What exactly is a DigiMon?

"DigiMon is the unique Digital Monster from cyberspace. Accessed from the Megalithic Mainframe, DigiMon come to you to be hatched, raised and trained for the ultimate monster match -- a cyber showdown between one DigiMon and another. With the exclusive Dock 'n Rock action, you link up your DigiMon with your friend's DigiMon -- only one will win! Who will reign victorious? It depends on how well you raised and trained your DigiMon. Feed him well; train him thoroughly. For when the time comes for DigiMon to return to the Megalithic Mainframe, his ultimate honor is to be the strongest!" - Bandai

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Bandai released the Digital Monster in Japan in June, 1997. On December 5, 1997, DigiMon was released in the US.

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The story is simply this; Digital Monsters were first discovered as computer viruses in the Monolithic Mainframe that kept sucking up data and bugs. Over time, they kept getting smaller and smaller until they became what we see here today.

DigiMon and Tamagotchi are very similar. You pull out the tab, five minutes later the egg hatches and you have a little Botamon or Punimon to care for. It's the same as Tamagotchi when you hatch it, very demanding for that first hour or so. Soon it will become KoroMon or TsunoMon.

How well you raise and train a DigiMon determines how well of a fighter you get. Take a look at this image, the top one of course is the best. DigiMon Generation 1 Chart. Sorry to say, but I haven't got my hands on a generation two chart yet.

After it changes into KoroMon or TsunoMon he will become less demanding and easier to care for. Your caretaking during the next 5 days will determine what adult character you get. DigiMons change faster than Tamagotchi, and by day 3 you will be able to use the Dock 'n Rock feature.

When you have a AguMon or GabuMon (the character after KoroMon stage), you will notice that the Energy scale is full. You don't need to discipline to fill that meter. The DigiMon only needs sleep to fill that and to be of the right age. This also means you can hook up your DigiMon with a second DigiMon (if old enough) and fight them. You simply hold the tops together so that the connections are even, than press the top button until you get to the fourth icon over. Press the middle button on both DigiMons and the word "Battle" will appear on the screen. Press the middle button again and if the connection is right, they characters will appear on the screen and ready for battle. When the word "OK!" comes on your screen you no longer have to hold the two DigiMon's together. They will fight on their own. The battle will last about one minute. You have no control over who wins and who loses the match. The winner is determined on how well the character was raised and what character it is.

That is the basic difference between Tamagotchi and DigiMon. Now I could recreate a good web page right here and try to make things as well as one other. But since I believe that one person out there has the ultimate DigiMon page with all the information you need, I will just direct you in Gordan Kane's direction. Gordan has *the* ultimate DigiMon page. By far I have never seen a page as wonderful as his regarding DigiMon. So you'd be best off to get the best detailed and most accurate information from Gordan Kane's Bandai Digital Monster Page

BTW, the thing I like least about DigiMon is you cannot pause it. The only successful way I have done pausing is pausing while sleeping, than waking it up when I'm ready for it to be off pause. Otherwise your basically stuck. ;)

Another thing you should know about DigiMon is it is easy to overfeed. It won't stop eating meals until 10 lbs later after the hearts have been filled. I've found that over feeding than working off the weight effects the character in a negative way. But that's just my finding.

Another thing you might want to know is you can wake you DigiMon up at any hour. Simply turn on the lights and hit feed or play. Your DigiMon will stay up until the next hour and than go to bed on the hour. This will be convenient for those that go to bed with poop or the owner wants to fill some hearts that they forgot about.

I got my DigiMon to age 66, a Metal GreyMon, I don't know anyone else with that record. Until age 25 he was very easy to care for, then he got suddenly very needy. The difference is, he only wanted food, constantly. He rarely emptied any strength hearts at all. But I had to keep playing with him to keep him down at his minimum of 40 lbs, so I could keep him healthy. Even though I am not the fondest of DigiMon.. I really really liked this guy.

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