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Tamagotchi School / TamaSuku
Instruction Manual & Guide Page 6

instructions teaching choice
Connection Selection

connect iconConnect: There are three categories on this option.

  • The first selection is used to connect with other Tamagotchi Schools.
  • The second selection has two options. The first option is for communication with EnTama & UraTama. The second option leads to a screen that looks like Gotchi Points exchange. Looks like you can give and/or receive Gotchi Points from Entama and Uratama (and possibly other Japanese Tamagotchi items like Tamagotchi Resort).
  • The Third selection is for connecting with JuKuTama. A JuKuTama is a type of DekaTama. When you connect with JuKuTama ten more students, at random, will join your school. The word "JuKu" refers to an after-hours school; a sort of night-class you would attend if your grades in regular school are poor. The JuKuTama can connect to TamaSchool only. It can not connect to EnTama, UraTama, etc. The JuKuTama is available, for you to connect to (in a manner similar to DekaTamas), in the shops at the addresses listed on the bottom of this page.

Special thanks goes to binary/tamatalk_binary (TamaTalk, Tama-Zone, VPetsML) for giving me all the details and information on the TamaSuku Connection icon use.

Note: You cannot connect the TamaSuku to Tamagotchi Connections.

items iconItems:

dice mini game

Regular Items: I do not know if these items ever change, I suspect that due to the name, these items wont change. Right now I find the following items: Smile Roulette Mini Game, Japanese Language Studies Book, Math Book, Science Book, a cookie with tama face in the center and a sweat suit.

  • Smile Roulette: I believe for the mini game you choose a square, than try to stop the curser on the square you chose while itís moving fast.
  • Special thanks goes to binary/tamatalk_binary (TamaTalk, Tama-Zone, VPetsML) for clarifying the correct name of the Smile Roulette item.

  • The Books: The Japanese Language Studies Book increased the Japanese Language Studies grade score seen in the Status Meter by 10. The Math and Science book do the same, for the Math and Science category. I have a feeling that class marks are very important, however I have not completely figured that part of TamaSuku out yet.I did try using different students to read the books and that had no effect. I had a student that specilizes in science reading the science book and the marks did not go up any faster. Nothing else appears to be effected by the books. I could be wrong.

language book math book science book
  • Cookie: The cookie does not appear to do anything special. It just shows your current student eating it.
  • Sweat Suit: The sweat suit, when used, leads to an animation of your current student trying to jump over a hurdle - like a physical education game. No stats appear to change when using the sweat suit.
cookie sweat suit

piece of chalk

Seasonal Items: Due to the title I can only assume that what is available here changes. So far I haven't seen any change. These items you buy from the Seasonal Items store at the Shop. I can tell you that in the back of the manual they list six items for this category. I have seen two items so far: a baton and a spotlight.

  • Spotlight: The spotlight appears to take my current selected student to Tama Town. The animation is cute, but I honestly have no idea what is happening here.
  • Baton: The second item, a baton, leads to a cute little animation that is actually a mini game. The game takes place being drawn on the chalkboard. Press the Right Arrow on the "A" keypad repeatedly to help your student win the race.

Special thanks goes to binary/tamatalk_binary (TamaTalk, Tama-Zone, VPetsML) for clarifying the correct names of the Spotlight and Baton items.

Student Gifts: You receive these from your students. There is no number next to the items when they are in your items list so I can only assume they are of unlimited use.

Special Items: I have nothing in this category but I don't have any other Tama's to connect with. I suspect this category is for gifts from connecting experiences.

friends list icon
Friends List: I believe this icon is accessible if only you have connected with another Tamagotchi. I just get an error sound when I select this icon.

shop icon
Items that show a number next to them have a limited use. The number is how many times you can use the item until it will disappear from your items menu. At this point you have to repurchase the item to use it again. Keep in mind that if you buy a new item without finishing using your old item of the same kind, it will erase your old item. For example if you have 1 Science Book left and you buy the new set of 3, the total you will have in your Items will be 3, not 4. So be sure to use up everything before purchasing more.

Also I'd like to say that in the Japanese manual they list out 6 items for each shop, meaning I only have access to two items right now. I have listed the additional items below with the rest.

Items without a number next to them are unlimited use. This is only shown under the items selection. Images shown on this page are from the shop.

Regular Items:

  • Smile Roulette Mini Game: 550 Gotchi Points
  • Japanese Language Studies Book: 3000 Gotchi Points
  • Math Book: 3000 Gotchi Points
  • Science Book: 3000 Gotchi Points
  • Cookie: 300 Gotchi Points
  • Sweat Suit: 900 Gotchi Points

regular items

Seasonal Items:

  • Snowflake(?): 600 Gotchi Points
  • Dot(?): 800 Gotchi Points
  • Ghost Costume(?): 1200 Gotchi Points
  • Bolt(?): 700 Gotchi Points
  • Spotlight: 1500 Gotchi Points
  • Baton: 650 Gotchi Points

seasonal items

Special thanks goes to binary/tamatalk_binary (TamaTalk, Tama-Zone, VPetsML) for clarifying the correct names of the Smile Roulette, Spotlight and Baton items.

raised hand attention icon
Raised Hand (Attention Icon):
This icon lights up whenever something is happening on your TamaSuku. Most of the time a tune or beeping will accompany this lit icon.

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