"How the Tamagotchi Community Found Earth"

Written By: Phillip Maxwell

Today was the big day for the cyber creatures on Planet Tamagotchi. It was the day when they set off in their UFO to explore the galaxy, new planets, and hopefully find new life forms besides their own for the first time. They have had this day planned for a Galactic Standard Month. (One year.) They have gone to special meetings, planned seating arrangements on the UFO, and have saved a plentiful amount of fuel for their ship's long journey. What lies ahead of them on their quest they do not know. But today is the day where the Tamagotchi Community finds the planet Earth.

"Do you have everything Mametchi?" Asked Ginjirotchi. "Yes," Mametchi said. "Do you have the map?" "Yes," Mametchi replied. "I'm so excited about today!" Mametchi shouted. "I am too," said Ginjirotchi. "I hope nothing goes wrong on our journey." Mametchi said worriedly. "I hope I don't get sick." " I don't think you should worry," said Ginjirotchi. "You never get sick. You are the healthiest of all Tamagotchi's." "I know," Mametchi replied. "Your right. I shouldn't worry." "Great, I hope I get to sit next to you on the trip!" Ginjirotchi said. " I do too!" Mametchi shouted back.

Ginjirotchi and Mametchi are the best of friends. As Ginjirotchi walks away, he decides to pay a visit on some of the not too healthy species of Tamagotchi. Noyorotchi and Tarakotchi. "

"Hi guys!" Ginjirotchi shouted. "Hello Ginji," Tarakotchi mumbled under his breath (Ginji is the nickname they all call Ginjirotchi.) "Are you all set?" Ginjirotchi asked. "Not really," Noyorotchi replied. "We're not feeling well. We never do." "Oh well," Ginjirotchi said. "Cheer up." "We're leaving in a Galactic Standard Week. (One hour.)

Ginjirotchi then left to visit the young adult area of the planet. You know the one with the Marutchi, Tamatchi's and Kuchitamatchi's. They have to change for the last time until they become an adult. Except for the Marutchi's. He met up with a Tamatchi.

"Hey Tamatchi!" Ginjirotchi shouted. "Come over here!" "Coming!" Tamatchi shouted back. "Did you borrow my medication?" Ginjirotchi asked. "Yes why?" Tamatchi answered back. "I need it for our trip." Ginjirotchi replied. "Ok let me get it, hold on," Tamatchi said. "Here it is." "Thanks," Ginjirotchi said. "Hey, I think Mametchi likes you," Tamatchi said with a grin. "No, really," Ginjirotchi said sarcastically.

As Ginjirotchi moved along, he decided to pay yet another visit to a special area of the planet, the Babitchi area. This is where all the Mametchi's are babysitting. These little guys need lots of care. All of the sudden, Ginjirotchi's cousin comes up to him who was just born.

"Hey Ginji!" Babitchi shouted. "Hello babitchi," Ginjirotchi said. "Are you excited for the trip?" "You bet I am!" Babitchi said enthusiastically. "I can't wait." "Well that's good," Ginjirotchi said. "Mameitchi and Kutchipatchi will be going around serving you some food and playing games with you so you will be sure to be ok." "Great, hey Ginji, when I'm an adult, I want to grow to be just like you." "Well that's very sweet," Ginjirotchi said. "Just make sure to take good care of yourself. Always have friends to play games with, eat when you are hungry, see a doctor if you are sick and always clean up after yourself so you will not get sick. If you do exactly that, I am sure you will have a great chance of growing up to be a Ginjirotchi." "Wow," Babitchi said. "I will do that." "But I must warn you," Ginjirotchi said. "If you fail to take good care of yourself, you may grow up to be a Kutchipatchi, a Noyorochi, or the unhealthiest of them all, the Tarakotchi." "I see," Babitchi said. "I wont grow up to be them I promise." "Great," Ginjirotchi said. "I'll see you on the UFO."

As Ginjirotchi traveled back to the adult area of the planet, he found a whole crowd of Tamagotchi's surrounding something. He looked and squeezed through the crowd until he found what everyone was staring at. It was a Masukutchi lying on the ground.

"Oh my gosh!" "What is going on here!" Ginjirotchi shouted. "We don't know," Tarakotchi said. "He seems to be dying." "But he can't be dying!" Ginjirotchi shouted. " He's too young."

Then all of the sudden, his body started to transform. His body gave off a steady beam of light. Then, out of nowhere, a burst of light and a huge explosion occurred. When the light and smoke cleared, the Tamagotchi's couldn't believe their eyes.

"Oh my goodness," Ginjirotchi gasped.

The crowd stepped away from the scene. When Masukutchi finally stood up, he wasn't Masukutchi any longer. He was a Gaijintchi. A character none of the Tamagotchi's have ever seen. After the shock, everyone cheered in celebration. Especially the rest of the Masukutchi's. They all crowed around him asking, "How did you do that?" or "What do I have to do to become you?" Then, the time came, the loudspeaker announced that everyone board the UFO.

"Ok everyone, this is it!" Ginjirotchi shouted. "We all have everything correct?" "Yes," everyone shouted. "Ok then lets go!"

About 15 minutes later, everyone was in their seats and ready to go. What lies ahead of them they do not know.

10...9...8...7...6...5...4...3...2...1... Ignition! They were off. As the rocket shot off their home planet for the first time, Mametchi and Ginjirotchi were sitting together.

"Wow, I can't believe we are finally going!" Mametchi said enthusiastically. "I can't either," said Ginjirotchi.

The pilot and copilot came on the speaker again and said, "Good evening," "I am you pilot Kutchipatchi and this is my copilot Noyorochi. We will begin the in-flight movie in a few minutes."

"Oh great, we have one of the two unhealthiest Tamagotchi's flying our UFO," Ginjirotchi said sarcastically. "I hope they have their medicine." "I'm sure they do," Mametchi said with a smile on her face.

As the in-flight movie began, the Mametchi's had to babysit the Babitchi's.

"Hey aren't you one of Ginji's cousins?" Mametchi asked. "Yep," Babitchi said. "And aren't you his girlfriend?" Babitchi said with a grin. "He's just a friend," Mametchi answered back. "Who happens to be a boy," Babitchi said with his grin. "Look, do you want me to babysit you or not?" Mametchi asked. "Ok Babitchi said.

After a Galactic Standard Week, (one hour) the UFO made it's first stop on the planet, Mercury.

"Wow it's hot," Babitchi said. "Well that's because we are next to this very bright planet that emits radiation. I believe it is called the planet, Sun." Masukutchi said.

After a brief visit, they all board the UFO again. As they are traveling, they hit an asteroid belt.

"Whoa!" Ginjirotchi shouted. "Is there anyway around this thing?"

The pilot came on and announced that they are hitting an asteroid belt and that they should be out of it within a couple of minutes.

"Did you hear that?" Mametchi said with a gasp. "No," Ginjirotchi said. "What did it sound like?" "It sounded like something cracked," Mametchi said. "I wouldn't worry," Ginjirotchi said. "It was probably the metal coating."

The pilot came on again and said that they made it through the asteroids safely. Everyone cheered. The copilot, Noyorotch then came on and said, "If you will all please take out the map that is in the front pocket of your neighbor's seat, you will find that we are now approaching our next visit, the Planet Venus. Then Ginjirotchi's cousin came up to him.

"Hi Ginji!" Babetchi said. "I am really excited for Venus. It's my favorite planet! Hey what's coming up next?" "Well let me see," Ginjirotchi said. "I think we are headed for Mars next. That is my favorite planet." "Oh," Babitchi said. "But what is that small blue dot between Venus and Mars?" "I don't know," Ginjirotchi said. I believe it might be a star." "Oh," Babitchi said. "Well, come on. Lets go!" "Oh and by the way," Babitchi hesitated. "Why do you always flap that hood down over your face?" "It's just the way I was created," Ginjirotchi said.

When they landed on Venus, they collected samples, went on educational nature hikes for the Marutchi's, and had class sessions to learn about the planet. After they had a bite to eat, they went back aboard the UFO and on to their next destination, Mars.

"Boy I'm full," Mametchi said. "Hey did you ever notice that we are traveling at a much slower speed than we were before we hit that asteroid belt?" "Shhhh!" Ginjirotchi said. "Don't scare Babitchi." You know how he gets nervous when things seem wrong.""Alright," Mametchi said with a sigh. "But also, I have been hearing some strange noises coming from the back."

Now Mametchi was starting to get the feeling that something was wrong about the UFO but she couldn't quite put her finger on it. Something was defiantly wrong.

"That's it Ginji," Mametchi said. "I'm going to talk to Kutchipatchi." "There is something wrong about this UFO."

When Mametchi took her fourth step, the UFO went into a breakdown! Mametchi finally reached the cockpit.

"What is going on here?!" Mametchi cried. "It seems the fuel tank cracked!" Kutchipatchi said. "All the fuel leaked out!" "I knew I heard something crack when we passed through that asteroid belt!" Mametchi cried. "We're going down fast!" Tamatchi cried. "We're all going to die!" Tarakotchi panicked.

The Tamagotchi's all went into a panic. The Babitchi's were all beeping and crying. The UFO was in a deep plunge.

"Oh my gosh!" Ginjirotchi cried. "We have to crash into something or else we will fall out into space and then we will all die for sure!" "Hold on," Mametchi said. "Do you remember that thing Babitchi pointed out to you on the map?" "That tiny blue dot in between Venus and Mars?" "Yeah, why?" Ginjirotchi asked. "Because I don't think that was a star you said." "It's another planet!"

Mametchi ran into the cockpit yelling.

"Quick!" Mametchi cried. "We have to crash into that planet straight up ahead." "Are you serious?" Noyorochi asked. "We don't even know what is on that planet!" "We don't even know it's name!"

Without thinking, Mametchi grabbed the wheel and plunged toward the uncharted planet.

"What are you doing?" Kutchipatchi cried. "I'm going to hit that planet!" Mametchi said. "But,"...

Before Noyorortchi could reply, Mametchi succeeded and slammed into the planet's ocean. The planet we call Earth.

The next day, two people found the half-dead Tamagotchi's floating in the Atlantic Ocean with their destroyed UFO alongside of them. The two people were The Professor and his assistant Mikachu.

"Oh my goodness," The Professor gasped. "They look like tiny aliens," Mikachu said. "Quick, I'll get the aliens and you get their UFO." "Maybe we can help them," The Professor said. "Right," Mikachu said.

The Professor and Mikachu got the tiny half-drowned aliens and their UFO to his lab. After a long amount of testing and experimenting on the tiny cyber creatures The Professor made a conclusion.

"Oh no!" The Professor gasped. "What is it?" Mikachu asked. "These tiny cyber creatures cannot survive on Earth's oxygen!" The Professor cried. "We must build them some sort of protection shield or an oxygen-free bubble.

After a few hours of thinking, The Professor came up with a brilliant idea.

"I've got it!" The Professor shouted. "I shall build them little egg shaped protection cases so they can survive on Earth. "Now some of these creatures are fully grown so I will keep them here in my lab." "You will take the infants and the kindles to school with you tomorrow and see if anyone will take care of them and raise them until they are ready to return to wherever they came from." "Got it," Mikachu said. "But is it ok if I can color these protection cases a little bit?" "They seem kind of dull." "Well I don't see how it could hurt." "Alright," The Proffessor said. "Cool," Mikachu said. "I'll get right to work."

The next day at school, Mikachu found many people wanting to take care of these little cyber creatures.

"Ok, ok there is plenty for everyone," Mikachu said. "Remember, at some point they will return to where they came from, so don't get too upset."

At the time of sixth period class, almost every kid in the school had a Tamagotchi in their hand or around their neck checking on them and playing with them every 5 minutes. All she hears in school now is, "How old is yours?" or "When does yours change?" etc. When school was finally over, Mikachu came running home to The Professor's lab.

"Professor! Professor!" Mikachu shouted. "I think everyone is caring for at least one Tamagotchi right now!" "Well that's fantastic," The Professor said. "I think I started a new trend or a craze for the Tamagotchi's." Mikachu said. "Everybody wants one!" "Well maybe we could put them on the market," The Professor suggested.

And that they did. Mikachu sold many Tamagotchi's to toy stores, street sales, and supermarkets. Pretty soon, every Tamagotchi that crash landed on Earth had a special caretaker.

"Well" The Professor said, "It seems that in about a year or so this Tamagotchi community will all be back to where it came from.

And sadly, it was. In one year all the Tamagotchi's were cared for and sent back to their home planet. When the Tamagotchi's returned home, they had no idea what to expect.

"Hey Ginji!" Mametchi shouted. "Look, everyone here is back as adults!" "I know," Ginjirotchi said. "How was your caretaker?" "Oh her name was Amy," Mametchi replied. "She was the sweetest thing ever!" "We played games the whole time!" "How was yours?" "Oh his name was Phill," Ginjirotchi replied. "He was really nice." "He always fed me when I was hungry and played games with me when I felt sad." "I see," Mametchi said. "Everyone is talking about their caretaker and how much they miss them." "I know," Ginjirotchi replied. "I miss Phill too." "But cheer up," Mametchi said with a smile. "In about a couple of Galactic Standard Years,(days) you will forget about this whole thing." " But I do know one thing," she said. "Next time we are going to take another trip again, count me out." "Me too," Ginjirotchi replied. "But out of the 3 planets we only got to see, I think Earth is now my favorite planet." "I am so glad we found it."

They both gave each other a great big hug when a voice that sounded familiar but not the same, called out to Ginjirotchi.

"Hey Ginji!"

It was his cousin. But when he turned around, he did not see Babitchi, he saw something much different.

"Oh my gosh!" Ginjirotchi gasped. "Wow," Mametchi said. "You're a... You're a..." "That's right," Ginjirotchi's cousin said. "My caretaker took good care of me, and I grew up to be just like my best cousin, a Ginjirotchi.


© Phillip Maxwell, July, 08, 2000

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