What exactly is a Forestgotchi/Garden Tamagotchi/Mori No Tamagotchi?

Go to my Morino Tamagotchi page for information and logs!

Tamagotchi Garden is rumored to be able to talk. This is *unverafied*. Morino Tamagotch, the Japanese version does not talk.

Tamagotchi Garden is going to be released in the US in the summer this year of 1998. Bandai does speak of a sensor of some sort in the add. This new version of Tamagotchi has already been released in Japan as of February 20th, at least that's when I first found out. I am a high bidder to buy one of these new Tama's! It is called Mori No Tamagotchi. So I may have one sooner than I think. More information to come!

Unfortunately that rumor has been proven wrong. They do not talk, but yes they do have a motion censor, you have to scare away predators that try and attack your critter.

You can raise either a beetle, or raise young ones to reach adult hood and be like a regular Tama, where you don't know what it'll be when it's older.

I own a Japanese Morino Tamagotch, but I have yet to start it up. When I do, the results will be posted here as well as on another page.

I have a web page and logs dedicated to Morino Tamagotch, the Japanese version, go here for more information!

Here are a couple of images of Tamagotchi Garden:
This image has been circulating the net for several months.
This is one of the images released by Bandai. Go to Bandai's home page for more images and upcoming information!

I do, however have information about the characters of Forestgotchi. This is from "Juniper". She's quite awesome I might say. Here is what Juniper says:

Stage 1: Yo-chu-chi ("Baby Bug")

Baby-mo-chi: A very small Forest Tam, he lives anywhere in the ground so long as it's _not_ under a willow tree. He eats mainly leaves, and other things with similar nutrients. It's rumored that the swaying and rustling of the Willow leaves and branches makes him think of ghosts, and scares him, but no-one know if this is true.

Imochi ("Potato bug/Potato grub"): About the size of an Earth caterpillar or grub. Lives in cabbage fields. He loves to eat cabbage rinds (or whatever you call that hard part in the middle). His dream is to someday eat a piece of cabbage with a _lot_ of mayonnaise on it.

Stage 3: Seichu-chi ("Adult bug")

Koganechi ("Coin-beetle"): S/he has a shiny, iridescent body, which is rumored to be about the size of a 500-yen coin (um... about an inch or more across). Can be found around Mount Akagi and sometimes the flashier areas in town. It's believed to get its nutrients either from money, or something stuck on money. It's rumored to know the burial place of the Treasure of the Great Tokugawa Shogunate. Tento-chi (Lady bug): Lives in safflower meadows. Makes a living by exchanging Safflower oil to the Koganechi. It has charming polka dot stars shining on its back, but they can't be seen, even using the magnifying glass.

Chobi-tamachi ("Little Round bug"): Chiefly lives in the lower branches of trees, and spends its life time going back and forth over thin branches. It uses certain flower pollens as make-up, and gathers various flower extracts to make beautifying lotions with, so it is suspected that it is a make-up maniac.

Minochi (Caddis fly larvae): It's always covered in a cloak of twigs and leaves, and lives on many-branched trees. It is the most fashion-conscious of the Mushichi (Tamagotchi bugs) and changes at least 5 times per day!

Mushibachi (lit. "Insect (infested) tooth", ie. Cavity): His normal habitat is inside a Tamagotchi's mouth, but out of an increasing sense of racial guilt about the fact that he was a Cavity Bug, he moved out of Tam Mouths and spends his time in the natural world. His mighty spear makes him quite popular among those of the opposite sex. [no comment]

Gejichi ("centipede/millipede/icky thing with many legs, often spiny"): Often seen below trees with spiny or thorny flowers. The spiny hairs covering his body not only protect him, but also allow him to rub against the asphalt while running around, thus cleaning the streets.

Fun-koro-gachi (lit. "roller of dung", Dung beetle). He has a round body and often lives in farms and fields. He lives on poop with special nutrients in it. His hobbies include playing with his own poop by rolling it around.

Seichu-chi type two: Mizutama (ie. Polka dot) egg.

Kabutochi (lit. "Japanese traditional battle helmet-beetle", Rhinocerous Beetle): Although it resembles the Rhinocerous Beetles of Earth, it can be told apart by the fact that it stands on its two hind legs when active. It is incredibly prideful and vain, and because status is decided in his culture by body size, he spends all of his time body-building and making himself bigger.

Note that these "character descriptions", besides being cute, also (usually) provide some small clue as to how to get them, or what they eat.

That is all that is known, other then hatching one, I can't tell you more, when I do, I will!

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