Tamagotchi Log 11/27/06

11/27/06: I'm writing a log? I am? I guess I am! Alrighty than!

As you may or may not know, depending upon what pages you frequent on this site and what you do here, I have been hatching Tamagotchi again. I've been writing logs on the Connection site lately, but now I finally have something to write here. If you wanna catch up a bit head over here to read my Tamagotchi Connection logs.

Well I hope all of y'all that celebrate had a great Thanksgiving. I know I sure did. After I started working I have realized how wonderful days off are again. I had four days off in a row which is a true blessing, I gotta tell ya.

This was the first Thanksgiving that Brendan and I were actually alone. We used to celebrate with my family or his, but not this time around. So I all out and planned a good sized breakfast and a huge dinner for just the two of us. For breakfast we had omelets with cheese, toast, sausage, muffins, cinnamon rolls, orange juice and coffee. For the big dinner I made a spiral ham made with a glaze from brown sugar and pineapple, waldorf salad, stuffing, garlic mashed potatoes, mixed veggies, cranberry sauce, Hawaiian muffins and coffee. For desert we had pumpkin pie topped with whipped cream. I made everything from scratch, except a few store bought items and it was so much fun. Brendan made the cinnamon rolls from scratch, and they were nummy. Everything was soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo yummy. Seriously though... we were eating all day long. All day. We have so much left over, yes even today, because there was so much food and just the two of us. ^^ I think next year we won't do something so big haha!

So the past few days have been really nice and relaxing. Bundled in with Thanksgiving we had the first Tamagotchi Social Sphere Group Hatching on Saturday the 25th. All week long I had been taking pictures of my Tamagotchi and thinking about what to hatch. In the end I just decided a P1 and a P2 would be perfect. So naturally Mimitchi Tama was the P2 - gotta get my sweet little Mimitchi back - and being that I love Ginjirotchi I decided to grab my clear dark blue P1. I have had much luck getting him on this Tamagotchi in particular so I named it Ginji Tama.

On Saturday I was doing some chores and other things IRL at the same, so I logged in early and wondered off now and again before things started. Of course on top of this I had connection issues and had to reset my router and modem several times. I was worried about that but it cleared up just in time for the hatching. I set my two fella's at 2pm and sat and waited in the chat for the time to roll around.

Attending the chat we had Bojko, Spiffy, TigerLily013, Dippy, Jiro, Kokuma and Ginjirotchi. Lordmonkey, my husband, also attended but decided not to hatch any as he barely has time for the V3 he has going right now.

For most of the chat Brendan had to be AFK. About 3 weeks ago we bought this oil heater to help heat this apartment up. Well at the time we couldn't figure out the heating system here, it's an old building. So after only a few days of using the oil heater, I turn on the light in the bathroom and everything goes out. The light bulb in the bathroom sounded like it burst. Mind you the bathroom is in the back of the apartment and the oil heater was plugged into the living room wall. So the heater and bathroom light should be on two completely separate circuits, in theory. I get the power all turned on and over the next day we figure out that when the fuse was blown something happened with the electricity and only one speaker was working now on our stereo receiver and the PS2 now only plays games, but it can't read DVD's anymore. So the whole situation is basically pretty messed up. We returned the heater and by this time we get our heating situation sorted out. So during the hatching my man was replacing the wiring. Luck was not on our side, turns out that the fuse destroyed our stereo receiver and not the wiring. What a mess.

So while Brendan worked with that, I was hanging out in the chat. At exactly 2pm I pressed the C button activating my two Tamagotchi. At this point one thing became obvious to me; the buttons on Mimitchi Tama were significantly harder to push than when I last remembered. Extremely difficult to push, in fact. I've had to use pointed objects to press the C button because that one is the least responsive. I believe that while in storage some dust may have gotten on the inside and now the contacts on the boards aren't as sensitive anymore. It's too late now though, I couldn't just open him up and try and fix the problem. I don't think I can bear to open up Mimitchi Tama anyways...

So on with the Hatching. Lotsa Tamagotchi hatched that morning. I can only imagine in my head that if we were all in the same room the beeping would have been constant hahaha. That's a lot of beeping; a buncha bouncing Babitchi’s :).

So I took care of my little fellows and chatted with everyone. Ginjirotchi wanted to know if I was going to start writing logs here again. He thought it would be nice if I wrote here again and well... after a day had gone by I realized he was right. I normally write about all my Tamagotchi here and specific Tamagotchi on their individual sections so obviously I gotta revisit this area of my site again.

After one hour and ten minutes my little guys both changed into their child forms and I decided I had to go. Brendan and I needed to run off to Best Buy to try and find a stereo receiver to replace the burnt out one.

I gotta say that the group hatching went off very well. Most everyone who wanted to attend was able to attend and most everyone had something to hatch. Kokuma, who has always been good at putting these things together in multiple time zones, created this hatching. He did a very good job once again and I'm thankful to him for handling all the time zone specifics.

This hatching was also a good excuse for me to hatch my Tamagotchi. For so many years I didn't get time for them and I rather missed them a lot. It's amazing, it's like riding a bike, all the specifics of raising them came back so fast. I love that P1 and P2 are on the same programming schedule so it'll help me not to miss any disciplines. I must admit I'm a little unsure of my care taking abilities after all this time. Will I be able to get Mimitchi again? I sure hope so... I'm asking him to come back again after all this years; I sure hope he hasn't forgotten me! I've missed him so much. I have so many good memories attached to P1 and P2 Tamagotchi, it all brings me back. I don't dislike Connection, but it just doesn't hold as much sentimental value as P1 and P2 do for me. That's mostly because I've run very few Connections - so that will change in time. However I'm happy to see my little Marutchi and Tonmarutchi back again. :)

Right now they are both at 2 years and 75% discipline. In the next day or two they should become the teen and than the real challenge begins. Ginjirotchi is very hard for me to get, so hopefully luck is on my side. Though, I do want Mimitchi even more. I guess we'll see how luck treats me. :)

Until next time - cheers! *Holds up a big mug of Hot Chocolate*

Mimitchi Tama and Ginji Tama

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