"I Am Only Tamagotchi"

Written By: Alex

Hi, I'm Arna. I am a tamagotchi but I live with a human. Here's how it started: me and my friend Aleia were dying to see the famous Rocking Tamas, the best tamagotchi band in history, or so we thought.

It all started when they were touring. They were coming to our town. OUR TOWN! Could you believe it? Aleia and me, well we were so excited, we'd bought tickets and everything.

In a few days the tour into our town was to begin. We put on party clothes and went down to the concert. The Rocking Tamas songs were so great, like Tamagotchi In A Bottle and I Am The Tamagotchi. Everyone was rocking and dancing and raving along.

All to soon, the concert was over. Some tamagotchi had backstage passes, but they cost extra and Aleia and me didn't have them.

After everyone had left we crept through the backstage door where The Rocking Tamas were. We were going to get their autographs but they were talking quietly so me and Aleia decided to listen.

"Hey man, get real. No one wants to be picked up." said Shiro-Babitchi, the drummer.

"Yeh, if humans see ya you're toast" said Marutchi, the backup vocalist.

"But I want to be a good tamagotchi. Ya all know that good tamagotchi go to humans" said Babitchi, the lead singer. "And I'm sick of all this Rocking Tamas business."

Me and Aleia gasped. Babitchi was our favourite Tama singer. And now he wanted to be picked up by a human. Humans could be torturers! But they could also be kind like some people (Kat).

We quickly ran away because we didn't want to get the Rocking Tamas autographs anymore. Both of us felt sick in the tummy. Aleia started to cry.

"Don't worry Aleia. Please don't cry, it makes me sad. I'm sure he didn't mean it. Well anyway we can stop him." I said.

"Oh Arna, are you sure?"

"Sure I'm sure. Don't worry, I'll stop him." And I set off back to find the Rocking Tamas and somehow stop Babitchi getting picked up by a human.

I went back backstage again. Babitchi walked out of the room and I flattened myself against the wall, in the shadows. Then I followed him down the road.

Suddenly I saw a big hand come out of the sky. It was a human!!!! Babitchi started to pray, obviously to be picked up. I tried to hide but the human saw me.

"Look at this one's colours. How nice, purple and pink. Jennifer will love it." said a deep, throaty voice and I was lifted off the ground.

Now as I sit in the little girl's room I think how I hate the Rocking Tamas. After all, it was them who got me in this trouble, but now I suppose it is not too bad. I get a lot of snacks and I am played with a lot and I am looked after well.

Do not cry for me. I am only tamagotchi.

© Copywrite Alex, October 13, 1999

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