What exactly is a Oceangotchi/Ocean Tamagotchi?

"The Tamagotchi Ocean is appoximately 3,720,00 kilometers deep. It is on the world of Tamagotchi. It seems that the Tamagotchi Ocean does not contain salt water but juice and Tamagotchi soda water. The Tamagotchi Ocean floor is like the planet and has beautiful scenery. They have great surfing in the Tamagotchi Ocean. The main staple is Pickles. I have no idea why! In the Tamagotchi Ocean, there are Bugs Island, Summer Winter Island, and Lazy Island." - Bandai

Tamagotchi Ocean is rumored to have a sensor in it where you have to put it in water for a certain amount of time per day. This is *False*.

Tamagotchi Ocean has been released, showing up in areas around the country aroune August 5th, 1998. There is a sound sensor for scaring away unwanted visitors. This new version of Tamagotchi has already been released in Japan as of February 20th, at least that's when I first found out.

Juniper from the Tama list has this to say:

From looking at the BanDai sales sheet for Oceans, I have discovered that they _do_ have touch sensors (to scare off the "polar bear" and "octopus"), that they eat Oden and Ice-cream, and that they have a water-quality meter that fills up with skulls, and must be periodically cleaned. There is also mention of poop "clinging on to the Sakana-chi (Ocean Tamagochi)'s behind like goldfish poop." For some reason, there are many Japanese idioms and phrases surrounding goldfish poop and its supposed tendency to cling to its creator; a sycophant or someone who follows around someone slavishly/obsequiously is called a "goldfish poop".

Go Here for much more information on Ocean!

Last updated: October 18th, 2006
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