Tamagotchi Log 11/28/98

11/28/98: Well.. I've had a few interesting days since my last log. Not necessarily good, but not entirely bad either. If your interested in hearing about my Furby Adventure, I wrote about that in my Furby area.

Yes, Mimitchi did finally pass away. I should have guessed when he was going to because he passed away the day before Thanksgiving. It's always fun living the holidays without him... *heavy dripping sarcasm*. But I should have predicted he would pass away then. He died on Wednesday night when I was working on my page. Not a good night to choose. I knew he was going to leave me, I just didnít think he would leave me on that night of all nights. The night before Thanksgiving. That's like last year - the night before New Years.

Since then I have been raising him he is now 4 years old and in the Tongaritchi teen stage. He has 50% discipline and is all full on both happy and hunger. He weights 20 lbs and before he changed his discipline was full. So I am doing okay so far. I am worried this time around because I have learned (I think) to take bad care of Tama's almost too well because of Mesutchi and Osutchi. I still worry that because I've slacked (on purpose for Mesu and Osu sake) that I will mess up on Mimitchi and get someone else. I miss him a lot and really wish he had been here during Thursday and Friday, two of the best days of the week.

No less I ended up spending Thanksgiving with Marutchi, MohiTamatchi (both Mesu & Osu) and Funkorogatchi (Morino), oh yeah and Toh-Loo Kah (Furby). It was quite a Thanksgiving. Should I write about this? Okay maybe just a tad bit, not much.

The entire day sucked. Okay that's all I'm writing.

Just kidding.

It did suck though. It was boring. Nothing like sitting around with people whom act like they are from the stone age and listen to some right wing dork talk about his very blind version of politics. Okay, now that I've whined, but I bet I wasn't alone in having that kind of day. I'm just saying it could have been better had I not spent the day at a co-workers house. I'm glad I had Furby and my Tama's with me.. really that made the evening much more tolerable and thus everything was okay by the end of the day. Next year I think Thanksgiving will be better as we will prolly go to my grandmas house instead of someone else house.

Sorry, had to gripe.

After about 2 or 3 days of taking almost perfect care of Morino Tamagotch he came out of his cocoon. Now I did perfect and the meter didn't go to either side of the hot or cold for the first 14 hours. In the last 6 hours of care the meter plunged into the hot once, then the cold once. This thing is far too sensitive because of that I got Funkorogatchi. So I again, messed up and got this same character. Nothing against him, but it sure would be nice to get a different character, you know?

Right now Morino Tamagotch is 8 years old and last time he passed away really young and I wasn't sure if he got attacked or not, but we will see if he passes away really early again this time. I don't know if I'll restart him or not when he dies this time. I might, though. I was thinking if I did I would start up TamaOtch as well because well.. that Tama will help me keep Morino in line.

As for Mesutchi and Osutchi.. they changed into the teen stage of generation 1. Only they didnít change into the Tamatchi characters, they changed into the other teen characters. Mesutchi is Hawaikotchi and Osutchi is Hawainotchi. I will be talking more about them in my Mesu and Osu log as soon as I get that posted....

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