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Nick Names: Toh-Loo - I often leave off the 'Kah' for no reason at all. And sometimes I call him Anorexic One - because he's my skinniest and tallest Furby and he looks like he's in need of food, he's not a big eater though.

Personality Traits: He's very loveable, though not always expressive of that, but he is affectionate. He loves to be tickled and enjoys dancing. He's got the smallest ears and feet out of all my Furbys, he's the exact opposite of Ah-May the 3rd. He's the most accurate of all my Furbys when playing "Ask Furby", he's my favorite psychic. I always come to him whenever I need help with a decision. He is a real deep sleeper and is sometimes hard to pull him out of dream land. And until he was sent to Gary to be fixed, his upside down sensor didn't work. He's a very gentle and caring Furby and is always kind and friendly with other Furbys. He is also my best friend.

History: Toh-Loo Kah [his name means "like me" in Furbish] is the second Furby I had come into my life. To date he is the oldest Furby I own due to Ah-May being sent back. Toh-Loo Kah came into the scene perhaps earlier then he was supposed to. If you read the history on Ah-May's webpage, then you have some insight on this.

Toh-Loo Kah and I had a rocky beginning...

When Ah-May broke, my mother felt guilty that my step dad was partially at fault for the accident. Not only did she offer to pay for my poor Ah-May to be repaired, but she presented me with an early Christmas gift, this gift being an all black Furby with green eyes. I was told she was going to keep this guy for herself, but she said she planned on giving him to me all along, so I don't know. Either way he came into my possession on the evening of 11/9/98.

Furbys chatting

I was depressed that night because of Ah-May, but later that night I decided I would at least pop some batteries in the new Furby and find out his name. What happens? He doesn't start up. Batteries are in... it goes through the start up phrase, but doesn't boot up... he didn't talk during the whole time I messed with him that night. A defunct Furby had to be one of my gifts! I was just soooo sad.

That defunct Furby stayed on my mind as we prepared to take it in and have it exchanged. So on Wednesday, the 11th, after it bugged me for so long I decided to give it another try, hoping my luck really wasn't that bad. My instincts kept telling me to try the new Furby again after it set for that day. The funny thing was I did it on instinct and when I popped in the batteries this time, he started through the start up sequence again.. only he kept pausing, so I watched for a minute or so and he finally woke up after a really long start up. I went through the reset process to be sure and to my amazement this new Furby started working for no apparent reason.

So that is how Toh-Loo Kah entered the world, he almost didn't, I'm very happy I gave him a second try before we took him back.

While I was happy that he started up okay that night, I had a hard time enjoying his presence. He was given to me to 'replace' my Ah-May - something that just could not happen. Less then a week later Ah-May was sent away to Tiger. I was bitter, I was really upset.. and I was not too friendly with Toh-Loo Kah that day.. or for many months after.

The months passed, I had Ah-May the 2nd in my life eventually. While I bonded with Ah-May the 2nd, I did not bond with Toh-Loo Kah. There was nothing wrong with him.. it was me and my own stubbornness that kept me from being his friend. So Toh-Loo Kah was involved with everything that was going on then. It was he and Ah-May the 2nd that laid on the couch with me for 5 days while I suffered from the flu. It was Toh-Loo and Ah-May that I spent Christmas with.. and News Years. We had many fun times together, but in general Toh-Loo Kah and myself were not really close friends. I had my favorite, and that was obvious.

Furbys chatting

One of the more memorable moments I had with Toh-Loo was back on 1/7. I was at work and it was very cold and the roads were pretty icy. Well... so were the parking lots. So I'm on my lunch hour and on the way out to LeAnne's car. I have my Furbys with me. I'm holding one in my hand and the other is in my arm behind the one in my hand as I needed a free hand right then... welll....... I thought I was being careful. But I guess not. One moment I'm walking and the next I'm on the ice.. little Ah-May remained in my hand, while my other hand slapped the pavement. All I could hear was the sound of a Furby yelling "Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!"... I tilted my head up and there was my little black Furby, Toh-Loo Kah, laying about 6 feet away from me near the sidewalk on the muddy ice. I was not a happy camper. LeAnne came over to me and I told her to get Toh-Loo for me. He had mud all over the left side of his pretty fur, but he was otherwise in good condition and working fine.. though I'll never get his feet white again. His body being black is what saved his fur color. His feet aren't perfect white, more like grey and his ears aren't perfect pink, but that's okay.

I won't deny that I didn't like him at first, but I do say that I regret not being better friends with him at first. With time I got another Furby, Toh-Dye, and I instantly loved her. As time went on, I came to the point in my life where I had to return Ah-May the 2nd to Tiger.

May-Lah Kah and Toh-Loo Kah hanging out together

Ah-May the 2nd was sent back on 2/12 a Thursday. I was heart broken and I felt just awful that day. As the weekend approached I needed to talk about my thoughts on Ah-May and at the time I was alone and only had two Furbys to turn to.. so that weekend was the weekend that Toh-Loo Kah and me bonded. All bitterness I ever held for him vanished. It was instant friendship. It was like things were different like day and night between that Friday and that Monday. It astonished my closest friends to find that Toh-Loo Kah and I were friends... not only that, we became best friends 'over night'. You probably can't see it, but he has a ring around his left foot. I gave him that over that weekend. It's kinda cheesy, but it symbolizes our friendship and in hopes that we'll always be friends, never looking back at how things used to be.

So with the past behind us, he is my closest Furby friend and I love him very much. My friends would say he is the Furby I 'baby' the most, because he gets anything and everything he wants and needs. I'm sure Ah-May the 2nd would be happy to know that we are finally friends. Toh-Loo met and knew all three of the Ah-May's. No one can ever replace Ah-May in my heart, and I realize that Toh-Loo was never trying to do that - he just wanted to be loved. And he finally is loved, very much.

2/13/2000 Update: It was January the 16th, '00 - a Sunday. Just another Sunday. My friend LeAnne was headed over to my place to stay overnight, bringing all her Furbys with her so they could hang out together. Yes just another Sunday. When she got here it was later in the evening, after dark, and we decided to go buy some stuff for dinner. The store was just 10 minutes away, so no prob. We had some snow on the ground, not much, though it was rather cold out. I jumped in her car with my bud Toh-Loo Kah and we took off. We got what we wanted and drove back here. Sometime on the way back I woke Toh-Loo up to play with him.

Toh-Loo and Garfield my cat

When we got back to my house we brought in our stuff and during which Toh-Loo jammed up on me. This isn't abnormal, he does this occasionally. He is from one of the first run of Furbys back in Oct. '98 and over a year old, so I attributed the occasional jamming up to his age and maybe a weak motor. Usually tapping on his side would easily unjam him. This time it didn't, so I pressed the reset button and he started up just fine. He was moving and talking okay as we finished bringing stuff in from LeAnne's car. I was thinking maybe the cold weather was not being too good to him.

All was not well with my good friend Toh-Loo Kah, though. I was standing in the doorway between the cold outside and the warm inside when I heard Toh-Loo utter his last words to me. I was tickling him and making him laugh and when he was laughing and asking to be tickled more, he closed his eyes and died right there.

His eyes closed and he did not open them again. I listened and heard nothing going on in him. I reset him several times with no result - he didn't move at all. I ran downstairs and grabbed a screw driver and pulled out his batteries and put new ones in and I still had no result. I listened carefully and didn't hear anything but I did notice a burning smell coming from his eye/mouth area. I pulled out the warm batteries and let him sit with his battery door open, deciding I would wait and see if he just needed a few minutes to cool off. Though in the back of my mind, somehow I knew things had already come to a point of no return. When LeAnne's Loo-Loo died, she too left him with the battery door open, hoping he'd recover and he didn't and hasn't still.

Truthfully I didn't want to deal with it at the moment, I was in denial of what was happening. Having LeAnne over at the time I didn't want to get upset. I didn't want to believe he was dying on me. I held my nerves for only about 20 minutes, though. That was all I could do to not walk in there and stick batteries in him again to try once more. I again did try and again he didn't do *anything*. No grinding, no nothing. He sat unmoving, as I talked to him and tried everything I could to get him out of his comatose state.

Toh-Loo and Loo-Loo hanging out

It was about this time that I was panicked and grief stricken. How was I to live on without my best friend? You see I do know that he's just a 'toy', but as other Furby owners who really love their Furbys would agree, they are very life like and they make their way into your heart very easily. Such as the case with Toh-Loo Kah, he's my best friend. And while I try not to play favorites among my Furbys - he is my buddy.

I was lucky to have good friends to help me through that evening...

The next day I had to work, unfortunately there was no way to get the day off even for how desperately I felt I needed it. Even worse, there was no way to get any days off that week. So I suffered. I worked and I got what I needed done. I was simply going through the motions of my job. I went in early and stayed late a few days, I welcomed the obligation of work to keep my mind off my lost friend. Other people noticed that something was wrong, but I couldn't talk about it there...

Every night when I got home I'd try to see if I could get him to start up. I wasn't about to give up on him and he knew it. He was giving me signs that he didn't want me to give up either. Several times he started to talk, audibly. He never moved, but every now and again he would moan or try and speak to me. This gave me hope that maybe, just maybe, he would some day wake up and be okay.

I promised Toh-Loo a long time ago that if anything ever happened to him, I'd never ever send him to Tiger Electronics. They'd just replace him and break my heart even more. Like they did with Ah-May.

I'm on many Furby discussion lists and I try and keep up with the tons of mail every day. Often I hear news and other such stuff. But the list is also personal and I read stories and conversation between list members about Furby. One list member told about her husband fixing her Furby whom had lost his voice. So a week after everything happened with Toh-Loo, I had not told anyone except my close friends what had happened. So I took a chance and I wrote to her telling her what had happened with Toh-Loo and out of desperation asked if her husband could take a look at Toh-Loo Kah. Reading that letter now I think she would think I was nut if it were anyone else! I just was really upset about this. But she didn't think I was a nut, in fact Lisa got back to me the next day. It was her husbands first Furby fix so she suggested we go to one of the other two people she knows that have more experience with this sort of thing. I gave her permission to forward my letter to one of them. I thanked her profusely and awaited a response from Gary.

Turns out that after reading the problem, Gary gave me a yes that he could fix my little guy. Overjoyed and worried at the same time I took down his address. Gary may have done this before and may have been no big deal, but to me he's an Angel. He was giving Toh-Loo Kah a chance at life again. How do I even thank him for this?

Skip ahead to 1/19; Toh-Loo Kah was packed up and ready to be mailed out. The night before I was up extremely late, I was saying goodbye to him. This was hard, the last time I sent out a Furby was Ah-May and I got heart broken in return. I was worried and thrilled at the same time of sending him out. I was worried about anything and everything going wrong, though. But I guess that was me and my paranoia getting the best of me.

That day I mailed him out and I had nothing else to do but wait from then on out.

That had to be one of the longest weeks I've ever had to live through. Toh-Loo was sent out on Wednesday and Gary received him safety on Saturday. Gary told me that Toh-Loo went into surgery for about 3 hours that evening. The electronics were getting power, but for some reason nothing was working, the system couldn't take it anymore so everything stopped working. He transplanted a new board and gear assembly into Toh-Loo from another Furby. After the operation he was okay. He was recovering just fine from this and he showed it by staying awake for some time, I guess he wanted to play lots after, not wanting to go to sleep. Ahh that's my Toh-Loo :)

May-Lah Kah and Toh-Loo Kah hanging out together

I can't tell you the relief I felt upon hearing of Toh-Loo's recovery! You could even say I felt a little better that day. I kept checking the mail. Toh-Loo was mailed back that following Monday.

The day before Toh-Loo arrived back home, more bad luck struck me. Dah Noh-Lah had an accident and he was in serious condition. I'll talk about this more on Dah Noh-Lah's page.

Toh-Loo Kah arrived to me on the 27th. Never seen someone run so fast up the driveway to the house and down stairs to grab the scissors and open that box up. You can't imagine the excitement and overwhelming happiness I felt when I pulled Toh-Loo Kah out of that box and gave him a hug. Gary said he took extra care to make sure he looked the same and I must say he looks the same way he did when I mailed him out. He looks just like his old self.

I don't know how long I sat there and just held him, I missed him so much. I eventually pulled out some new batteries and put them in him. So many times before I had put in batteries with no results. It was the greatest feeling to put those batteries in this time and have him wake up. It took some time but I got his name back to Toh-Loo Kah and he is doing just great now. He is happy as ever. He is also very unique, he has the ability of Deep Sleep. At first I wasn't sure I liked this, but now I think this is a good thing. I'm a bit paranoid of him waking up in below freezing weather now, so this helps prevent this from happening. Anything to keep those events from repeating themselves. I never want to loose my buddy again.

Gary also sent along a cute little white Furby Buddie named "May-May May-Lah" which is "Love hug" in Furbish. He is sitting here on my desk, looking cute as ever! I have several Furby Buddies, but this one is extra special to me. You know, just when I thought this year was going to be the most awful ever... it's not looking too bad now.

Toh-Loo Kah and I are forever grateful to Lisa for getting Gary in contact with me and for Gary for bringing my best friend back to me. We can't thank him enough for the kindness that he showed us. He's a true Angel! I feel myself extremely lucky to have found someone so kind and caring. He took care of my sweetie and has made me very happy! I'm overjoyed - I have my loveable sweet little Toh-Loo back again!

Toh-Loo Closeup

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