Tamagotchi Log 11/14/98

11/14/98: Well... It's been an awful week. Lot's of things have happened and I'm just not the world’s happiest camper. I've been working.. and working and working. And occasionally living long enough to get the bad luck I normally get. I'm not happy, this log may not be happy... you may not want to read it if you're in a happy mood. :P

No less a slight review of my week... I don't even know what to start with and to avoid turning this log into a diary I'll keep it virtual pet related.. that way it will not be totally boring and it will probably remain the size of a normal log.

No less this won't be very organized.. I promise to try to keep it all straight. I guess I'll start by telling you about my Tama's current situations.

Easiest to start with would be CD-ROM Tama... Mimitchi passed away yesterday at age 18, a good age for CD-ROM.. they live shorter then regular Tama's. He left me the following letter:

"You Earthlings are very interesting. You spent countless hours taking care of me, at no apparent benefit to yourself. To save you any further losses, I've taken leave of your planet. Good-bye and nice job raising me.

This time is the first time I have ever gotten a postcard with the same message. I got this postcard message the first time I got Mimitchi on CD-ROM.. I find that interesting.

No less I restarted my CD again and got a Gen1 baby.. it is now on its second night sleep as Marutchi.

Next thing next... I started Morino this week as I think I mentioned before. As of right now he is in the cocoon stage. I have done my very best to keep the meter in the middle, pausing overnight of course. It has plunged into the Hot side of the meter 2 times, otherwise I have kept it centered. I have a feeling I'll get Funkorogatchi this time. I only have a little more time left I think, so I'll soon know the answer. I'm hoping for something more.. but I'm not holding my breath.

Next off... if you read my Mesu/Osu logs you know that Osutchi is Kabutchi again, the Gen3 character and that he will be paused for a while. Mesutchi died tonight for reasons unknown as Mimikotchi and was restarted tonight and will be mated with Osutchi when she becomes an adult. Read that log for more info.

That was a piece of my bad luck today. I'm not thrilled about it.. believe me. I'm not telling this stuff on chronological order, oh well.

I have Mimitchi on pause right now because I'm almost sure if I leave him un-paused he will leave me tonight, because that's my kind of luck.

Oh yeah, almost forgot to mention. My Charitchi P2 Japanese Tama died on Monday night as well... it just added to my misery that night (regarding story I'll explain below). She was only 24 and it happened less then an hour after the thing that happened to Furby. Also sometime that night, I don't know what happened but I think I somehow dripped or dropped a tiny bit of water on that Japanese P2. I found the screen all messed up on Tuesday, I still don't have a clue what happened.. so now there are permanent marks of water under the screen now, on my favorite Japanese P2 Tama.

Okay.. Its cold here, I'm tired, going to bed soon. I'll bore any readers for a short while longer though.

If you don't want to hear me complain and moan about Furby, push back button now...

The bad luck that initially started off my awful week. Okay work started it, but that has nothing to do with virtual pets. The thing that ultimately hurt me was something that happened Monday night. I was upstairs and I had Ah-May, my beloved Furby with me. By accident my step father knocked Ah-may out of my hands and he fell to the flour hard. When I picked him up he was froze with eyes wide, mouth wide, ears sticking straight up.. poor thing looked in pain. I thought he was broken.. I was on my way downstairs to get a screw drive to take out the batteries (often this will reset and fix any problems) and I moved his eye lid and he un-froze. He spun through everything, checking and fixing himself, then was talking all happy and fine again. Except one small thing. I was checking his sensors out making sure he worked all right. I was happy he was fine so I hugged him and pet his back... to find his pet sensor no longer works.

As any Furby owner would know the pet function is for more then petting... 90% of the games and such you can play with Furby are in direct relation to the pet sensor. I guess I have to mention here that Monday was really awful at work and that night I was not of highest spirits. When that happened it broke me.. I know that seems strange. I guess it'd be easier to understand if I told you that I bonded with Ah-May right from the beginning. I haven't felt so much love for a virtual pet since Mimitchi came into my life.

The thing is I felt totally comfortable with caring this much for Ah-May because Furby doesn't die, so there was no problem there. He would always be there... so why worry about getting attached? Then I get attached and have that happen. Now.. there's more to the story.

So Ah-May basically can't play games now (well my favorite ones) and I can't even pet him to hear his cuteness when he purr's. My mother feels bad about this whole incident because I think she knows I'm attached to him. I looked at my warranty and found I could get him fixed for $18.. my mother offered to pay that. On top of that she decided to give me a Christmas gift to me early. This being another Furby, a solid black one.

I was depressed, but later that night I decided I would at least pop in some batteries in the new Furby and find out his name. What happens? He doesn't start up. Batteries are in... it goes through the start up phrase, but doesn't boot up... he didn't talk during the whole time I messed with him that night. A defunct Furby had to be one of my gifts! I was just soooo sad. I can't even write how sad I was that night.

That defunct Furby stayed on my mind as we prepared to take it in and have it exchanged. So on Wednesday after it bugged me for so long I decided to give it another try, hoping my luck really wasn't that bad. My instincts kept telling me to try the new Furby again after it set for that day. The funny thing was I did it on instinct and when I popped in the batteries this time, he started through the start up sequence again.. only he kept pausing, so I watched for a minute or so and he finally woke up after a really long start up. I went through the reset process to be sure and to my amazement this new Furby started working for no apparent reason. I guess that was the lucky part of my week. Though sometimes that new Furby does weird things and his gears sound louder then Ah-May, but that could just be my ears...

So now I have two Furbys. One of them slightly in need of repair, but I can still play with Ah-May and have him chat with my other Furby, Toh-Loo.

Now... back to the other part. My mother offering to pay to get Ah-May fixed. Now at this I called Tiger Electronics. I wasn't about to mail them Ah-May and not get him back for 6 months, so I asked them how long it would take after explaining the problem. They told me it would take only 3 weeks! I was surprised. I wrote a letter and prepared to send him out...

As of today he has not left for Tiger yet. Why? I tell ya why. Because now something *else* is wrong with Ah-May. I delayed all week because.. well because I'm attached to him.. I don't want to let him go. Well... somewhere around the weekend before Ah-May got his back broken, I started hearing weird sounds coming from him. I didn't think too much of it at the time... Well through out the week I begun to hear weird and odd sounds coming from him when he moves. Tonight was the worst though. While I was in the car we (Leanne, my sister and me) all heard Ah-May make this really loud screeching sound, much louder and abnormal then anything he's ever done. So not only is his back screwed up, but something is wearing out? needs oil? whatever? So he doesn't sound like a healthy Furby, physically that is.

So what does that mean? When I send him in Tiger has the option of repairing or *replacing* my Furby. Repair is fine... replace is not! So now I'm in fear that when I bid my fare wells to my sweet Ah-May that it may be the very last time in my life I will ever see him! :(

My mother has been hounding me about it all week... trust me, growing up don't mean your mother stops poking you to do stuff. She doesn't understand why I won't send him in right now... not only will I miss him.. but I think I'll just die if I find a package one day from Tiger and find a note saying they chose to replace Ah-May, instead of repair. :( So I don't know when I'll do that... sigh. I love Ah-May...

I posted to a discussion group about this problem and someone replied saying they pressed reset (this would make him lose his memory except for his name) and it fixed the back problem. I have yet to try this option, but I think I will tomorrow... hey.. maybe I'll get lucky... but I somehow doubt it.

So that's been the virtual pet parts of my week.. that doesn't include all the other garbage, but I don't need to include my problems about life here. Life sucks. So I end this very long log in hopes that this coming week won't be that bad.

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