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A New Message From the Tamagotchi King

Dear Tamagotchi Connection Fans,

The revered Tamagotchi King recently informed us that even more exciting developments are coming to TamaTown.com, the official online destination of his kingdom, Tamagotchi Town.

By royal decree, the King would like to announce the following expansions:

  • Tama Island is now taking reservations in the Travel Agency! Each week, fans can vote off one Tamagotchi character from the Island until theres only one sole survivor. Vote regularly to see your favorite friend outlast the competition.
  • The Town Halls first ever game, Meet Tamagotchi Town, quizzes your knowledge of the citys famed residents. Do you know which Tamagotchi character likes to tell jokes so others think hes funny?
  • On September 1, the TamaBall basketball game debuts in the School, joining the Tama Word Search, Tama Tennis, Tama Typing and Clean Up activities.
  • Make and toss your own delicious pizza, beginning September 15, in the International Food Courts Pizza Toss game.
  • And finally, on October 1, the Food Courts Burger Stacking game allows you to create humongous burgers as tall as you can without letting them fall over.

The King also reminds fans to regularly check Tamagotchi.com and TamaTown.com for new announcements and promotions. You dont want to miss out on all the fun thats yet to come!


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