What are some good places to buy Tamagotchi and other Virtual Pets?

There are many places around the net that you can buy Tamagotchi and variations of Tamagotchi. Unfortunately most of them will cost you entire years worth of paychecks ;)

There are some good places on the Internet I'd recommend to buy Tamagotchi, because they usually have fair prices. The first place is Ebay. This is the best online auction web I've found. All you do is search for the keyword Tamagotchi and you'll usually find more than 30 different auctions with pretty decent prices for Tamagotchi and Tamagotchi accessories. Keep checking back often, they sometimes have sellers selling Japanese Tamagotchi here. All types of Tamagotchi are sold here, including Ocean, Moreno, etc. These days US Tama's go for pretty cheap, so you might want to look!

You might want to check out Auction Rover, they cover many auction sites with just one click!

A good store on-line I recently found to buy Tama's (Japanese version) at decent prices is the Goods Market Place. They have many Japanese items and at good prices, not only Tamagotchi but other popular Japanese virtual pets. They often don't update their website, so drop them an email telling them what you want to buy and maybe they will have what you seek?! Check 'em out!

The other place online I'd recommend is one of the few 'stores' online that actually has good prices. I met Jason through Ebay auctions. I find him to be most fair and very easy to deal with. Not to mention he has such a variety of items! For all interested, this is the person I get my Japanese Tamagotch from. Click on the banner below:

For IRL stores, Toys 'R Us, Wal*Mart, K-Mart, Fred Myer, Electronics Boutique, Target, Kay Bee Toys, in fact just about anywhere you can find Tama's. Since Tama's are so rare, check out toy liquidators and flea markets and other such places as well. You never do know where they might turn up.

If you are looking for the US version Tamagotchi Angel, the only place I know of that ever sold them was Target stores. But like I said, nowadays you have no idea where they might turn up!

When I buy Tama's, the above places are where I go. Mesu, Osu, Morino, etc all of them I bought from one of the places above. Please do not email me regarding where to buy Tamagotchi, as I will just tell you to go read this page for it is all the information I have! I do not know of any other places to buy Japanese Tama's, except in Japan and the places I have discussed above.

Last updated: October 13th, 1998
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