"The Ending Of The Tamagotchi"

Written By: Jesse

The end is near for Tamagotchis of all sorts. Very few eggs are being sent to earth anymore. It seems that they have been overtaken by things called Pokemon and Furbies. Two earth years ago, eggs were being sent to Earth a lot, but now it is quiet in Tamaland, with only a few lone Tamas heading down to Earth, and often they are paused more, as the Tamas failed to intrests the earthlings for enough time. Where will they go now? Nobody knows right now.

At least most of them don't. Except Blobbo, a Maru-chi with a plan. This Maru-Chi's plan was to make themselves "cooler", like with a pager option on them, and humans can write in what interests they have and the tams will find a good mate for them. Would the plan work? We would find out.

As soon as the tams came out in America, the tamagotchi population noticed a lot more eggs coming to Earth. Blobbo himself was put in an egg and sent to Kat, who made him become a Mimitchi and he lived to 30. The tams were “back” in America, and it looked like things were going to keep going that way. After about a year, there was a steep decline in eggs being sent to Earth, and the decline was continuing.

After a few more months of this decline, Blobbo had another plan. He wanted to make the tams hook up to computers and maybe make them less embarrasing for kids today to use. By then, it was the year 2002, and they needed more high-tech stuff to keep eggs coming to Earth. But would it work? Hopefully it would.

When the newer tams were introduced, things were looking up. Now Blobbo and his team of 8 other Mimitchis were always adding new functions to these tams. The new functions could be added to the older versions, unlike most new computers. Things would probably be solved for a long time, and eventually the tams will become completly different creatures with all these on-line options and other cool things.

The Tamas are back!

© Jesse, April 24th, 2000

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