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Written separately from my Tama Logs, this, my second log, log covers my experience from day to day I experienced from hatch to death of my Morino (Forest, Garden) Tamagotch. The Tama it self came from Japan and I read no Japanese so I took advice from what I have read on web pages and on the Tama List and hatched him on May 1st for the second time.. Note: It might be good to read Morino Tamagotchi Information before you read this page, unless you have a Morino Tama and know what I'm talking about! :) Oh, and please, don't steal my images and if you do, don't link directly to my server and at least give me credit. I made all of the images you will find on this page...

April 1, Friday: Sadly I reset my Morino today at 12N and hatched a polka dot egg, this time around. I have no clue really what happens with this egg really. I made an animation, but I think it's a little off, but not by much.

Polka Dot Egg
Polka Dot Egg

When my Mori hatched he immediately became Imotchi, there was no baby stage.


And of course, there was no hour of constant care stage. He was all empty, but I simply had to fill all his leaves and he was happy for a long time before he needed anything at all. He got attacked once today at 3pm, by the frog, but that was fastly scared away. He's soo cute in this stage! :) He gets soo scared when the frog comes, it's so sad, yet so cute!

He went to bed tonight all happy and full. 0 years, 10 mg. He's so cute :}

Sleepin Imotchi

May 2, Saturday: Well he got up late, because I did. It was kinda a quiet day. He got attacked twice by the little frog and played average of 14 games or so, not a whole lot really. Very silent.

I did notice that I can fill 2 hearts if I win 3 out of 4 chances in the game, I think that's just really cool. The game you can't really choose to win, if you do it's pretty much by luck, I havenít found a real pattern yet, but I'm looking for one! You'll know if I do!

He went to bed tonight at 8pm at 1 year, 10mg and only one empty leaf in hungry, otherwise perfect! :)

May 5th, Tuesday: Lack of logs has had to do with lack of much to tell. This time around I am only feeding leaves until the Tama becomes an adult. I have no clue if that will effect it or not. Last time I fed about an equal amount of leaves and the other choice. I have no clue if this will have any outcome effects on its adult stage

He has been his regular self, getting attacked usually 2 times a day, while playing around the same number of games, 14 or so, same with meals. Very easy to care for, not a lot involved at all.

He went to bed tonight again at 8pm. He has one empty leaf in both hunger and happiness (he always does that a minute before he goes to sleep! :P) and he weighs 10mg and is 4 years old. 4 years... must mean he is getting close to being at a age where he will get in a cocoon. He will do that probably on the 6th day, I am guessing, but I am not sure :)

May 6th, Wednesday: Only 15 mins after he woke up he went straight into a cocoon! He didnít even get sick the day before!

In a Cocoon
Mori Cocoon
Status: Hot or Cold
Status hot or cold

I have been keeping it between the middle and 3rd line to the right (hot) side. I hope he makes it through this stage. I am going to do as I have been told I should do, and go to bed with him in this stage. But I will wake up now and again in the night to check on the temp, I don't want him dying because I have to sleep :P Got a feeling it will be a restless night sleep tonight, thatís one reason I am starting early! Hopefully I will have some success with this, and hopefully, he will be okay. I'll tell all tomorrow! For he should change in 24 hours! :)

May 7th, Thursday: Well, last night was kinda restless, considering I've been sick lately. But I was also up at least 4 times checking Morino to make sure he was at an okay temp. He never got too hot or too cold, in fact it stayed between the middle and 3/4th the way on the hot side. So, really, it didn't go that bad at all. Just worried about him all night and dreamt about worrying about him too :)

Well exactly 24 hours later at 8:08am this morning I was looking him and looking right at the screen when the cool changing music played and the screen checkered out in a pretty cool pattern. Soon after I found I got this guy, Kabutotchi:


Kabutotchi (lit. "Japanese traditional battle helmet-beetle", Rhinocerous Beetle), although it resembles the Rhinocerous Beetles of Earth, it can be told apart by the fact that it stands on its two hind legs when active. It is incredibly prideful and vain, and because status is decided in his culture by body size, he spends all of his time body-building and making himself bigger.

I've made today a interesting observation day. And boy has it been interesting. Where do I start..? Okay, when he changed I checked status and found everything was full (defeating rumors that right after cocoon stage all leaves are empty). He is 5 years old and 80mg, and that is his minimum. I also found a whole new screen added to status... it is length I believe. When he first changed he was 30.0mm. At 10:48am I found he had grown more and it soon read 30.5mm. The next time I noticed a change in length was at 12:35pm, he had changed to 30.8mm. Length is not related to food amounts eaten or anything like that, I tested that. Seems length is related to time alive, that is what I am guessing right now. I noticed another change at 4:47pm today to 32.8mm. And finally before he went to bed I found his meter to read 33.3mm. My only disappointment about this is he doesn't seem to change shape on the screen. But then again, he may in the future, I don't know.

Kabuto Length

He pooped at the following times: 9:35am, 1:19pm, 4:19pm, 7:19pm. Now, no real pattern, but those last 3 times were separated by the same amount of hours. Very odd, that's the first pattern I've ever found in Morino Tama poop schedules. Ban Dai made Morino Tama very realistic, no real schedule, up until today I never noticed any. We shall see tomorrow...

Next I must note that food is quite different then I've ever seen. Now with the White Egg I hatched in morino log one, the food screen only had 2 or 3 choices and the choice farthest to the right changed 3 times a day, to me representing breakfast, lunch and dinner. Polka dot egg is not like this.

I'll tell ya the schedule he had today, then I'll explain: Meatball like thing, Sucker, Leaf, Ball?, Candy, Ball, Leaf, Leaf, Cake, Ball, Sucker, Leaf, Ball, Leaf.

Leaf, Ball,
Poop, Sucker
Kabuto food 1
Leaf, Ball,
Poop, Cake
Kabuto Food 2
Leaf, Ball,
Poop, Candy
Kabuto Food 3

Now, I really don't _know_ what that 'ball' thing is. It's not even pictured in my Morino instruction booklet. I don't know what the cake is either, it looks like a layered cake though. It, however, is in my instruction booklet, so maybe I'll be able to get that translated sometime.

Now you might note that not once today did I feed my Morino poop when he was hungry. Reason: He _refused_ to eat it. I have no clue why, except that it's disgusting, he won't eat it and not once did he. I wonder if there will ever be a time where he does eat the poop? It's got to be up there on the menu for some reason.

There is more to this! A lot more it seems. I have noticed something I had not noticed before. First thing is first. The last item on the menu, the one on the far right, never is the same. And this is interesting. It seems it does change 3 or 4 times in the day, at set times. But here is the thing: that food not only works to fill the hunger meter, but it fills the happy meter as well. It works like a meal and a snack together, like on regular Tamagotchi, at the same time in one food. It also makes him gain 2mg's instead of 1mg. But! You only have one chance. It's like it gives you once chance within a certain period of time to use food, instead of playing the game, to make him happy. Now it might be this way for the White Egg as in my other log, but I didn't notice it... I'll check it next time. But with that one chance, what happens is when you use it, if you go and look at the food screen after, the fourth meal choice is no longer there. Most of the time a 'new' choice four will come back after 1 or two more feedings; 1 or 2 times more after the hunger leaves empty. Interesting, yet I like it. A chance to get a break from the game, without abusing the choice, very nice BanDai!

That will explain to you why I only played 10 games today, and not a equal number of 14, the amount of times I fed Kabutatchi. I fed him 4 of the 'snack' on the far right side, which took care of the need to play the game, 4 times. I had to make sure I was right about it, don't need to start any rumors :P

Today he didn't _once_ get attacked by an intruder or predator. Not even once. I expected to see something sometime today.. but no one approached him. I wonder if he will get attacked by the frog or the human boot... or something new this time?

While I did my ultimate best to keep track of his habits, tomorrow again, I work and this is the hardest work week of the month as always. So I _hope_ to get a perfect written schedule of him tomorrow. But I make no promises :) I haven't even seen this cutie go poop yet, but if I do and if I can remember it well enough, I'll try for another animated gif, but I make no promises. Kabutotchi and I bid the fare well..

Kabuto Sleep

May 10th, Sunday: Lack of logs = not a lot happening. I haven't been able to keep a direct track of his schedule because I have been doing other things.

I might add that the second food the 'ball' also fills both hunger and happiness. Except one thing, it only gains 1mg and the ball is always there after he eats it. I've been trying to feed him mostly leaves though and play with him. I figure it's healthier. When he was younger I only fed him leaves. I don't know if it had any effect or not.

I kinda thought he'd get attacked every once in a while, but he hasn't gotten attacked once since his change into adult hood! Wonder why that is? Maybe it won't happen until later? I guess I'll find out soon enough.

He's been relatively silent though. Right now he is 80mg, 8 years old and 38.1mm long! I haven't caught him pooping entirely yet, soo.. I'm yet to decide if I can make an animation of it yet..

May 13th, Wednesday: Due to work, I haven't been able to keep perfect track of times on Morino, but not a lot has changed anyway. He hasn't really changed in his neediness level, he's acting just like he did when I first hatched him. Really easy to care for. Cept the only difference now, is the last 2 days he has had predator attacks, all from 'human' predators, none have been from the frog. He's only gotten attacked once and at the most twice a day. Most of the attacks occur in the evening and afternoon hours, none in the morning.

On May 11th I woke up to find him sick. Which was so weird, he has never gotten sick in the entire time, until now. He had no reason to be sick, so.. it was just one of those ordinary sicknesses? He was 9 at the time.

Today he is 11 years old, 88mg (I'm working that off right now..), his minimum is 80mg, and he's still 38.1mm. I wonder when he got sick it was a sign that he is done growing? He never got attacked until after he got sick that day. Or will he grow in small spurts a little at time? How the growth process slowed down or stopped completely? From the last few days it seems it has stopped. But who knows.

May 14th, Thursday: Well as of the last 24 hours I have noticed a change in need and demand of attention to my Mori. He empties leaves faster then he did a few days ago, especially in Hunger. Often at work I catch him with 3 empty in hunger and only 1 empty in Happiness. To keep up with this I play with him extra to keep his weight down between 80 and 85mg.

I also noticed an increase of predator attacks. Yesterday he got attacked 3 times and today he did as well, and the day is yet over. I have a funny feeling this may increase with time. He's only 12 years! He hasn't grown an mm for several days, and the demand has increased for attention.. this can only mean I'm nearing my last week with him, I suppose. It surprises me that he might die so young, or maybe he will be like DigiMon, get needy, but live on for a long long long time? I'm not sure about anything with this Tama. I was hoping that with length he'd change shape and looks on the actual screen, but he didn't, the only way I've known he grew is by checking status. I am finding I enjoyed raising the 'white' egg more then this 'polka dot' egg. But.. I may say that too early, who knows what is to come?

May 15th, Friday: Well, not a whole lot is to come after all. This morning at 9:25am I heard short fast beeps coming from my Mori, he was in the middle of the screen, face kinda scrunched up, not really sad, not really happy, couldnít even tell. Then this was displayed on the screen:

Morino Death

And then he was gone. There wasn't anything to the death more then that. Had no egg laying or anything like that. He was just simply.. gone. He was 13 years old, 38.1mm, 83mg and I'm sure he was all full when he departed.

From now on my Morino information will be written and displayed on my Tama Logs page with the rest of my Tama status and information. These two Morino Log pages will remain up in memory of my first two Mori's. Even though the logs will be combined I will still make animated images for each adult, as it seems there are none available on the web and no one will know what I'm talking about unless they have a Mori! :) I will keep updating the main Morino page as I figure out new things and find new images.

Side note: I got told by "Klayman" in e-mail that the food I kept referring to as a 'ball' is a Melon! Thanks for clearning that up!

July 30th, Update: 5 Morino Tama's later... finally on my 6th hatching I got something differant. I finally got what someone told me was the best character, but it's not at the top of the chart, so somehow I doubt that. His name is Minotchi. I got him by changing the tempurature every 15 minutes for the entire 24 hours, pausing overnight. Unfortunitly in the last 3 hours the temp slipped over into the hot side, I don't know how that happened, but it did. I have two discriptions of him that people emailed me the first is (I don't recall whom this was from, I'm sorry ):

Minochi (Caddis fly larvae): It's always covered in a cloak of twigs and leaves, and lives on many-branched trees. It is the most fashion-conscious of the Mushichi (Tamagotchi bugs) and changes at least 5 times per day!

The second is from Takotchi, from the Tama List:

He is a minotchi, the best character. Thats why you can get him two different ways. He isn't in a cacoon, he looks like the earth caddisflies. He takes silk and twigs and wraps himself up in them to make a little house. To eat, he slides out. Otherwise, he usually hangs around. Literally.

I figured I should actualy update this page so maybe this will be a string of new characters for me to come! :) I made an animation of this character below. When he comes out of his home to eat, he looks like a worm :)


As the overhead view screen is shown, he hardly moves around at all. He really just hangs from a tree and tigs and other places, not moving around much at all. His minimum weight is 30mg. This little guy goes to bed at 8pm and gets up at 9am.

Minotchi Sleeping

Tragic has stricken.. My mori, the one I worked so hard to get, whom was loved and charished has died. I blame myself as I was holding him, but didn't hear his cries for help. I had only checked on him less then 2 minutes ago as I enter the parking lot in Target, looking for the Maurer Mobile (LeAnne's tiny car). As I am walking I hear that high pitching beeping and look down to see Morino is passing away and all he left behind was his ghost. While I took really good care of sweet Minotchi, because I didn't hear the beeping in time, he was killed by a preditor. I'm sorry! :( I miss that poor little guy.

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