Tamagotchi Log 8/18/98

8/18/98: Life has been not much shorter then dull :P No less Tama wise... much has occurred. I shall tell ya about the last couple of days.

First off the most surprising death in my circle, was Zukitchi on CD-ROM. The night I wrote my last log, he died. Now.. he should have only been 6 years. But when I looked at the card he wrote to me, it said he was 9 years. I am unsure of what happened, but some how he was aged through 3 days and died because at the time he was aged, he was not in the care center. This is not the first time something like this has occurred. I think there is a flaw in the CD-ROM. It seems to occur when I leave the Tama CD-ROM program open with the character in bed, but not in the care center. I dunno, I won't do that one again...I have yet to restart it, I will in a few nights. I'd have an image for ya, but my Corel Capture is being weird tonight...

Zukitchi: "Hello. Someday I will be a super hero! I will use my super-powers to defeat the forces of evil! What are my super-powers, you ask? Um... well... I can jump high and bite. Besides, I wear a mask! I must be a super hero!"

In other thoughts many have passed away lately. Letís see here.. I'll go down the pile of Tama's with death screens. I had three die yesterday. The first two died within an hour of each other and I'm sure you can guess I'm talking about Gaijintchi and Oyajitchi. They both were age 27, so that's an average age for secret character, even if I have made it higher then that ;). The third to die on the 17th was TamaOtch. Right on the screen is scrolling through a few different screens. Mainly one of Tabatchi in a car. I may this animation, but not at this time. He was 13 years old, so was my last one, come to think of it. I guess his dying age must be 13 then.

Now today, two more Tama's passed away. You might be thinking, oh it must be Digi, the demanding little Meramon. Nope, it sure ainít him. The first to pass away today was Zukitchi on the Blue/Black/Yellow P2 Japanese Tama. He was 17 years old and very very needy, thus I was kinda relieved that he departed :P

The last Tama to pass away (and 6th one out of the last 10) is Mimitchi. He finally passed away today. I was walking out to the car to go get some lunch with Heidi and LeAnne and he started beeping away.. Not very good timing at all. I am not very thrilled he left and that he left at that point in time, but he had no choice. I had kept him here long enough right? Through pausing I extended his time with me to 42 days, which has got to be the longest time he has ever stayed with me. I just couldnít let him go. Now it's even harder, I got used to him always being there and 42 days is a long time, allot longer then our normal 22 days. I love him... it's always so hard to let him go, even if I know he will return in another 4-6 days. I still always miss him so much. Well.. I won't get depressed or I'll try not to, just gotta bring him back. He's such a big part of my life, it's so weird when he's gone.. I hate being away from close friends for long periods of time...

Well.. anyway. Umm.. I have 4 Tama's going now. I restarted Mimitchi immediately. I can't live without him very long. Besides him the rest of the group from the original ten is my Clear White Japanese P2, with Zukitchi on it. Zuki is 10 years and 100% disciplined, but has yet to get sick. I hope he changes into the Japanese secret character.

I still have Kuchipatchi on my White/Black buttons Japanese P1 Tama. He is 10 years as well today. He is asleep right now. But he's doing okay, a little needy, but that is to be expected. He is very cute, I don't know why some people dislike this guy, he's very sweet, I'm happy I managed to get him :)

The other, is of course, Meramon, my DigiMon. He is 17 years old today, 45% victories, and very very needy. I have no clue when he will depart, but I'm sure it will be soon. He empties 8 hungry hearts for 1 happy heart. Very hungry little guy. He's cute though, I love how he smiles, thatís cool.

Anyways, my last log was really long, this one is really short. It is because my eyelids are about to close, I'm soo tired! Donít forget about that auction I have on eBay, if you want to buy a US Tamagotchi Ocean from me, it ends the 22nd of this month.

I also must mention here that yesterday I installed a new page, it is a JavaScript Chatroom provided to me by www.xoom.com. It is pretty cool and I've been asked to add a chatroom, so I found one I liked. Hope it gets used, hehe.. :P

Off I go for the night, I really can't stay awake any longer, I must sleep. I have work tomorrow. Hope to do more on the page.. maybe add a message board? Or something like that? BTW I have been working on graphics and a Ocean Tama page... to be put on-line sometime this month or the beginning of next month, depending on when I have time to work on it.

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