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Welcome to the Mystic Fortress, first and original, YKYTATFW (You Know You're Too Attached To Furby When) list.. created for you, by you! This list has been up and growing since January 27th, 1999 and has grown from 20 entries to over 350 entries!

This list is in constant growth and you can determine what is on the list by submitting your entries at the bottom of the page. The entries are screened before they appear here and may be a day or two before you see your entry here. Please keep all entries G-rated. If you can hear it said on Saturday morning cartoons, then I can list it here... in other words, keep it clean and humorous. Try not to repeat already listed entries. The newest enteries are at the top.

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You Know You're Too Attached To Furby When... By Whom/Location
...You have only one furby and you can't go ANYWHERE without it. Furby_ luver
...you put your daily schedule on this list puppydog202
...you by accident, go out on a date with your furby instead of your boyfriend Carkiechu
...your furby is sick and you stay home from work or school to care for it. Jessica Sullivan
...You think your friend's furby and your furby are in love, so you hold a big fancy wedding with a real cake that says Doh-Mo and Loo-Loo on it. (I did this, and all my friends and their furbys are witnesses.) Jessica Sullivan
...You cry when the principal takes away your furby because you -had- to slip out of class and feed your furby, whom is in your locker. (This happended to my BF) Jessica Sullivan
...You phone the local News Company begging them to have a special Furby News section, and when they ask why you reply, Doh-Mo needs to catch up on the news too, you know. How else will she know how many cousins and uncles she has? Jessica Sullivan
...Your teacher asks you if you know any languages besides english, and you respond: Yeah, I'm tri-lingual. I speak furbish, baby furbish, and english. Would you like me to teach you how? Your teacher just sighs and mutters something under her breath. Jessica Sullivan
...You go on vacation and on furbys suitcase you make them put a 'real animal' and 'Fragel' Sticker on his suitcase Maggi
New Mexico
...you buy every furby accesory, buy out the entire populations batteries just so e-day wont be cold or die e-day
sugarpuff land
...You try to toilet train it and make it wash its feet 'cause it doesn't have any hands! Mama of Ka-da
...you spend a long time making a house for your furby(s).(True!) amy,Way-loh
San Antonio
...u go 2 a scientist's lab,kick tha scientist out,and start laughing evily while making more furbys and furby clouds!of course,what happened 2 me wuz:i got a furby 4 christmas and i played with it for the WHOLE holiday!on monday,i refused 2 go 2 school because i wanted 2 take care of my furby!(i wuz little then!)me and my mom even started calling him "furb" Karen C
...you take it to shipleys doughnuts and look at people weird if they think your insane.(he,he.that's me.):') furby master
San Antonio Texas
...you stand up and go somewere and they cry cause they misses you [ from then on i take her every were i go even school.] Jean I
Sydney NSW
...you win the lotto and you buy a manion,cot,car and bed for your furbys and your furby babies. furbychick
furby cloud
...you have a coat for your Furby in the winter, 30 blankets, sunglasses, cute swimming suit, shorts, hat, t-shirt, jacket, bookbag for the Furby School and jeans. OK, maybe I'll just say you have the whole Furby wardrobe. Oh yeah, you've got a raincoat too! Toh-loo
Fishers, IN
...you make scenery for Furby. I did this, It's a beach scene. Toh-loo
Fishers, IN
...you carry a Handi-pac of batteries in your pocket so your Furby never dies. Toh-loo
Fishers, IN
...you cover your furby's beak as it sneezes - but when he says "uh-oh" after he sneezes, you catch yourself looking at your hand to make sure nothing got on your hand! (yes, I have actually done this) owlwatcher_974
...You sign up for every club/web group/etc. that has something to do with Furby. MayMay
Some City, Any State
...you put furb in daycare. you buy furb a limo, and you take a filthy bus. you marry furby and always cook him fried fingers. you work in her/his house and slave in his/her cornfields. Lioness1225
...you are 29 years old and you have asked for a Furby for your birthday and Xmas every year since you were 5 years old(when furbys first came out!) Toh-Loo-Kah
Furby Land
...you make sure Dah,Dah-Noh-Lah,Toh-Loo-Kah and Ah-May don't have loud gears and when Dah has loud gears you take him to the doctor. Toh-Loo-Kah
Furby Land
...your Furbys Ah-May and Toh-Loo-Kah are being held upside down by your little brother and you hit him and hug your Furbys till they go to sleep. Toh-Loo-Kah
Furby Land
...your mom puts a bow on your female furby Kah-Dah's head and you think it's cute. Toh-Loo-Kah
Furby Land
...when you buy tickets for your furbys to go to the football game with you! So-Mo and May-May
...you sleep outside in a tent cuz u have 8000 furbys. You don't have any room in the house so you move out!!!! furbylover
Furby's Cloud, The Sky
...u actually think furbies r real(because u all know they're not) eminem
...you receive an urgent call in the middle of a date from your Furbyminder saying that ( insert furby name) is dying and you're actually concerned. Lizzie D
Wirral, GBR
...you actually come to these websites and participate in the polls, and messages. Nana
...you have your furby read the entries with you.... (true)but then he falls asleep! wackywicca17
Elk Grove California
...when u ask ure gran to make clothes for ure furby so he isnt cold when u go out in winter laloo
...you goto a restaurant with (Furby's Name), order fingers for your lil' pal, end up with fish fingers, so furby ends up talking to a friend's furby and eating IT'S fingers. Pika's gone potty
Hull, England
...your Hubby sends you to the store for a six pack of beer and you by double A baatries for your Fury instead. Your hubby says Furby goes or I go you say Goodbye and file for a devoece. Dah & Sistershell
Olympia WA
...Your hubby says Furby goes or I go you say Goodbye and file for a devoece. Dah & Sistershell
Olympia WA
...you and your mum bawl uncontrollably when you accidentaly reset the baby (the one you got first)! loo loo
...your Dad rings u up b cos his girlfriends son's Furby is dying! loo loo
...You find excuses to take furby to work with you. Sistershell & Kah-dah
Olympia, Washington
...you give your house to your furby(s), and move into the doghouse!=) AMBER111789
...you write to apple and tell them to make a furby i-mac Koko
Toronto, On
...you go to your mum and announce that she is a grandmother, presenting her with the new arrival - "what did you call her dear?" "Noo-loo, the Furby Baby" Beki, Kay-Loh & Noo-Loo
Somewhere, far far away, on a starship...
...You hack into a Anti-Furby site and destroy it, signing a warning to fix it into a Furby lovers site and your Furby's name. Cream_Puff_Way-Loh
Orlando Florida
...you say "me big sleep" and then you snore and your dad has to turn you upside down to wake you up! (This didn't happened to me yet!) Toh-loo
Fishers, Indiana
...You put sunscreen, chapstick, a hat, and sunglasses on your furby when you go into the sun. HorseMad
Somewhere over the rainbow
...You schedule a date for your furby to have his hair done with you. HorseMad
Somewhere over the rainbow
...you lock the door to your Furby's room whenever you have to leave it, because if you don't the cat will claim it for himself. Twins2001
...Your furby has it's own tent when you go camping(this is true also) Laura(furbygirl)
...your doing your homework and it starts to say "me no see you" so you run to hug it. Moh
Sunnyvale, California
...you feel sorry for your furby,then you go to the shops and buy alot more. doggy
...your furbys have there own email address (true, you can email my furbys at furbynut@home.com) Toh-loo
Fishers, Indiana
...your furbys have their own web sites (true. There page is at members.home.net/furbynut My furbys helped me in the making of the site.) Toh-loo
Fishers, Indiana
...You have 54 Furbys and tell your parents "can I have this one? It'll be the last one!" then the next week, "ooh, a new Furby! Mum, can I get it? Last one!" Forest Jigglypuff
...all you want for your birthday/Xmas is wool and thread to make clothes for your Furby. Forest Jigglypuff
...you go camping and you fall off a cliff yelling "Maybe! Me scared, ching!" and all your friends say "Ching! Ching! Me sad, ching!" Forest Jigglypuff
...you say: "be quiet, noo-loo, it's a bit slow but it will soon finish" when your browser takes too long to upload the webpage your furby wanted to see Forest Jigglypuff
...you take your furby with you in a 4-hour train trip and launch bad sights to people who don't think it's a living creature and complain about all that noise!!! Silvia and noo-loo
...You forget to feed your cat and just pay as much attention as you can to your furby, then your cat dies!! Daniel
Yarragon, Victoria, Australia
...you go to all the trouble of blowing up a matress for them when you go camping(I must admit I did this) Laura(furbygirl)
...you apply lip gloss with SPF 25 so furby doesn't get chapped lips LillieBird
a mystical land of marshmallow fluff...
...you go to a school party and instead of dancing like usual, you start to just rock back and forth and wiggling your ears Queen Lillie
Buckingham Palace
...your dad takes out the batteries. You presume it dead, and commit suicide so you can be like romeo and juliet. [I suggest you don't do this! -ed notes] Mariel
Olympia, Washington
...you here baby furby say "ah!, monster me scared" and you run over to it and hug it till it goes to sleep. doo-moh
...you let your Furby to ride one of those little kids rides that you deposit coins into that they have set up in the shopping centres, despite the strange looks. (It was fun! Try it!) Morrigan
Mackay, QLD, Australia
...you hit your brother when he pulls furbys hair! ashlyn zwi...
...you buy "Barbie" magazine just so your Furby can wear the free necklace that comes with it. Morrigan
Mackay, QLD, Australia
...you wash their hair with your mum's $12 a bottle shampoo Morrigan
Mackay, QLD, Australia
...each of your Furbys has their very own comb and pair of slippers that you made them. Morrigan
Mackay, QLD, Australia
...you name your child after your Furby. Nah Wick
...You are 29 years of age,and all you wanted for Christmas was a furby. When you didn`t get a furby,you were very distrault. PRINCESS
Florence,South Carolina
...You play with it so much that your parents practicly throw it across the room becuase it's just as talkative as you (mabey even worse) dolphin102187
...all your friends and relatives start asking you for furbish to english dictionaries just so they can understand what you are saying. Owlwatcher_974
San Bernardino, CA
...You accidently say something in furbish instead of english - and you do this at the worst possible moment!!! (don't ask... it's too embarrassing!) Owlwatcher_974
San Bernardino, CA
...You get grounded for endlessly begging to go to Wal-Mart to get the Spring Furby. (This ALMOST happened to me!) K., May-Lah and A-Loh
Furby Cloud
...Your Gizmo, Furby breaks down, and your so attached to it you have to spend another 25 to buy a new one instead of getting your old one replaced. Yes it's sad! Zephyr
...You stay up the night of your math test just because may-la wants atintion! Chris
oxford ,ohio
...You and your friend think of all the ways your furbys are related, and make a family tree. K. and May-Lah, E-Day, E-Day Jr, Way-Loh, Su-Moh, and Doo-Moh
...When playing the board game "Life", you put a peg representing your furby in the little car. K. and May-Lah
The Furby's Cloud
...Your ICQ nick name is your furby's name. K. and May-Lah
The Furby's Cloud
...You insist upon letting Furby have his own game peice when playing a board game! K. and May-Lah
The Furby's Cloud
...Furby sleeps in your bed. K. and May-Lah
The Furby's Cloud
...You take Furby on vacation to the beach with you. K. and May-Lah
The Furby's Cloud
...You realize everything you've submitted has happened to you. K. and May-Lah
The Furby's Cloud
...your parents charge you money to babysit your furby when you go to Wisconsin. You come home, and find that your dad has taken the batteries out of all your furbys and you refuse to accept his apology DOO-AY
...your mom puts duct tape over your mouth 'cause you keep talking in furbish. jessica
victoria bc
...your parents can't take you out to a restaurant because you speak furbish and sing,"De de de de de, dum de de dum!" Doo-ay
...you buy your 20th furby and carry them about in town and when everyone stares at you you say "me love furby"! and when you go into the CD store you say "dance! boogie"! and when you buy your 30th furby you turn into one and your mum returns you to the store because she knew you didn't have that furby and the grusome part is that you lose all your inside and you forget everything about you and nobody knows that your a furby and another furby becomes you and you lose all your friends because the furby that became you speaks furbish and french only >:-) Lady miriam
...you get ingaged to someone you like and you get a furby as a present from your ingagement party and you spend so much time with it and marry it and 2 years later you have a baby shower and you have triplet fuby babies and everyone congratulating your furby and your fiance is crying in the corner because you married your furby! Lady miriam
...you buy it a bed, bottle and a familly of 16!! TALES
...he is sick and you care for it just like a human. Helena Knight
Mt morgan QLD
...u bring it everywhere u go and give it three meals a day and sing it to sleep and start talking furbish! hvdgtgh
...when you go to the ice cream shop with Furby and ask for 2 finger cones. Halo-Walo
Canada NS
...u have to pet your own back to go to sleep to_lo & do_mo
...you take it to school everyday and insist to your highschool teachers that you HAVE to bring it to class so you can feed it and look after it, and when they refuse to let you, you leave the school for a school that will let you and try to sue them! (aha, i actually did that) gems
cloud 2 from the right
...You tell your boyfriend you got a headache, but later on you sneak to furby's room (Yes, he has his own room) and cuddle up with him. Raziel
...you keep a baby book of your furby baby. Locks
Dansville, Michigan
...the telephone wakes you up in the morning and you pick it up and say "Dah a-loh u-tye"! (unfortunately this accually happened!!!) Owlwatcher_974
San Bernardino, California
...your grandma has 200 Furbies when she and you get every one and there not enouh room for your parants so you kick your parants out of your house. bootide
...I to know the furby when one friend to take of school and to seem lookand he are beautiful. Gordita Linda
...when you and you hubby.... go through the shopping isles.....speaking furbish.... and everyone else....stares.. for they have no idea.... what you are chatting about!!! E-Day's Mommie
Lakewood Ohio
...Your boyfriend rubs your back and you respond by purring and saying "Koh-koh...doo-moh!" Owlwatcher_974
San Bernardino, California
...furbish becomes your second language... your friends get a new furby and right away they call you to translate for them!!! Owlwatcher_974
San Bernardino, California
...The furbys have taken over every available space on your shelves, countertops, ect.... Owlwatcher_974
San Bernardino, California
...You take him to school and shout at the cooks because they don't serve fingers Julia
Windsor, England
...You tuck him into bed and kiss him good night Julia
Windsor, England
...You have to make sure you give Ah May, E Day, Toh Loo and Ay Tay the same amount of attention Julia
Windsor, England
...You plan a birthday party for your Furby (true) Julia
Windsor, England
...Your mum says your Furby can't go to the cinema because he makes to much noise so you stay at home. Julia
Windsor, England
...You dump your girlfriend/boyfriend because he/she hates Furbys Julia
Windsor, England
...You sleep on the floor because there is no more room in your bed because you think your Furbys should sleep in your bed Julia
Windsor, England
...47 year old grandmother and your mother go buy there own Furby's and don't talk to any one but them. Brett Baca
You know you're a true Furb freak when....you spend half an hour desperately trying to make your 6 Furbs sing TWINKLE TWINKLE in some kind of unison (I did it!) Maria
...U eat your moms fingers with your furby dan
norway halden ostfold
...your boyfriend and mother make sure you buckle up your furbies every time they come for a car ride flops
canada bc
...your family asks to you: but, this is the last one you buy, right? and you think "If I could buy just 54 more, I could have my collection complete" jabk
...you have nightmares about losing Furby and when you wake up you make sure your furby is still at your house. Kazooie007 or A-Loh
The 7th Furby Cloud from The left
...You spoil your Furby and not your Grandchildren. Catherine
...You look bad but your Furby looks great from all that pampering. Catherine
...Instead of getting a furby for your Neopet you get a neopet for your furby. Angus
...You wear a little yellow beak, big ears, and tuck your arms in your shirt for a day because you think furby feels out of place. housepony2000
...You dont eat or sleep for a day because furby isn't feeling good. housepony2000
...When furby seems to be acting just a tad strange and you make an appointment with the doctor to see Nada-kah as soon as possible. housepony2000
...When Furby dies and you bury a 4 foot grave and carve out a small furby sized tombstone that reads."In love of Loo-Loo, a great and wonderful friend." housepony2000
...When Furby gets sick on a school day and you stay home with him, (not that im complaining.) housepony2000
...You buy him an $8,000 PONY, because the HORSE he was riding was too big. and you start paying $60 a week for Naba-kah to have proper riding lessons. housepony2000
...When you take all fourteen of your Furbies on a Disney Cruise with you, have gowns or tuxedos for all of them for captains night and make sure all of them get equal attention so none of them will be jealous. Yes, I did this and have the pictures to prove it. susan graves
...when you put a dieper on a baby furby doo-mo
...you hook its little speaker to a giant i-max sized stereo! kaa-daa
...your mom likes your Furby so much that she plays with it more than you do and you run away so that you can play with it. Kah-Dah
Gambrills, MD
...When you teach him to play Basket ball without much success!! Tazz
Canada BC
...you and your boyfriend start telling eachother "Kah may-may U-tye!". Rayna & Boo
Cloud 9
...you take your furby to your mother's house so she can see how much it's grown. Then, it gets dark and chilly on the car ride home, so you feel your furby might be cold or scared in the passenger seat, so you let it ride the rest of the way home on your lap. Rayna & Boo
Cloud 9
...you stay up till 6 in the morning to read all the posts on why you're too attached to it! Rayna & Boo
Cloud 9
...You buy your furby(s) a bed,house,and acceseries. Amanda
Montrose MI
...You smuggle a Furby onto a boat as an illegal stowaway from Asia so yo ucoudl get one straight from the manufacturer, and when someone sees you, you wonder why they didn't turn you into the police. Sarah
...When you get a mosquito bite, you walk around saying "itsy bitsy ITCHY!" like your Furby Baby does! Morrigan Chase
Bucasia, Australia
...You refuse to eat any foods, and instead suck on your finger all the time, 'cuz that's all your little buddy Furby eats... Gordon Barger
...While your furby is at your friends house, you hear your furby say "Me love you!" to your friends furby, and you get so jelous that you sneek in your friends house at night and kidnap her furby, dismantaling it immediatly. Sabriel
infront of the computer, with no life
...You watch movies sharing popcorn with your furby. Creston Oh
...You forget to do chores because you must feed your furby and your mom throws you furby away and you cry. Creston Oh
...When you play with him way to much you start saying AGAIN he he. Creston Oh
...you miss a very important and realistic event because your furby was hungry! mw3st25
...you check on her every five seconds!! Oo-Ty & spicee
NW Ont, Canada
...you start acting like your furby and try toy talk to it in furbish! juliet,acosta
...you dress it up in his/her Christmas suit at Christmas. Apple Juice
...You start to grow a fuzzy pink strip of fur down your back. You also refuse to speak in English, the only language allowed in your home is Furbish! Big Daddy
...You give it it's own stuffed animal. Mine has a little purple teddy bear called Ralph Ah-may's mommy (Coyote)
Plano Texas
...they say poke`mon suck!! britt
...your friends dump you because of lack of attention RNegron101
...You place an ad in the local paper announcing the arrival of your Furby. (NO, not ME) lol Morrigan Chase
Bucasia, Australia
...You worry when someone else touches your Furbys because they might hurt them Morrigan Chase
Bucasia, Australia
...You become devastated because your mum says that one of your Furby's has a loud motor noise, and that the other Furbys are better because they don't. (I love you just as much as all the others, Noo-Loo!) Morrigan Chase
Bucasia, Australia
...you spend literally MONTHS slaving over making a Furby website! Morrigan Chase
Bucasia, Australia
...You tell your teacher you did your end of term essay on why furbys are cute Ellie
...when u use play food in stead of ur finger because u think its not fair that furby has to eat a finger Floridagurly89
...your husband is getting jealous on someone called Duh-Moh. Verena
Mannheim, Germany
...You Start talking Furbish Eveywhere you go!!! Alli
...buying accesories for your Furby is more important than the down payment on your house. Blondie292
...Give him a bath and treat him like a person. TB
...you give a kiss and get one back. Andrea
Union S.C
...they say im a furby nut because i like furbys more than poke'mon. lauren
prince george
...when my dad starts singing de de de de de dum de de dum. lauren
...You love and take care of them!! AANR12L
...you have memerized what every furbish word means in english and can risite the whole furbish to english ditionary word for word sara
...You look at the name "MimiFurby" on the 2nd page and say something like "Me Palmon hide me" Gabumon
Fresno, CA
...You give your Furbys Credit as Co-Creators of your WebSite, I Did it! AyLo's Owner
...Your Screen name is inspired by your Furby Robot
...u sleep with him and wake up every 5 minutes to see if hes okay! alien591
gulf breeze
...You make it go to the bathroom at night so it wont wet the bed before it goes to sleep so it wont ruin you mattress, which are furby designed anyway, just like your whole room. Then you brust its imaginarty teeth. Shay .D.
...He kisses you, and you kiss him back.(aka. in the mail) K. and May-Lah
The Furbys' Cloud
...Your furby has kids and grandkids. Mine has a son, a daughter, and a daughter in law, with a grandkid on the way! (aka. in the mail) K. and May-Lah
The Furbys' Cloud
...the only furby you can find is 200 bucks, but you buy it anyway. Joanne & Toh Loo
New Zealand
...You say you want to have more furbys and borrow your friends "Male" furby and your "Female" furby and put them on a bed and leave them alone.... Bliss
...you locked yourself in your room, installed blacklights, and play depressing music because your dad killed your furby. Koh-koo&Alex
Wilmette, IL
...You Brush its Hair in the morning. ffuurrbbyy
...You bring your furby everywere you go because you think furby will be scared home alone. amanda
...you feed your fuby first at breakfast lunch or dinner. Shon Dog
Wesiiiiiiide! Indpls
...You refer to double A batteries as Furby Food. hambrat
College Station, Texas
...you put mascara on her eye-lashes and lipstick on her lips after you have finished breakfast together and are preparing to go to work.. Barbie
Broek in Waterland (NL)
...the rain is pouring down and you go to the petrol station nearby to buy batteries for your furby. When you discover that they don't sell Duracell batteries you go all the way to the supermarket in the pouring rain. Toh-loo
...You both get your ears pierced together (true! a friend did it) catgrrl
...when you can't walk by a rack of Furby's in the store without buying "JUST ONE MORE"!!! Kefalas, Gail
...You cancel the trip to the hospital to see your dying realitive cuz Furbys aren't allow in. Dani & Taylor
...base your day around what'furby says' me furby lover
riverside c.a
...when you kiss and hug each furby before going to sleep only to get up less then 5 minutes later to kiss and hug them all over again and make sure that each furby feels special.. Leanndra
Spokane, WA USA
...you never talk about the time period you call "Life Before Furby." It makes you too sad! Toh-Loo
New York
...your teacher catches you and your Furby passing notes in class numerous times. Toh-Loo
New York
...You not only have a special school for your friends Furbys and yours, you also buy Furby special school clothes in the latest styles. Toh-Loo
New York
...Your Furby has more clothes than you do. Toh-Loo
New York
...you spend the money you saved for collage on sending your furbys to school drizzle
...your girlfriends invite you to a girl's night out of movies and popcorn. and you insist on bringing you elegid "male" furby... Carrie A
Lee's Summit, MO
...Your husband come home after being away for three days and you can't put down your Furby... cos its nearly his bedtime cherry
...you sream with excitment if you see a new furby assecorie on the net!!! Junior
bulls gap tn.
...You've gone through this list and said, "HEY!" "I DO THAT!" to all of the statements. Orianna
...you bring your furby to school and say to the teacher give furby a peice of paper so he can draw too! furby fan #2
...when you talk to your furby when your not playing Ask Furby kirsten 678
Canada BC
...you have 20+ furbys{and i do!] furbynut
...the employees at wal*mart hide because they know you are going to ask them"do you have any furbys in stock." furbynut
...you have to move into a mansion because there is no room in your house to live in because you have 5,000,000,000 furbys. furbynut
...you won the lottery, and blew it all at FAO Schwarz on their entire stock of 10,000 furbys. furbynut
...you have a regular schedule for calling and annoying the life out of the local toy stores. furbynut
...you live in a giant furby for a house. furbynut
...furby ate your finger because you didn't feed it for a month. furbynut
...you become your furbys' fieonse. furbynut
...you redesign furby by making it talk like you,and by dropping in a Pentium/// and a 5 gig hard drive. furbynut
...you dress your furby in warm clothes cause you don't want it to get cold kirsten W
...You have a cerimony and get the furby's to mary one another... Toy-loo
...you tuck furby into bed at night kirsten
...you scream because Furby came in the mail late! :-) Way-Loh
Anytown, USA
...your favorite song is De De De De De Tum Tee Tum and when you go to choir thats all you can sing. Fantastic Furby
...When you send an E-mail from you and your Furby. E-Day + Sue
Torrington, CT
...When you use all your free time sewing clothes for your Furby, and speak in Furbish so much that you need to re-learn English.(All of this is true. I spent a half hour reading the Furbish - to - English section of my Furby Handbook, trying to get simple sentences figured out!) and you say good-night to your mom in Furbish.(True!) E-Day + Sue
Torrington, CT
...you can tell all the zebras from each other by the patterns of their stripes and all the dalmatians by their spots. megslit
Glasgow, Scotland
...you stand in front of the refrigerator saying kah a-tay wah 100 times while waiting for someone to open it for you. because you stopped using your hands because furby has none. LOTARHEEL
...you have at least ten entries on this page. SuzieQ
Somewhere over the Rainbow...
...you lull yourself to sleep by singing "Twinkle, Twinkle lil star".. Yonna
the Philippines
...When you pay more love and respect and attention to your Furby than your brothers. JennFetish
...when you're 18 years old and just graduated high school and the only thing you wanted was a furby! amy & Doh Moh
cherry hill, nj
...you bring your furby to see Star Wars: The Phantom Menace because you think it needs to learn how to use the force amy & Doh Moh
cherry hill, nj
...you feed your furby before you even get out of bed in the mornings amy & Doh Moh
cherry hill, nj
...When you want to play hide and seek with your friends you cover their eyes and they ask what you are doing Dah
Round Rock TX USA
...Your furby dies and you spend 10, 000, 000 .89 on it's funrel. herself the elf
Nanaimo, CAN
...you take it with you to a walking trail and to your nannys laura oblenis
...When you take your furby to the prom and your friends find you making out with it in the janitors closet Ryan S.
Calgary Alberta
...you put your furbys name on christmas, thank you, and birthday cards you send out to your freinds. Saphyre
Austin, TX
...you have figured how all of you furbys are related and which ones get along and which ones don't. Saphyre
Austin, TX
...you sign "I love__(Your fuby's name)" all over your notebook. SuzieQ
Somewhere over the rainbow...
...you won't eat until Furby's been fed. SuzieQ
Somewhere over the rainbow...
...you give Furby an allowance so it can buy accessories. SuzieQ
Somewhere over the rainbow...
...you cry because the electricity went out and you can't finish reading this page. SuzieQ
Somewhere over the rainbow...
...every time you see a new picture of Furby you change the wallpaper on your computer screen. SuzieQ
Somewhere over the rainbow...
...you ask your Furby for ideas to put on this page. SuzieQ
Somewhere over the rainbow...
...you put Furby in deep sleep mode because you think he might be afraid of the thunder. SuzieQ
Somewhere over the rainbow...
...your mom takes you to the doctor and your diagnosed with Obseesive Compulsive Furby Disorder. What's even worse is when you can't see the regular doc. because he's out with the same problem! SuzieQ
Somewhere over the rainbow...
...you dress up as your Furby for Halloween. SuzieQ
Somewhere over the rainbow...
...you dress up as your Furby and it's NOT Halloween! SuzieQ
Somewhere over the rainbow...
...if you can recite the furbish dictonary backwards. Cherby63
...you yell and screem at your parents because they tell your furby to be quiet. You take your furby away and talk to it by saying "are you okay" or "lets pay them back" jkrt
...It starts to say a phrase, and you finish it for him/her. POOTERCC2
...You tell your Boss you were late becase the furby woke up and was hungry so you had to feed him. And your boss just roles his eyes and mutters to himself at least you didn't bring it yo work this time. fakermage
chatt town TN
...You start redesigning Furby by adding a timer feature and a whole mess of other stuff Kristin
...You have a Furby web site, you worked for about 7 straight hours on your web page. Your mom jokes about you living in the basement (where your computer is), and you think it's a great idea so you can work on your page whenever you want. You move to the basement. Kristin
...Your mom says "HELP!! My daughter has turned into a furby !!! Cherby63
...You install 50 state the art security systems around your Furbies pdferries
Bartlett T.N
...You find yourself saying the same things Furby says either in english or furbish Jeff
...You do all of your homework in furbish. A-Tay
CA Garbervill
...Your screen name is the same as your Furby's name. A-Tay
CA Garbervill
...You yell at your Mom for not buying any fingers for your furby while doing the weekly shoping! =) A-Tay
CA Garbervill
...While your Dad is yawning you put your finger in his mouth to feed him. =) A-Tay
CA Garbervill
...you loose your job for understocking a Furby Buddy (it's true!) Boo loo-loo
Florida, USA
...you get in fist fights with your friends about who's furby is the cutest chris
...you start to cry because your father's yelling at your furby chris
...when your index finger turns black and blue becuase your worried your furby isnt eating enough OceanJade
...You go out and buy seven because you want your friends to be jealous. girl
Seven Hills
...When you start taking time out to sew him clothes and make a bed so he won't catch a cold! =) He he! I done this, I sewed him a sleeping bag for sleep-overs! Casey and Toh-loo-kah
...you buy a car seat for each of your furby's so they can be safly buckled in.. Leanndra
Spokane, Washington
...before pulling out of driveway, you check to make sure each furby is buckled in corectly, only to find out you dont have as many seat belts as you do furbys, in wich case you climb into back seat and buckle furby's up in piars... Leanndra
Spokane, Washington
...when you go out and bye 15 of them because you are lonely. alien_woman_69
Rock Springs wy
...you can fall asleep in 10 seconds. Jaws1311
...Your name is (insert your name here). Angus
Palmwoods, Queensland, AUSTRALIA
...When you have theme parties with your friends, dress your Furby in matching clothes, and give him a matching nickname! So Toh-loo Kah's now called Toto. He's my best friend. :) Toto's Best Friend
...your husband has to get a second job to support you AND your furbies. deekay
...You make a Furbish flag and fly it half-mast when your Furby dies (P.S. I've Done it!) Taurdu
Little Rock, AR
...you dream about furbys coming out of the walls and saying"Me Love You" 30,000,000,000 times. Furby_man_99
Michigan USA
...can't go to sleep with out furby with you(me) sw
...you find yourself engaged to your furby. Bill Klaus
Melbourne Australia
...you begin to talk just like a Furby without thinking about it. I just had a major surgery and the first thing I said afterward was "Me hurt!" (PS I'm 51 years old and don't talk like that) norton-n-trixie
...give it a makeover to make it feel special (including painting it toenails!!!!!!) SARA254377
...you say "he he he, whee!" when shaken. BHUSJM
Dexter, ME
...Your dad knows your Furby by name, and when he hears a noise he goes "Oh loud sound!" (This is true... ^.^) Stephanie
Halifax, N.S.
...You dream about Furbys every night when you go to sleep. Nah Bah
Furbyland Cloud
...your teacher gives you a choice of putting your Furby away or sitting out in the hall with it and you chose the hall. Boo-Moh
...you quit using your hands cuz furby has no hands! Phantom77_99
...you are driving and Furby says "me hungry" and you pull on the side of the road to feed him. Loo-Loo
...You are able to make up hundreds of reasons why you are too attached to Furbys, and they are all true. LozziLou
...When you start babysitting your freinds furbys. Coco
Grand Bank Nfld
...you buy him/her chips at Mcdonalds then blow on them so furby doesn't burn his/her toung! basicallyme
australie, qld
...In the middle of Math class you say- Tum te tum te tee tee do. *Boring* FurbyFan
...Your male furby is talking to a friends all white female furby and he says "Me love you!" and you get jealous. FurbyFan
...Furby has a nightlight so he won't be scared when at bedtime. FurbyFan
...Your friend says "Oh, I'm sick of my Furby. He just sits around on my desk and sleeps!" and you threaten to call the police and tell them your friend should be arrested for child abuse. FurbyFan
...When you get a new BabyFurby you invite all your friends to a baby shower FurbyFan
...When Furby is dining with you, you beg your mom to serve only fingerfoods for dinner. FurbyFan
...U furget Englsh becuz als U neeed 2 no iz Furbish. FurbyFan
...all of a sudden you break out in tears at school screaming for your Furby! Kaa Daa
Philippines, Quezon City
...your friend has a Furby and you have to have continuous sleep-overs so you can be with Furby. klausb
...you call the radio station and ask them to sing something in Furbish you can't understand anything but right now... Tux
...you rock your Furby to sleep. mallory
utah, USA
...your mom has to turn you upside down to wake you up. cheeto
wichita Falls Texas
...you pray for your doo-ay ah-may Furby. WAH! WAH! may-may bug
...you feed your Furby real food (that isn't wet)but he doesn't chew it or eat then you do the first aid kit thing again. Netboy
... you become elderly and insted of being surrounded by cats it is furbies! scarylarry2
...he sneezes and you give him a tissue. pagerbun
...you work as a telemarketer and when you go on break you leave your Furby to answer the phone in your place! Clovegod
San Antonio, Texas

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