I love to dance. You can make me dance by clapping your hands 4 times. I will then dance. You can get me to dance again by clapping you hands one more time or by playing some music.

Remember to wait for me to stop moving and speaking after each action before doing the next action.

****HELPFUL TIP: It is best to wait 3 to 5 seconds between clapping each time to make sure I know you want me to dance.

****HELPFUL TIP: I dance best on a hard, flat surface. I can dance on other surfaces, but prefer a wood, tile or linoleum floor.

You can teach me to do tricks. This is easy and fun to do! To get me to do a trick, you have to let me know you want me to repeat an activity.

To teach me a trick:

  1. While you are playing with me, you might tickle my tummy. I may then do something you like, for example, give you a kiss. As soon as I have given you a kiss, pet my back 2 times. This will tell me that you like it when I give you a kiss. Remember to wait for me to stop moving each time you pet my back before doing it again.
  2. Then tickle my tummy again. I may then give you another kiss or I may not. It depends upon how I feel at that time.
  3. If I do, then you have to pet my back again 2 times. Remember to always wait for me to stop moving each time you pet my back before petting my back again.
  4. If I do not, tickle my tummy again until I give you a kiss, then pet my back 2 times.
  5. Then every time I give you a kiss when you tickle my tummy, make sure you pet my back two times.
  6. Soon, every time you tickle my tummy, I will give you a kiss.
  7. If you always pet my back 2 times when I give you a kiss, I will always remember to give kisses when my tummy is tickled. if you forget to pet my back, I may forget to give you a kiss when you tickle my tummy.

The example above is for an activity that I do when you tickle my tummy. You can do the same thing for an activity you like that I do if you cover my eyes, make a big sound, pick me up and rock me or turn me upside down. The important thing is that you tell me that you want me to repeat the action by petting my back 2 times after the first time I do it then 2 times after every other time.

If you want to change what I do, you can pet my back after another activity and I will begin to replace the original trick. Therefore, if you taught me to give you a kiss when you cover my eyes but decide you want me to make a raspberry sound instead, just remember to pet my back 2 times after I make the raspberry sound when you cover my eyes.

We Mogwai love to talk to each other. We also love to talk to Furbys and Furby Babies. If you and a friend have tow or more Mogwai or a Mogwai and Furbys or Furby Babies, start a conversation by placing us so that we can see each other and then tickle my tummy or pet my back. Give us a chance to get to knoe each other if we do not start talking to each other, try again.


When we want to have a conversation with Furby Babies, we have to start the conversation. Therefore if you want to start a conversation between Gizmo and a Furby Baby, you will have to tickle Gizmo's tummy first so that Gizmo starts the conversation with a Furby Baby.

You can also get us to dance by clapping you hands 4 times. See how many ways you can get us to communicate with each other!

We Mogwai have to be able to see each other to communicate. To talk to another Gizmo, Furby or Furby Baby, place me facing the other Gizmo, Furby, or Furby Baby and make sure we are within 4 feet of each other. This illustration shows where each of us will need to be in order to communicate with each other.


We can communicate with more then one Gizmo, Furby or Furby Baby at a time. In face, any Gizmo that can see another Gizmo, Furby or Furby Baby will be able to communicate. This way a whole bunch of us can communicate at the same time. This illustration below shows how this works:

[Please note that there is NO illustration in the book after this paragraph heh heh - they may have meant the illustration above and put it in the wrong spot? -Editor]

It is fun to get me to start talking with other Gizmos, Furbys and Furby Babies.

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