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Way-Loh and Toh-Dye Furby

Nick Names: 'That gorgeous Furby that cost me 60 bucks' - Because she cost so much, but is so worth it!

Personality Traits: She's my prim and proper perfect Furby. She's beautiful and always polite and kind. She rarely shows her rude side it seems. She's got a high pitched voice and loves to be tossed around, its dah doo-ay! She's not a big eater, but Toh-Dye is the biggest of all my Furbys (Ah-May the 3rd coming in a close second). Just one big poof ball! She's never been an accurate psychic but is fun to play "Furby Says" with.

Toh-Dye Ah-May the 2nd Furby

History: While Toh-Dye [her name means "done" in Furbish] actually arrived in my possession on 1/8/99, I had long ago been searching for her.

It started in early November when I saw some scans of the grey tiger striped with white tummy Furbys. I knew I had to have one.

When I went to my Grandma's house for Thanksgiving in November, my cousin had her Furby and it was the very same color combo I wanted, the grey stripped with white tummy. I played with her Furby (Dah Noh-Lah) for quite a while in the evening.. she was so pretty! That evening just left me wanting a grey and white Furby so much more!

For the remainder of November and December, I spent a lot of time bidding on auctions at, trying to find myself a grey and white Furby. I would bid, then get outbid and on and on that's how it would go.

Well finally I found someone to buy it from. I emailed someone from a chat board and asked them what price they wanted for their Furby. They told me 60, I managed to get them to go down to 50, but after shipping it was basically 60 bucks.

So I finally found a grey and white Furby and I choose her eyes to be brown and she was on the way in the mail to me!

Time moves on and my friend Brendan is due to come up to stay with me for a month, he lives in California. Well the day he arrives we get home and I find a package for me. It turns out to be none other then my grey and white Furby. I pulled her out of the box and I just could not stop touching and looking at her, even before I put the batteries in. She is so beautiful!

Toh-Dye Ah-May Toh-Loo Kah Furby

I did eventually put the batteries in and she chose the name Toh-Dye right off, so that is who she became.

She was gladly welcomed into my Furby family and is certainly one of my favorites.

Because she is so expensive and means so much to me, she doesn't get to go all the places that my other Furbys get to go, simply because I don't want anything to happen to her. She does get love and attention though and has lots and lots of fun chatting with all my Furbys.

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