"The Extra DigiMon Character"

Written By: Tamatchi

Kevin decided to buy two DigiMons. He bought a brown one and a red one. Bandai was making a new technology, and they accidentally got a few regular digi's to have some of that technology. He heard the technology had some weird effects, and he actually hoped he had a special DigiMon. He probably didn't. There were millions of them, perhaps even more!

He took different care of each of them. For the red one, he named it Fire, and took as good care of it as he could. For the brown one, Mud, he kept it at two hearts and left it in poop for 30 minutes before cleaning it. They both were cute in their little baby stages. They wouldn't be able to fight at that age. He really wanted to fight them. It was their third day, and they were still 1yr. It changes every 24 hours.

Suddenly, Fire grew. He grew into a little cute dino. That was the good stage. Mud didn't grow, and suddenly, he did, except it was a different sounding growth, and it took longer. Perhaps Mud wasn't the same? Suddenly, he grew into a strange thing. You could derscribe it as, well, brown. Was that the bad character? It wasn't on the chart. Suddenly, Mud's screen said, "I am a special Tamagotchi. You have taken care of me a certain way, so I grew into a different character." Suddenly, Kevin found out that this character was a "middle" character that could grow into more characters. It could grow into a UmiMon, which was a huge fish, or the best of all, the SecretMon.

Fire kept growing, the way a normal DigiMon does. He suddenly made it to his adult stage, GreyMon! Mud didn't grow. Not that day, at least. The next morning, Mud became a SecretMon! It had 232 attack. It won 28 out of 29 battles over the next five days, until Fire died! His SecretMon kept going, and going, until, on the 30th day, it grew into a BandaiMon. This thing had 240 attack. It lived until 87, but it had to die. Kevin didn't want another one of those, so he didn't use that monster, and bought a new one, but he still had that special Digi.

The End

© Tamatchi, September 28 1998

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