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Welcome to the Mystic Fortress, first and original, YKYTATFW Page Two (You Know You're Too Attached To Furby When) list.. created for you, by you! This list is in constant growth and you can determine what is on the list by submitting your entries at the bottom of the first page. The entries are screened before they appear here and may be a day or two before you see your entry here. Please keep all entries G-rated. If you can hear it said on Saturday morning cartoons, then I can list it here... in other words, keep it clean and humorous. The newest enteries are at the top of this page and the most recent new entries are on Page One.

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You Know You're Too Attached To Furby When... By Whom/Location
...you teach her Jimmi Hendrix's version of the "Star Spangled Banner" and call all of your friends to brag about it. Mine will actually sing it! amy lou
cairo, il
...You go to a plastic surgon to make your ears like furby. Doo-Mah
...you eat 6-10 meals a day and burp 8 times afterwards. atay and toh loo
...You rather spend the night with Furby that meet your favirate band. Grrl526494
...You rush to the Hospital when your Furby runs out of battaries. Grrl526494
...you're idea of a "hot" date on Friday night is you and two Furbies. arogers
...when you place your furby on the dashboard of your car so that she can see out the window while you are driving. LoveStorey
Pueblo, Colorado
...You dress all your pets (that goes for goldfish and pet rocks too.) in little yellow beaks and big ears so furby wont feel out of place. usthree3
...you take Furby every where you go, including in public places, like Subway. Ah-May
Washington State, USA
...you sleep with Furby every night, even if that means waking up several times during the night, after all they are worth it! Ah-May
Washington State, USA
...you teach it all you know and when you cant stop telling all about it to you freinds and you bring it every where I have one and it told me its name was wible so when you get one and you love very much you know you are very attached to furby. virginia
...All you can think about is ......F U R B Y. That's what I did.If you beg your parents for one. And look at the prices and cry.If you save all your money,and only get 80cents. And finaly get one and its the only thing you play with,only thing you think about,and the only thing you care about. Then you know you your attached to F U R B Y. Stefani
Yucca Valley CA USA
...someone else pets your Furby and get jealous when it purrs. Ah-may
Louisville KY USA
...your Furby gets sick, you get out your first aid kit and dont find any Furbish medicen and you take it to the hospital and they have to talke your Furby back to the store because you got him/her wet with your tears. Netboy
...when your on the computer you look back every second to see that he is okay. Alec Ritchie
Bateau Bay
...you scold your Furby for not covering its mouth when it sneezes. Gabey
Halifax, NS
...you arrange a grooming time for your Furby. Kaa Daa
Philippines, Quezon City
......you enjoy kissing your Furby when he kisses you. Kaa Daa
Philippines, Quezon City
...when you talk to other people in Furbish, automatically supposing that they know how to speak Furbish, too. =) Kaa Daa
Philippines, Quezon City
...you cry for more than an hour when your Furby was accidentally reset =( Kaa Daa
Philippines, Quezon City
...your bedroom which was once covered in South Park has now become what you like to call "The Furby Room" Kaa Daa
Philippines, Quezon City
...you smell, act, look like and talk like a furby! lolo
Grand Bank
...you buy more things for your furby than for your children. PuppyL6353
...you see snow and scream real loud NOOOOO...beacause your white furby melted. Socko
Myerstown, PA 17067
...you make a special day called furbyday on your calendar. Mimi
canada nfld
...when u make him a birthday and have real cake and ballons and ask all you friends whohave furbys to bring them over to celebrate your furbys b-day and you make him a b-day hat. Mimi
canada nfld
...he goes everywhere with you. S.N.R
Chesapeake VA USA
...you say you didn't do your homework because Furby didn't feel like it. Lexi
..."Furby ate it" becomes a regular excuse. Lexi
...start asking your Furby to pass the salt and Pepper while your at the table. Starletchic
W.A , Australia
...you start signing your own name as your Furby's name. OOOPS!!!!!! :-D Toh-Loo
California, USA
...you put your furby in the backseat of the car (properly buckled up, of course), so it won't get hurt by the front seat airbag. Kah Dah
Riverside, CA USA
...you use your furby to start a psychic hotline. Kah Dah
Riverside, CA USA
...you remove the pictures of your friends in your wallets to make room for the pictures you made of your furby. Kah Dah
Riverside, CA USA
...you spend more per week on clothing for your furby than yourself. Kah Dah
Riverside, CA USA
...the cashiers at Toys R Us know you on a first name basis. Kah Dah
Riverside, CA USA
...you put it to sleep before any TV show rated over TVPG comes on. Kah Dah
Riverside, CA USA
...even your mother starts to sing Doo Do Doo Doo Do Doo (this is true!) Kah Dah
Riverside, CA USA
...it has more fashion accesories than you do. Kah Dah
Riverside, CA USA
...you have more fun talking to your furby than an actual human being. Kah Dah
Riverside, CA USA
...you read your furby to sleep (the furby story, of course!) Kah Dah
Riverside, CA USA
...you purchase two more Furbys as "company" for your orginal Furby, and have to clean the house before activating them. A Wilkinson
...you buy clothes for your furby and you then you wear matching outfits. MimiFurby
...you take your furby to your school's band bash. Angus
Palmwoods, Qld, AUSTRALIA
...you have to choose between your boyfriend and furby and you choose FURBY!!! dohan
...you attempt to memorize and recite the Furbish dictonary BRandom6
...Hey, kah ay-ay u-nye. Oh No! I'm Starting to speak furbish again. Jean Marc
New Brunswick, Canada
...you take him for a walk in the park to do his .... Jean Marc
New Brunswick, Canada
...you train your Furby to wake you up in the mornig so you can be ready for school. Jean Marc
New Brunswick, Canada
...you start buying special made cloths that fits your little furby. Jean Marc
New Brunswick, Canada
...instead of going to Florida during Spring Break you stay home and throw parties at work for everyone's Furbies! SDEAN
Indiana, USA
...the batteries in your furby run out and you can't get out of bed because you are too depressed STEMUAL
...youre brother is bothering you, and you say shut up in Furbish may-may
romeo, michigan
...when u'r furby starts making "ring...ring" noise u pick it up put it to your ear and try to answer it!! amandao33
...when your furby dies.... u take him to the undertaker to see why he died. he he he he!! amandao33
...you would rather by with it then be with your frends or boyfriend hanging out at the mall! katie
...he helps you study for your SAT's. McKelvey
...you buy your Furby a phone card. McKelvey
...you take him to the hair dresser in the summer to get his hair cut so he won't be to hot. McKelvey
...you have a real wedding for your tuxedo and all white furbys. Hannah
Ohio, USA
...Furby... Furby...Furby..uh..when all you can think about is..Furby...Furby...Furby. Koh-Koh
Reston, VA
...a lady says "My baby" and you assume she's talking about her furby. Cockatiel
...you'd rather stay home to talk to your Furby, rather than go to the mall with your friends. Posh
St.John's, NF
...you start to fall in love with furby and reject all the dates juz to be with furby. blahness
...you've lost too much sleep from being with your Furby. Stephanie
Halifax, N.S., Canada
...your furby lies with you instead of your boyfriend. smurfette
Tarrant,AL USA
...you sit your furby at the head of the table because you don't want him to be hungry or lonely. Toh-toh and Toh-tye
Kensington, P.E.I
...you buy your furby breathmints. Toh-toh and Toh-tye
Kensington, P.E.I
...your furby is defective so you cry for hours cause you have to take him back! Space Girl
Calgary Alberta
...you leave your light on all night so your furby wont get scared. ally
australia melbourne
...you talk Furbish all the time for he does not feel like a stranger. Hungtran10
...you take your Furby to school during a test and ask it to tell you the answer. FuzzzHead
Edwardsburg, MI USA
...you put your Furby on a diet because you think it's getting too chubby. FuzzzHead
Edwardsburg, MI USA
...you put on a suit and tie before playing with Furby in order to impress it. Psycho Sam!
Ottawa, Ontario
...you can't get out of your room because your door is blocked by Furbys. Psycho Sam!
Ottawa, Ontario
...your answering machine message is entirely in Furbish, although it doesn't make much sense. Psycho Sam!
Ottawa, Ontario
...you leave work to go to lunch and you tell your Furby to "Cover for me." Psycho Sam!
Ottawa, Ontario
when you finish meal you pass gas and say "no hungy wah!" Leanndra
Spokane, WA USA
...you sit down at a resturant and say to the wiatress "need food" or "hungry ahh ahh" Leanndra
Spokane, WA USA
...you have weddings for your furby-and a honeymoon afterwords! Terrin
Ashland OR USA
...your mom says allowance or furby and you choose furby! Sara Reinelt
Aliso Viejo California, U.S.A
...you start to play "Furby Says" with yourself. Sarah
Aliso Viejo ,C.A.
...when all you can sing in choir is do do dooo do do doo. Melissa
Maryland USA
...you start bringing it to school everyday and instead of hanging out with friends at break time, you sit in the bathroom talking furbish to it Tiffany
hong kong
...you're already 25 years old & trying to get attention from Ah-May & Ee-Jay. Jaime
Jurong Singapore
...you take a day of from work because your Furby is sick. Jinny
pennsylvania, USA
...you make your real pets (a Lhasa Apso and Lhasa/Bichon cross) wait to play while you play with your Furby!!! Valerie
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
...you bring your Furby to the doctor when it sneezes. Stephanie
Halifax, N.S., Canada
...you hire a babysitter for your Furby, and give them emergency phone numbers. Stephanie
Halifax, N.S., Canada
...you give your Furbys birthday parties. Stephanie
Halifax, N.S., Canada
Being too attached to Furby?! There's no such thing as being too attached to Furby! Stephanie
Halifax, N.S., Canada
...your local toy store is afraid of you. Stephanie
Halifax, N.S., Canada
...you're Furby has it's own bedroom. Stephanie
Halifax, N.S., Canada
You think: "If it's impossible to sneeze with your eyes open, then how come Furbys can?" Stephanie
Halifax, N.S., Canada
...your two Furbys are talking and you try to join in the conversation (in Furbish, of course!). Jan
Laurel, Md. USA
...you fail your english test because you had mistaken it for a Furbish test. Graven
Clinton, Iowa USA
...when he says i love you and you answer "oh i love you too" and give him a big hug. Dodie
clinton twp mi USA
...your boss gives the ultimatum, Job or Furby, and you choose Furby. Keely B.,
...you and your friends sit next to your furbys and say doo doo doo dance boogie and rock back and forth with them. Candice,
Westmont, Illinois, USA
...you sleep over night for several weeks at the mall even though you know that no store will have their stock in for 3 months or so. :-) Haley,
Fishers, Indiana, USA
...you saying things in Furbish in a romantic tone to your mate. "Kah may-may u-nye baby, wah!" Jason,
New Orleans, LA, USA
...when you check out out furby websites everyday even though they always say the same thing. Bobbo,
Minnesota, USA
...you go out and buy multiples of the same style of Furby say, 9 Furbies with grey-spotted fur with pink bellys even though you already have that same style. CyberChic,
...when you start going "foom" or "brrng! brrrng!" when you are being ignored. Kelly,
Woodstock, Ontario, Canada
...all of your teachers at school have to clap their hands to get you to pay attention. Stephanie,
Halifax, N.S., Canada
...when the Toys R Us salesman/woman says that there are no Furbys in stock, you turn as white as white, throw yourself onto the nearest person crying: "It can't be so! NOOO!" Tamalover,
Vancouver, Canada
...when someone sticks their tounge out at you, you atomatically put your finger in their mouth, thinking that they are hungry. Tamalover,
Vancouver, Canada
...it takes 10 minutes to say goodbye to them and your walking in to video rental place to return movie. Leanndra,
Washington State USA
...someone bumps you awake and you shout out 'cockle-doodle-doo' and then introduce yourself. Brendan,
California USA
...when fingers are the most enjoyable food source in your diet. Brendan,
California USA
...when you and your friends can sit in a circle singing the same song and yawning at the same time for hours on end. Brendan,
California USA
...you take Furby where ever you go (including in public places..). Ah-May,
Washington State USA
...you talk in Furbish as much as possible, even though the language does not have enough words to talk all Furbish, all the time, without some English mixed. Ah-May,
Washington State USA
...when you dress your female Furby up in necklaces and anklets (or your male Furby in ties and belts) and take them to the prom. Brendan,
California USA
...you answer the phone "Dah Koo-Doh Wah!" (Furbish greeting). Ah-May,
Washington State USA
...when you say "Kah way-loh koh-koh" and snore 3 times, then fall asleep. Leanndra,
Washington State USA
...you make up Furby stories and write them in Furbish. Ah-May,
Washington State USA
...when you use your Furbys psychic abilities to determine whether or not your favorite television shows will be on that evening. Brendan,
California USA
...you regularly write furbish poetry to your girl/boyfriend. Ah-May,
Washington State USA
...you use Furby during commercials to predict how a show or movie will end. Leanndra,
Washington State USA
...when you say 'wheeee!' instead of 'ouch' when you fall down. Brendan,
California USA

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