Tamagotchi Angel Instructions

"A flash of light, a brilliant starburst and instantly, an adorable little winged spirit appears. It's time to welcome your bouncing bundle into the world! Congratulations! You've just become the proud guardian of a Tamagotchi Angel. As a guardian, you have a very important task: to raise your Tamagotchi Angel well. Will your Tamagotchi Angel be sent back to its celestial home with a good spirit? Itís up to you to raise your Tamagotchi Angel with just the right measure of love and attention. If you're successful, your Tamagotchi Angel will fly home to be rewarded with its wings, if not, well... you can always try again!" - Bandai

Tamagotchi Angel was released February 1st in the US, while it was around Japan for a couple months before than. To see a Angelgotchi growth chart take a look at a image I got from Bandaiís page, it has the chart part way down. Or you want a more close up view? Take a look at this chart, it has the Japanese names.


Awaken your Tamagotchi Angel from its resting place by pulling the Halo Tab from the side of the casing.

Press the recessed Reset Button on the back of the casing by using a pointed object, like a ballpoint pen or a bent paper clip.
NOTE: Do not apply too much pressure on the reset button.

Now youíve signaled your Tamagotchi Angel to Earth!


Tamagotchi Angelís Timer needs to be adjusted to Earth Time.
NOTE: The buttons are identified by letters. From left to right: A (Select), B (Execute or Switch To Timer) & C (Cancel)
Press the B button to set the timer.
By pressing the A button, the hours will increase.
By pressing the B buttons, the minutes will increase.
Select the C button to lock in and set the time.
Return to the main screen by pressing the B button again.
After about 5 minutes, your Tamagotchi Angel will hatch!!

Ding, Ding! Success!

It will take about 5 minutes for your Tamagotchi Angel to descend from its flying craft. Then your Tamagotchi Angel will join you on Earth! The spirit is with you!

NOTE: During this period, you will only be able to access the Timer and Reset Button functions.
REMEMBER: Your Tamagotchi Angel will not come to Earth if you do not set the Timer.

When your Tamagotchi Angel arrives, it beeps to make sure youíre paying attention.


When Tamagotchi Angel starts beeping, please check the icons to see if its needs anything.
Press buttons...
"A" to scroll through the icons, "B" to select, "C" to cancel an icon!
When you need some help understanding what Tamagotchi Angel needs, check the Health Meter icon.
(To see how to take care of your Tamagotchi Angel, see "Health Meter" section.)

(Explanation of the icons)

When your Tamagotchi returns home, you will not be able to select any of the icons.
If you would like to cancel the icon that you have selected, press the C button. If you are not to the main screen, press the C button again.


Scroll through the icons with Button A and select the Health Meter icon with Button B to see the current status of your Tamagotchi Angel. Press the A or B buttons to check Age & Angel Power, Good Deeds Meter, Hunger Factor and Happiness Factor. [Note: I noticed that even when the instructions call it 'happiness factor' on the actual Tama Angel it says "Effort" instead of Happiness... wonder why that is? -Kat]

Age & Angel Power: Reveals Tamagotchi Angelís relative age (One day of our time is one year to Tamagotchi Angel) and Angel Power. Feed Tamagotchi Angel pie and candy to increase its power. Be careful not to feed Tamagotchi Angel too much, though.

Good Deed Meter: Remember to let Tamagotchi Angel know you appreciate itís good deeds. A filled meter means youíre a good care taker. An empty Meter means you need to pay more attention to your Tamagotchi Angel.

Hunger Factor: Hearts that are not darkened (Empty Hearts) mean Tamagotchi Angel wants to eat more pie and candy. If all hearts are full, Tamagotchi Angel will shake its head to tell you "e;No more!"e;

Happiness Factor: Empty hearts mean Tamagotchi Angel wants to play and win more games. Filled hearts means its content.


Press Buttons A repeatedly until you have highlighted the feeding icon.

Press Button B to see the choice of Pie and Candy

Press button A to toggle between the choice of Pie and Candy

Press button B to feed your Tamagotchi Angel. Yum! WATCH OUT! Beware of the bat that descends to steal Tamagotchi Angelís candy. Itís up to you to protect the candy by gently tapping on the screen to scare it away. If you donít scare the bat away, it will steal Tamagotchi Angelís candy and make your angel sad.

NOTE: Donít give your Tamagotchi too much candy or it will get sick.


Press button A repeatedly until you have highlighted the Play Time icon.

Press Buttons B to start the Shooting Stars Game.

Press button A to make Tamagotchi Angel fly over the shooting star.

Press button C to end the game.

NOTE: If Tamagotchi Angel jumps over all 5 stars, it gets 2 points on its Happiness Meter. If it jumps over 3 stars, it wins 1 point.


If your Tamagotchi Angel makes an angelic mess, scroll though the icons by pressing A to the bathroom icon and press B.


Sometimes Tamagotchi Angel beeps at you just for attention, be sure to praise it. The attention icon will appear.

Press button A repeatedly until you have highlighted the Praise icon.

Press button B to set Tamagotchi Angel know that you appreciate its good deed.


Press button A repeatedly until you have highlighted the Medicine icon.

Press button B to administer the medicine.

If Tamagotchi Angel is still sick after the first dose of medicine, press Button B again to administer another dose.

NOTE: Tamagotchi Angel will not like the medication very much, but itís the only way to make it feel better.


Press button A repeatedly until you have highlighted the light icon.

Press button B to access the light on/off screen.

Press button A to toggle between Light on And Light Off.

Press button B to apply the selected light setting.

Press button C to return to the Main Screen.

NOTE: Remember to always turn off the light when Tamagotchi Angel goes to bed at night or is napping. This ensures a peaceful sleep, which makes Tamagotchi Angel very happy in the morning!


When your Tamagotchi Angel wants attention, make sure that you give it attention while the attention icon is highlighted.


Occasionaly, your Tamagotchi Angel will need to take a stroll and it will disappear from your screen [on the Japanese version a door will appear -Kat]. But donít be alarmed, by selecting the B button when the Praise icon is lit and then gently tapping your screen, your Tamagotchi Angel will reappear!


When Tamagotchi Angel completes its work on Earth, it will return to its Celestial Virtual Home. When your Tamagotchi Angel completes its journey, a new Tamagotchi Angel can be called. If youíd like to raise another Tamagotchi Angel, simply follow this sequence:

Press the A and C buttons simultaneously or

Press the recessed Reset Button on the back of the casing by using a pointed object, like a ballpoint pen or a bent paper clip.
NOTE: Do not apply too much pressure on the Reset Button.

Reset the Timer, as described in the Setting The Timer instruction area.

Now you are ready to raise your next Tamagotchi Angel!

A new Tamagotchi Angel will descend to Earth in about 5 minutes!


(To reset, see "Setting The Timer" section.)

REMEMBER: Do not press the reset button too hard with a sharp object.
Do not press the reset button other then the times indicated above. (It is extremely sensitive.)


When the main screen is visible, and there are no icons lit, press the B button and bring up the timer screen. Press B again to return to the main screen.


When you are at the main screen, press the A and C buttons simultaneously, then you will hear a beep to confirm the sound is off. Press the same buttons again to turn the sound back on.

Press the B button to show the timer. Then press the A and C buttons at the same time to see the timer reset screen. Please see "Setting The Timer" section to restart the timer.

The timer canít be reset if your Tamagotchi Angel has gone back home.


Replace the batteries if the screen becomes dim or weak.

  1. Loosen and remove the two battery cover screws.
  2. Remove the battery cover and the batteries.
  3. Insert 2 new LR44 batteries. make sure to match the positive (+) and negative (-) signs properly.
    NOTE: Be sure to use both new batteries, do not mix old and new batteries. Do not mix alkaline, standard or rechargeable batteries. Dispose of used batteries properly.
  4. Replace the battery cover and tighten the screws into place.
  5. Press the reset switch on the back of the toy with a pointed object.
  6. Reset the Timer and a new Tamagotchi Angel will hatch in about 5 minutes!
CAUTION: Battery may be harmful if swallowed.


When you need to be away from your Tamagotchi Angel for an extended period or time, it is possible to suspend the angel-life cycle.

  1. Press Button "B" to bring up the timer.
  2. Press Buttons "A" and "C" at the same time. The word "SET" will appear. When Tamagotchi Angel is on the "SET" function, the life cycle is paused.
  3. Reset the timer to the correct time to resume play.
  4. Press Button "C" to return to the normal life cycle.

TM & © 1997 Bandai Co., Ltd. TAMAGOTCHI, TAMAGOTCHI ANGEL and all related logos, names and likenesses herein are the exclusive property of Bandai Co., Ltd. and Bandai America Incorporated. All rights reserved. Visit Tamagotchi Angel and Tamagotchi on the World Wide Web at:
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The above was typed out straight from BanDai's own instruction booklet. My notes are in [brackets]. Some of the sections might be a _little_ out of order. I kinda biffed it while typing it. :)

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