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Tamagotchi Stocking Stuffers - Don't Miss Out!

Dear Tama-friends and loyal fans,

Stumped for the perfect stocking stuffer...?

Just a reminder that our friends at GALERIE have cooked up a yummy treat just for the holidays: a new line of Tamagotchi character plush with delectable candy­two of your favorite goodies in one handy package! Some of these adorable characters actually "blush" when you press their tummies­who needs mistletoe, anyways?

Also, new "Treat Keeper" characters include a handy zipper pocket on the back for you to store candy or anything else. Use the included loops to easily clip them onto backpacks, purses and more so that they can go with you everywhere.

These special items can only be found at Kmart during the holidays, so hurry now to your local store for these great stocking stuffers or presents! This sweet deal won’t last much longer!

From Your Friends at Bandai America

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