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I have created a new blog. This blog is not about Tamagotchi or Virtual pets, it is just about random randomness. I hope you give a chance and enjoy it. Open Road: Echoes in the Dark: Thoughts on life and other randomness.

As much as I have tried to look for any workable archives of Tamagotchi Social Sphere and any backup files I could find, I am without anything that can remedy the situation. It is my own fault for not keeping more current backups of the frontend and the backend of the forum. The backend files were lost completely and I am without the ability to restore the forum to its previous structure.

I tried to contact my previous host to try to get them to give me even any very old backup data and they insisted no such data even exists. It appears as though a once good host turned very bad toward the end, as I have researched and found similar stories from other people who used to be hosted with them. They were of no help in the end and I have fully severed my business relationship with them and moved onto a much more professional reliable host with weekly backups. While that does make me feel better about going forward, it does not fix the current situation.

In my first update I asked that people write in to show support and I heard from less then twenty people. With all of the traffic that comes through this website, it is a little disappointing to say the least. However, it was not unexpected. TSS was dying long ago and had experienced very slow traffic for a very long time, long before this occurred. There are a few other great Tamagotchi websites out there with thriving Tama communities that fans can go to these days. There are groups on Facebook and other places as well. The Forum idea itself is a rather old one in internet terms and social media has greatly replaced many of the old methods of fan gatherings that one used to be very popular years ago.

For right now, there will be no forum. I do have the desire and intention to launch a new forum in the future, but it is definitely in the Coming Soon category with no certain date attached.

If you'd like, feel free to like Mimitchi.com on Facebook at: Mimitchi.com on Facebook. There isn't much there now, but perhaps will be someday.

Thanks again to those that love and care about this website still. I know it is old, the style is very showing of it's origins. It comes from a time when I was a teenager just learning how to do things online, when everything was so new, when People ruled the online world and not companies. My how times have changed, old websites like these are not too common any more. Mimitchi.com has been online since 1997 and I intend to keep it online for a long time coming.

I always appreciate the supportive emails I get from the readers that come to this site. While I haven't always been great about replying back over the years, rest assured your words are always read and I do try to reply as time permits. This website has not always been very well maintained or updated and for that regret, sometimes life is what happens when you are busy making other plans it would seem.

What is next? Well for now, I don't entirely know. I would like to someday get a forum back in here, the website just seems incomplete without it. I also would like to do other things. I seem to always have ideas and sadly most of them just don't make it on here. I want to someday change that.

Thanks for visiting and checking in. I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a very beautiful Happy New Year in 2014!
Much love,

In short: I cannot tell you when it might be back online and in what form. I do not have any certain details about that at this time. Look for more answers to come in September and October.

In more detail, here's what happened: On July 23rd 2013 the server my website was hosted at began to have connectivity issues, traffic was down by only 1/4th and it was offline here and there. Sometime on July 24th the hardware on the server failed, corrupting all data. I found mimitchi.com and all of my other websites offline that afternoon and proceeded to contact my host about the situation. Initially I was given the truth about the hardware failure and assured that backup files would be reinstated as soon as my account was setup on another server. I was patient and waited another day but initiated further contact to find out an estimation of when everything will return to normal. At that time I was informed that the backup files for my websites were corrupt and everything was gone - my email, database files, account settings, everything was completely gone.

I asked them about initiating older backup files. In that, I was given the run around for more then two days. I was assured someone would help me out but they just ignored me and hoped I'd go away. Even though I have been a customer for almost 10 years, my situation and concerns were not a bother to them. I might be a nobody with a personal website, not some big corporation, but I still pay my dues on time and am a customer in good standing.

After being brushed off several more times, I began my research about the company I once trusted so many years ago that used to treat me so well. I found that what happened to me, happened to many others, and they were treated equally bad. A hosting company once that was very awesome, turned into crap over the years.

So I decided if I was being forced to start over, I might as well start over with a new reliable host. My new host is much nicer and respectful of me. I believe the future with them will be grand indeed. I have canceled my previous host and am onto a new and better future for mimitchi.com.

Where does that leave TSS and Mimitchi.com? Well sadly right now several things don't function properly and I have had to remove links to areas that just are plain offline at the moment.

I cannot make any promises about TSS. I have backups I am still going through, trying to see what I can salvage. There is a chance that TSS will cease to exist in the same form it was before and in fact I may have to start over from scratch, if it's worth even on-lining it again.

As of this writing, the timing of this happening is really poor and I do not have time to take care of the site as much as I'd like over the next month. I will do what I can in the days I have, but look for much more clearer answers on the future of TSS in September and October.

If you have opinions about this, please do contact me on mimitchi.com and make your voice heard.

Much love for all your support, Kat