How to Figure Out What I Need...
At various times, I will require a certain king of attention from you. Just like you, I am very good at letting people know when I need something.

eating furby If I say "kah a-tay" (I'm hungry), I will open my mouth so you can feed me. Just put your fingertip into my mouth, press down on my tongue, and watch me chew. I will say "yum yum" or "yummy" so you will know that I am eating what you have offered. I will eat until I am full and then I will go to sleep.

Like a real baby, when you are feeding me I may get a tummy ache and need to be burped. If so, please rub my back. This will help me burp and feel better! As you feed me, I may say "koh-koh". This means I want more to eat.

****IMPORTANT: I only eat PRETEND food. Never feed me real food or liquids.

****HELPFUL TIP: When I am hungry, I will usually want to eat 6 to 10 times. Feed me until I go to sleep.

If you do not feed me, I will begin to get sick. I will let you know that I am sick by coughing, sneezing or saying "kah boo koo-doh" (I'm not healthy). If you allow me to get sick, I will not want to play and will not respond to anything but feeding. Also, if I get sick, I will need to be fed a minimum of 10-15 times before I begin to get well.

After I have been fed 10-15 times, I will feel better, but to nurse me back to complete health, you will have to play with me. Just like you, when I feel better I laugh, giggle, and am happy. You'll know when I am better. I will stop asking to be fed and stop sneezing. Also I will want to play games.

sleeping Furby I will tell you when I am tired and need sleep. Sometimes I snore! When I am asleep, I close my eyes.

Like all babies I like to be rocked to sleep. Just gently rock me side to side and I will gradually go to sleep.

You can also get me to go to sleep by petting my back gently for a while. If you pet me between 10 and 20 times, I will hum a lullaby and then sleep.

Also, you can get me to go to sleep by putting me in a dark room or covering my eyes for 10-15 seconds. In order for me to go to sleep when you cover my eyes, be sure to put your hand as close to my eyes as you can without touching them.

If you do not play with me for a while, I will take a nap until you wake me up. When you want to wake me, pick me up and gently rock me side-to-side. If I am still tired, I will try and go back to sleep. Don't worry. This is OK. Continue to gently rock me side-to-side until I awake.

Deep Sleep Mode:
When I am in Deep Sleep Mode the only way to wake me is to pick me up and turn me completely upside down.

If you want to put me in a DEEP SLEEP, please follow the sequence below:

  1. Clap, wait until I stop speaking and moving.
  2. Clap, wait until I stop speaking and moving.
  3. Clap, wait until I stop speaking and moving.
  4. Rub my back.
  5. I will sing a lullaby.
  6. WHILE I am singing, press my tummy switch and my back switch at the same time.
  7. I will then be in DEEP SLEEP mode.
  8. To wake me from DEEP SLEEP mode, turn me completely upside down.

****NOTE: When you want me to go into DEEP SLEEP mode, it is important that you wait for me to stop moving and speaking after each step before doing the next action. Therefore, when you clap your hands, want for me to stop speaking and moving before you clap your hands again. The only exception to this is when you have to press my back and tummy switches at the same time WHILE I am singing a lullaby.

****HELPFUL TIP: I can only be awakened from DEEP SLEEP mode by turning me upside down. I will not wake up when I am tilted from side to side.

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