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Tamagotchi School / TamaSuku: Log 12/16/06

12/16/06: Well thank goodness it's Saturday! I do love weekends I must admit.

This morning I got up and spent much time recording how the scoring works on the TamaSuku. This involved a lot of losing when I got to a certain point on purpose to record the amount of Gotchi Points and Skill Points that is rewarded.

At about 10:30am I got a new character. The character is #15 and the name translates to Ura-Yangofuranetchi. This new student was different, instead of the usual, he gave me a present, a telescope! How cool is that!

So I spent much time working on the game scoring this morning and than we went out to run some errands. This included looking for the new V4's, but we did not turn up with any luck today. I suppose that is just fine, since we have some ordered and on their way already. While we were out I did get another student - #16 and even though I can't read the text I'm very sure this is Young Mametchi. In fact my man just translated the name, it is Ura-Young Mametchi. No presents on this time around. We did some last minute shopping and than came home.

For some reason I've been feeling a little tired today, so while my man went out and ran some errands, I decided to take a nap. I laid down on my back and put TamaSuku on my chest so I could hear any beeps. The thing is... I had no idea how tired I was so I totally conked out for over an hour. I didn't hear any beeps, but Brendan said he tried to call earlier and I didn't answer - and I don't recall hearing the phone. So wow I was out of it. I guess it's possible that I could have missed a new student, but there's no way of knowing.

Brendan spent much time in the evening trying to translate some of the instructions I just didn't understand. While he did that, I did more writing of the instructions for the games. The scoring has been difficult to get, trying to get all that information involves us playing a ton of games over and over again.

During this all this, we got two more characters, #17 Ura-Young Marutchi and #18 Ura-Young Memetchi, making my classroom much bigger at 20 students now.

Eventually, while I was working on the Exciting Experiment game score system, class ended. At 10:30pm it was lights out. So I guess even my students got tired of all that teaching.

At this point there are several things I still don't grasp entirely about TamaSuku, but I do believe that we have the grand majority of things discovered. We will keep working on figuring everything out as time goes on.

One interesting thing today that we found out is - the books from the shop instead the points in the status screen by 10. Now we still don't know what these points in each of the subjects represent. When changing students to teach, the points don't change, so it's not like they are for each individual student. So right now that remains a mystery.

When class closed tonight, I ended with these stats: All four hearts full (after all that playing I don't think they had a chance to fall), 20 students, Japanese Studies Points 110, Math Studies Points 207, Science Studies Points 116, 27950 Gotchi Points (I kid you not, we were playing games for hours).

So that's it for tonight. I'll keep working on figuring out these mysteries.

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