"The Tamagotchi Ocean"

Written By: Tamatchi

The Tamagotchi ocean was a beautiful place. Ocean Tams got hungry more often than regular ones. Squid was worried. He realized that only some of the Ocean Tams would be able to be taken care of by good humans. He thought he might not be good enough. He ate too much, and was not popular.He also drank too much Tam Soda. He was a nice guy, though. Or was he? How would they tell? Would they just guess? Or would they ask other people?

He decided not to worry. But he couldn't help worrying. Would he go to a person with 56 tams (Kat!), or to some kid who wanted to torture him? He didn't want to lose weight.

There was another Ocean-Tam who made fun of him. His name was Derek. Derek was really popular, and he was thin and looked perfect in every way. Derek wasn't nice, though? But did that really matter? Would it just be a contest judging on looks?

Derek bothered him a lot. He had tried to make him look like a crazy tam, and he was even more worried! There was one week before we would head to earth. Squid looked bad. He believed he would do badly in the "tests they gave".

Soon, it was that day. Yes, the day. He wanted to just die. The judge said, "We will give you each a test to see how nice you are. Please use a pencil." Squid now was happier. He took the test. He thought he passed, but did he?

He did! An A! Derek did so bad, he got the worst owner ever, and died before Squid even left the planet! He got a great owner. He made her have 56 Tams! He became best guy!

© Tamatchi, August 16 1998

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