What exactly is Osutchi/Mesutchi?

Osutchi and Mesutchi are mateable Tamagotchi that is only released in Japan. You raise two Tama's and if they are compatible, you mate them and they have children. I'm told you can do this for many generations.

I would write more information, but my Osutchi/Mesutchi have yet to arrive in the mail yet. More information coming soon!

Until then visit my Rated Tama links Page, there are a few pages out there that talk about Osutchi & Mesutchi.

Update 6/10/98: I recieved one of two pairs of Osutchi & Mesutchi! I got my Clear/Smoke pair, the White & Green/White & Orange is still on the way (ugh). I shall be making a page in the future about this uniqute mateable Tama's. Keep coming back, it shall be up no later then mid July!

I have a page dedicated to these Tama's and several logs! Go here for more info!

Last updated: August 30th, 1998
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