What exactly is a Angelgotchi/Tamagotchi Angel?

"A flash of light, a brilliant starburst and instantly, an adorable little winged spirit appears. It's time to welcome your bouncing bundle into the world! Congratulations! You've just become the proud guardian of a Tamagotchi Angel. As a guardian, you have a very important task: to raise your Tamagotchi Angel well. Will your Tamagotchi Angel be sent back to its celestial home with a good spirit? Itís up to you to raise your Tamagotchi Angel with just the right measure of love and attention. If you're successful, your Tamagotchi Angel will fly home to be rewarded with its wings, if not, well... you can always try again!" - Bandai

Tamagotchi Angel was released February 1st in the US, while it was around Japan for a couple months before than. To see a Angelgotchi growth chart take a look at a image I got from bandai's page, it has the chart part way down. Or you want a more close up view? Take a look at this chart, it has the Japanese names.

Want a more detailed page on Angelgotchi and information on how to get each of the characters? Then check out my newest section dedicated entirely to Angelgotchi.

Angelgotchi is very much like Tamagotchi. There are a few differences of course. When you raise the angel it will also go through the one hour of demand. It will start as a spirit. During this time it will be very demanding. This is expected of course. There is no longer weight. What is in place of weight is now Angel Power. This determines what character you get, at least one of the major determinations. Keep this meter high to get the best character by feeding it candy. Now when you feed it candy, about one out of every ten times you feed it candy a bat will come along. At this time you have about 4 seconds to shout at it to go away, or tap the side of the egg to scare it away.

Unfortunately this awesome sound/motion sensor is only used for one more thing. That is when your angel goes for a stroll. You will look at your screen and it will be blank, with only the attention light on. At this point you are to move to the praise icon (5th one) and praise it, than yell or tap the egg for the character to return. If you watch it will be doing some action when it comes back. The Kodoten (best young adult, before adult) comes back weight lifting. Very cute! Each character does it's own thing.

When you raise your Angel you have no choice but to play the game. There is no easy way to make it happy. The game is a "shooting stars game". Where stars come from the right side of the screen at you and you are to push either the first or middle button and time it just right so you jump over the stars. 3 v 2 or more of course is the goal. Another cool thing is if you win the game 5 v 0 you will fill 2 empty hearts instead of just one.

Until it has reached its adult age angel Tamagotchi will not call for your attention when it prays. You must catch it. When it prays the screen will have sparkles and the character will be doing something it doesn't normally do. All you do is hit the praise icon. Keep watching though, because right after it will poop. Than you must clean up after your little angel. You will notice that the Deeds meter went up when you praised it. If your praise it without it wanting praise it will show being happy, but will lose one happy heart and the deeds meter will not go up. When it is an adult the attention sound will be heard when it wishes to be praised, making it much easier to catch.

You might note that unlike DigiMon, Angelgotchi has the pause feature. So when that angel get demanding, just go to the clock screen. Now press the far right button and the far left button at the same time. If you did this right the clock will stop and will now say "SET" on the bottom right. This is a way to set the clock, but also a way to pause. If you need a time away from caretaking this is the best option. When you are ready to care for your little angel once again, simply set the clock to the correct time and press the far right button once. The clock will start and you can hit the middle button and go back to caring for your Angel.

Eventually your angel will decide it is time to leave to it's celestial home to get it's wings, but no worry, because you can always restart it by pushing the outside buttons at the same time or by gently pressing the button on the back of the Tama to restart.

To see a couple of pics take a look at this image that came out on the net before the release of Angelgotch in Japan. I have a couple of scans in my Tama images section of my page as well.

Other Info of interest: There are a total of 15 TamaAngel characters, 6 of which are secret characters. Futagotenshi (from Kuriten) is easy to get.

Second easy one to get is Otonoten (from Oyajitenshi). He is the most unhealthy of them all, never give any candy (thus AP stays at 0), fill the hearts only 2 or 3 full, instead of all 4.. before ya know it you got Oyajitenshi, then keep giving bad care but keep the AP at 10 or 20 and he should change into Otonoten.

The most hard to get (to me) is Sabotenshi (Smiling Angel on US Tama's) which changes into Lucky Unchi Kun. First you have to get Pukuten. To get Pukuten you have to get the 'unhealthy' teenage character, Takoten. Then from there keep the AP 20 or 30 and take pretty good care. Once you get Pukuten let the AP fall, if you keep the AP high you will get the twins instead of the middle secret character. I have not had the sabotenshi or lucky unchikun. I am told by taking bad care of pukuten you will get them though. I made the mistake of keeping the AP high and got Futagotenshi instead.

Then there are 2 other 'secret characters', one of which isn't listed on my chart. When you get lucky unchikun from sabotenshi you can't play wiht it, feed it.. etc. The beleif is as long as you keep it on your TamaAngel screen you get good luck from it (hitting the middle button will make it go home). It is rumored that you can get another lucky unchikun from the Obaketchi 2. Instead of it ever going out of the baby stage it continues to live on for 6 to 7 days then becomes lucky unchikun that you can play with, feed, etc.

The other 'secret character' is Debirutchi, a 'devil' character. I don't know anyone who has had it, but apparently this comes from REALLY REALLY horrible care of a Tama.

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