I decided to only feed him ice cream cones only from here on out.

June 20, Paused Yet Again
I was sick most of the day so I had no time with him.

June 21, Some Time Together
I woke him up at noon and right away someone tried to stomp on him. Just like last time with the clock, it was an attack right at that moment! He was saved easily this time.

However, later on he got stomped once while I was out of the room doing laundry. I ended up pausing him toward the evening. I had a lot of digging through dusty boxes to do and I didn't want him to get dirty nor be neglected, so pause worked best for the last few hours of the day.

June 23, Some Time
This was another busy day so he did not have much time awake.

June 24, All Nighter
Imotchi got attacked by a frog. This is the first time that I saw anything attack him except the foot of someone trying to walk on him.

I kept him awake late while working. He was up till near 4am my time. I imagine he had some sort of weird Tama jet lag. He just mostly hung out eating and playing the game with me. He did call out to me for attention as well.

June 25, Another Frog
He was attacked by a frog for the second time. It was a quiet day mostly until the evening.

I awoke from a nap around 7pm to find he had gone into the cocoon.

I decided I would keep the temperature on the hot side of the meter. With no memory at all about how things work this decision was made... I figure it's summer so that's realistic.

June 26, It Ends..
So I had not remembered much about the cocoon stage. I remembered well how I woke up all night long the first time doing it. I decided not to pause him. I was excited to get an adult. Well the problem is I didn't wake up during the 5 hours I was asleep. I woke up in the morning and changed the meter to go back cold since it was far on the hot side.

I was not feeling too good this day and so later in the afternoon I took a nap. I woke up a little after 5pm or so.

I went to the kitchen to make food and was gone longer than I thought I would be.

So when I returned to the bedroom around 6pm and picked him up... I only found a ghost.

He had died in the cocoon. I did not remember this being possible.

Death During Cocoon Stage

I felt like such a failure. I thought I had paused well up until the cocoon and tried to do my best with him along the way. I had made many mistakes though. I was excited to see whom I would get so I left him unpaused during his cocoon stage entirely. I should have been a little more careful.

I wrote to my friend Dennis about this. I was just feeling like a complete idiot for not being more attentive and not pausing overnight and while I napped. I fall asleep sometimes without realizing it though.

I decided this story could not end here though. I don't like unhappy endings.

I decided to start again. This time we would make it happen.

By 6:30pm I already had another Babymotchi.

Babymotchi Needs Attention

This time would be different. No more cautious pausing at home. If I am home, he will be awake. And I will pay attention. No more leaving him in the bedroom while I do other things. And no more going by the clock, I would keep him awake always. I wanted him to change back to cocoon as fast as possible so I'd get another chance.

June 27 - 28, Up All Night
Babymotchi stayed up all night and all day with me on these days. When I was awake, he was too. Didn't matter what I was doing, I made an effort to watch over him while I was doing other stuff.

This time around I forgot to document his progress. I didn't write down attacks, or sickness, or anything, I just took care of his needs as he needed them. I was a bit down that I had lost him the first time, so I just wanted to focus on him. I felt really awful for being so bad to him and letting that happen.

June 29, Ice Cream
This day I was craving ice cream. Really. Really. Badly. So I called my mother and as it turned out my Aunt Shirley was there. Boy did they laugh when I told them why I was calling. Let's go get ice cream I said!

I don't do things like that.. I am so poor. I really just can't do it. I can't spend money. But that night something compelled me. My mother even said she was happy I called to do something fun. My Aunt Shirley insisted on paying for me.. she said she never gets a chance to do things for me so she wanted to do it. She's always kind to me like that.

I wanted my Morino with me to keep his progress going, but I felt nervous and left him at home paused instead. I didn't want to screw up yet again.

Ice cream was fun. Of course I got chocolate & peanut butter.. my favorite. We actually had fun talking and enjoying the time out.

My Aunt Shirley read this thing to us on her phone about this lady who lived her life as healthy as she could, she never took chances.. and she got cancer mid way through her life. She watched as other family members drank and had fun, didn't eat healthy, etc. But she was the one who got sick. She said she regretted trying to be in perfect health now that she knew the ending to her story.

Shirley wanted us to enjoy our ice cream and not feel guilty. She read that story to say.. we need to do things like this, be weird, be ourselves, enjoy life, not turn down the fun stuff. Sometimes you just gotta say screw it and do it. That message is important. Life is worth living when you actually live it. Ice Cream was enjoyed.. no regrets.

After I returned home for the rest of the night, just like the others, my morino stayed up as long as I did and got up when I did the next day.

Imotchi Crawl

June 30, Scary Day
For me this day was scary. You know how I talked about yearly goals in one of my other logs? One of my yearly goals I always write down is... "do something that scares me". Today was that day.

Anyone that knows me knows I have a phobia of needles.

I have mostly eaten vegetarian and avoided meat much of my more recent years in an attempt to be healthier, also for other reasons that can be talked about another day perhaps. So I had a blood test and I found out I am very low on B12. B12 is a very important vitamin.. you get it from meat. Without it all sorts of things can happen.. anemia, early onset of Alzheimer's, memory loss, lack of motor function, vomiting, nausea, depression, exhaustion, and a slew of other things. B12 is important. I have a lot of those symptoms, not anemia thankfully.

I had been getting B12 shots at home by way of my grandmother. She's a retired nurse. However, I had to learn to give myself injections. And today was the day I first gave myself one. I felt extremely sick after, nearly fainted, my blood sugar dropped so I had to eat some fruit. It was a huge thing for me to face this phobia. It truly scared me.

There is not a soul that knows me that would have bet on me successfully doing this.. but I had to do it. Life sure does change.

Morino continued on with me this day, awake as I was the whole time.

July 2, Cocoon
In the days leading up to this one, Imotchi was well taken care of. He never once got stuck in bandages from me missing an attack. He never once went to bed with poo. And he did not at all beep for my attention.

He was the center of my week and I focused on him. This time he would make it, I was sure of it.

July 3, Finally.
At about 6:30pm.. finally it happened. I heard the music. I knew he was about to become an adult.


He survived.

I watched with intensity as the screen changed... and a moment later I was looking at an adult bug.

Hatched from the cocoon, bobbing up and down stood.. ChobiTamatchi.

Adult Morino ChobiTamatchi

Next time I will continue the story of ChobiTamatchi.
Until then.. thanks for being here. Without you, I would not be.

And now for something a little bit different..

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