What is the difference between a Japanese P2/Gen2 and a American P2/Gen2?

Japanese Gen2/P2 vs. American Gen2/P2

Question Japanese P2 Answer American P2 Answer
How many P2 Series are there?
Two Japanese versions
One US version
What do the eggs look like?
Series One:
Series Two:
What about Tamagotchi food?
They eat rice? or fish? or a peice of cake. Food screen has the words "Meal" and "Snack" in Japanese when selecting.
They eat hamburger or a peice of cake. Food selection shows the actual food on the screen.
Any different icons?
Has a needle for the medication icon.
Has a spoon and bottle for medication icon.
What about Status?
All words, year, and weight is written in Japanese.
All words, year, and weight is written in English.
What are the Secret Characters?
Series One: Sekitoritchi

Series Two: Charitchi

Which adult characters are different?
Series One: Pochitchi

Series Two: Nyatchi
What secret character comes from what adult character?
Series One:
Sekitoritchi comes from Zukitchi.

Series Two:
Charitchi comes from Zukitchi.
Zatchi comes from Zukitchi.
When my Tamagotchi has died or gone home what will be displayed last on the screen?

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