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Tamagotchi Connection is Crowned by Awards Panels and Fans

Dear Tama friends and fans,

We know that youíve been eagerly anticipating the winner of Bandai Americaís "Great Tamagotchi Fan Shell-ection," which let you - our most loyal fans - pick a new Tamagotchi Connection design for the first time ever. So without further ado...[drum roll]...The winner is...Glow-in-the-Dark!! After a tough race to the finish line, you let your voices be heard as more than half of you chose this new design. Look out for it to Tama-takeoff from shelves this coming January!

Also, since fans and critics alike love Tamagotchi, Version 3 has been crowned with several awards this year, including:

  • Toy Industry Associationís "Toy of the Year" (T.O.T.Y.) awards finalist for "Electronic Entertainment Toy of the Year"
  • The National Parenting Centerís "Holiday Seal of Approval," which selects toys based on parentsí and childrenís interaction with toys
  • Family Magazine Groupís "Family Choice Award," which recognizes the best in childrenís and parenting resources
  • Toy Wishesí Holiday "All Star"
  • Toy Wishesí Spring/Summer "Hot Dozen," which predicts the seasonís top sellers and the most innovative, in-demand toys
  • Toys "R" Us Top 12 Stocking Stuffer Ideas and Great Finds for 2006

Happy Holidays!

Your Friends At Bandai America

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