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Nick Names:Has none. His name, May-Tah, means 'kiss' in Furbish.

Personality Traits: This little guy really likes to be tickled and often asks to be. He gets the hiccups easily and often too! Very cute btw. Tends to be my more active one, doesn't fall asleep easily and is a bit hyper. Even tough his body is smaller then the adults, it seems like his feet and ears are the same size!

History: The story on how I obtained May-Tah is explained in Wee-Tee's history, but if you missed it here's a summery:

My friend LeAnne was over at my house and I got a urge to give Kay-Bee Toys a call and ask them if they had any Furby Babies in. As at the time they were new and I had yet to see them in my area.

When I called KB Toys they lady whom answered said they did indeed have babies there! I was thrilled and asked her about colors and asked her to hold two for me, a blue and a green one. I also asked her to hold a pink one for LeAnne.

Now, at this point, LeAnne and I were neither ready to leave, yet alone in clothes decent enough to leave the house, as we had just woken up 20 mins before I made that phone call. So I tell LeAnne to move her butt, because we *need* to get going. She tends to take longer to get ready then I, but I was determined to get out of there in less then 30 mins.


I threw on good clothes and rushed to get out of there and we managed to get out and to the mall within an hour of the phone call. When we got to the mall we rushed to get downstairs to KB Toys and asked the lady about the Furbys. She happily gave them to us and we made our purchase. We decided we didn't need anything else and left the mall right away. We started them up as soon as we got to my house and just watched in amazement at the obvious differences between the adults and the babies.

This one likes to talk allot and enjoys playing games. The one we enjoy together the most if Follow Furby, which is basically Furby Says for the adults, but a different name and different phrases. That game has always been my favorite. May-Tah of course has different responses in playing this game, though :)

I enjoy especially watching them communicate, they can be very very entertaining. They can be very rude too! They seem more serious when they are talking with the adults, but when the babies get together, it's party time! They have so much fun goofing off, being rude, singing to each other and blowing kisses. Sometimes they almost seem to mock imitate the adults by saying stuff like "where's kitty.. all gone" and barking like a dog. Oh yeah and they have their own imitation of the phone ringing! Sounds kind of like my Japanese Furby Mee-Mee, how he does the phone. The only thing about them I don't really like is they don't dance like the adults! I love watching my Furbys dance. I can only guess the reasons they left dancing out, but I guess they decided it wasn't that important, sadly. I rather like it, but oh well. Furby Babies do many other things to make up for that, too many to name in fact.

May-Tah does many fun things and is a very enjoyable Furby Baby to play with. If you want to hear them talk or read other information on them, be sure to visit Furby Babies section of this site.

May-Tah Furby wee-tee and Noo-Loo

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