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Bandai America Puts the Future in Kids’ Hands with New Tamagotchi

Tamagotchi® Connection® V4 "Virtual Pet" Allows Fans to Now Dictate Their Characters’ Education, Lifestyle and Career

(Cypress, CA - December 21, 2006) - Bandai America Incorporated, a leader in introducing hot Japanese toy trends to the U.S. marketplace, is calling on fans to "live the Tamagotchi life" 24/7 with the new Tamagotchi Connection V4. As the most technologically advanced version of the world’s first and top selling "virtual pet" tech toy, kids can now control the destiny of their Tamagotchi characters by choosing which classes to take in school and eventually the career and lifestyle they’ll enjoy in the future. Fans can experience firsthand, alongside their character, what it’s like to be a fashion designer, rock star, florist or doctor as they mold their character into an upstanding citizen of Tamagotchi Town.

"Tamagotchi Connection V4 empowers fans like never before as they choose what kind of lives their virtual pets will lead - responsibilities far beyond feeding and providing basic care," said Michael Riley, vice president of marketing for Bandai America Inc. "Kids can share in the excitement as characters get praise for being a star student or land their first job, and even live out their own fantasies for the future. The depth of play and hours of endless entertainment reaffirm the notion of living the Tamagotchi life."

Kids help determine their characters’ future careers and fate by playing the fun mini games in their Tamagotchi to earn Intellectual, Beauty or Social "Skill Points." Depending on the accumulation of these points, owners can choose from a variety of 15 different professions as well as change careers later when openings become available. And, just like in the real world, characters must prove that they’re qualified for certain jobs - in this case, by having enough of the right Skill Points for their coveted profession.

Meanwhile, since everyone loves receiving goodies in the mail, the new "Gotchi Post" feature includes good and bad fortunes, letters and news that add even more anticipation and adventure to life’s journey. It also guides the characters with invitations on when to attend preschool, elementary school and then to apply for a job once they’re ready.

V4 introduces even more fans to the magical world of TamagotchiTown.com with new games, activities and locales. While using "Gotchi Points" and special passwords, visitors can go online to shop in the mall, visit with their virtual pet’s parents, watch movies at the theater, play in the arcade, grab a bite in the food court and even visit the revered Tamagotchi King at his castle. Fans can also continue to travel the world, but to new exotic destinations like Paris, Africa and Tokyo. V4 even expands upon the site by letting kids see their character interacting online as it goes to school, plays in the various games and partakes in life’s other daily adventures. Log on to see the new official TamaTown.com driver’s license, as well as the Shopping Bag which conveniently lists all the recent items purchased or won from the site.

The "Great Tamagotchi Fan Shell-ection"
The thrilling arrival of V4 is even more Tama-rrific since the winning design of last summer’s first-ever "Great Tamagotchi Fan Shell-ection" will be one of the first new V4 styles produced. Tamagotchi fans fervently made their voices heard by voting to determine a new Tamagotchi design and, after a tight race to the finish line, fans overwhelmingly chose "Glow-in-the-Dark" as the eventual winner and this season’s "must-have" look. Watch for the special, limited time offer of "Glow-in-the-Dark" to Tama-takeoff from shelves soon!

Tamagotchi Connection V4 includes an ever-expanding assortment of new design styles, the most games ever (20 games), 21 new characters (for a total of 53), and even more collectible items and souvenirs than before (144 total). V4 builds on the play pattern of the very first virtual pet by letting owners still "connect" their Tamagotchi with others - regardless of which version they have - via the awesome infrared technology feature. The toys also have a snazzy new look, with a colorful ball on the antenna’s end, and come in a redesigned package. Tamagotchi Connection V4 debuts in January at all major retailers nationwide with a SRP of $14.99. Gotchi GearTM lanyards, charms, and Pet Pouches also debut with a SRP of $4.99 - $7.99.

About Tamagotchi Connection
Originally launched in 1997, the egg-shaped Tamagotchi - which simulates the life cycle of a real pet - went on to sell more than 40 million units worldwide and created a brand new toy category within the industry. Bandai America reintroduced the brand in 2004 with a new and highly popular infrared technology "connection" feature, thereby creating stronger-than-ever consumer demand among young kids and adults alike. For more information about Tamagotchi and "Gotchi Gear" products, please visit www.Tamagotchi.com.

About Bandai America Incorporated
A leader in introducing Japanese toy trends to the United States, Bandai America Incorporated is a subsidiary of NAMCO BANDAI Holdings (USA) Inc., a new joint entity that resulted from the integration of Namco Ltd. and Bandai Co. Ltd. of Japan. Global interests encompass five strategic business units: toys and hobby (toys, models, apparel and sundries), amusement facilities, game content (home and arcade console gaming), mobile content, and visual and music content (including home entertainment). Bandai America is the manufacturer and master toy licensee of some of the most popular brands in children’s toys and entertainment today, including Power Rangers, Ben 10, Team Galaxy, Tamagotchi and Girlz Connect. The company is headquartered in Cypress, California and information is available at www.Bandai.com.

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