Tamagotchi Log 1/16/98

1/16/98: Well it's actually just after midnight, it's really just the 15th to me. It's after 1am, but I can't sleep.

I have lots o' interesting stuff to write about. I guess I should go from the beginning, since I last wrote a log, basically. Now I guess if you don't wanna hear my stories this might not be the best log to read... but anyway..

Let me take this thing back to Friday. Friday, the day I had off of work, the day I decided to go with my parents and LeAnne to go out and pick my sister, Heidi, up at her camp she has been at for 3 weeks.

This was not to be a big deal trip at all. We were to travel the 1 ˝ to 2 hour trip out, then watch a show or something, then pack her up and take her home. We picked out two movies for the way out, as we all rode in the van.

Now first I must explain that the van has air conditioning, but only works for the front part of the van, not where we were sitting in the back, watching TV, LeAnne and I. Let me also say that the weather has been in the upper 90's lower 100's lately. The air in the van was very hot, but we managed it and usually we are okay with it, under the normal travel circumstances.

So, okay.. we all hop in the van and head off to the bank, to get some money, then we head over to the gas station for gas. LeAnne and I are just sitting in the back caring for Tama's and watching the movie Pump Up The Volume, one of my all time favorite movies.

We finally get on the road 30 minutes later. LeAnne and I are laughing and watching the movie. We are on the highway, and still have another 30-45 minutes left on our ride out. We were just on time.

This is where hell struck. I do mean hell. It was quiet in the van when we were driving down the speed lane of the highway at 55 mph. A loud explosion interrupted the silence. The explosion was so loud.. then I felt myself sink, the van was moving downward. The left back tire had blown out. The van was just bouncing up and down and from side to side. At that speed it was lucky we didn't tip over. We were driving on the rim of the tire at that time, then we didn't know that. We managed to very slowly make it over to the far right shoulder of the highway.

We kinda stopped over there and Ev (step father) got out and looked at the tire. It was dead, totally flat. I, at this time, did not see it. I was inside the van looking for tools to help get the new tire released from the back of the van and in hopes we'd get the tire changed and get out to the camp to pick up my sister in time.

Luck never runs my way in these kinda things though. We didn't have the right tools to un-mount the tire from the back of the van. We were stuck. They all got back in the car and decided we would see if we could drive on the shoulder of the road for a while, maybe make it to the off ramp, which was a good mile ahead of us.

At this time, the stretch of highway we were on, there was nothing around, except in the next mile there was the Valley Mall. But a mile in this 100 degree heat? So we pressed on, in hopes that we'd make it to the ramp and that a sheriff would come by. LeAnne knew a gas station was just off the ramp, so that we were fortunate. Unfortunately the Sheriff did come bye.. but he sure didn't stop even though we had our emergency flashers on... ::sigh::.

At this time LeAnne and I suddenly believed that mile didn't look like a mile. It never does on the high way... So we decide that since the car is obviously will not be able to take this too much longer, it was over heating and the rim was getting worse, we decided to take the challenge. My mother could not have made the walk, so she stayed in the van. Ev, LeAnne and myself choose to walk the distance to the gas station to get to the phone, to make a few calls, including to Heidi's camp and AAA so we could get a tire change.

The walk was long and hot.. nice 100 degree weather for one to get dehydrated in. The walk to the gas station wasn't nearly as bad as on the way back. We made it most of the way to the hill, when a car honked at us and we saw Ev in the back seat. A nice lady decided to offer us a ride to the gas station. We piled into the back, the car was small, and we got dropped off at the gas station.. that uphill was saved from our walking, which was a relief. That lady was really nice, I didn't even get her name, it was such a quick car trip, there wasn't time for talking. It's so much faster in a car, no?

So we almost fall out of the car and drag our way into the gas station. It was nicely air conditioned in there, so I was relieved. It was so hot outside. We had to use the pay phone outside and after many attempts to get a number to the camp, and about 5 bucks later, we finally found someone who would tell Heidi what happened. And AAA was on the way. We sat inside and drank some drinks we bought, and then decided that it wasn't good to leave anyone alone in a car in this weather. We also figured that AAA would have fixed it and we'd probably meet the van half way during the walk back.

So back outside into the hellish heat we went. I felt somewhat energized after I had some cold water on my face and a big drink of Gatorade. So I was kinda hurrying, I just really wanted to get this day over with. And thinking that the men were on the way to fix the van was really a good thought, compared to where we were 45 minutes ago.

Well down the on-ramp we went, back onto the hot highway in the mid afternoon heat, where the sun was at its peak in heat. I can't explain the next 30 minutes very well, but I can say it was awful. I can walk a mile easy, it was the heat that was killer. I burn so easily and I had no socks on, wearing sandals I would never choose to walk long distances in. At the same time I'm trying to care for 10 Tama's. One of which I was trying to get Pochitchi on, but I'll get to that in a minute.

By the time I got within 10 minutes of the van I began to see funny shapes in front of my eyes, I started breathing deep and I got really dizzy. It got worse as I got toward the van and at this point a tow truck was in front of the van. I just kept my focus on the vehicle at that time. If I didn't concentrate on walking I believed I was going to fall because I was getting so dizzy and overheated, I felt like I was going to faint, my eyes kept wanted to close on me.

By the time I reached the van I just remember yanking the door open and falling backwards into the back. Next thing I know my mother is worried I've got sun stroke so she’s trying to cool me down, so she wets down my head with Iced Tea :P I was laughing, or I think I was. She was worried, I guess. I don't know about sun stroke, because I've never had it before. I've always had a really hard time with the heat, it does bad things to my body, its heredity. Anyyyywaayyyysss...

I was told to get out of the van so the guy could jack it up and change the tire. When the other tire was taken off it looked like someone had taken a knife to it, it was just shredded in areas, it blew out, not because of glass or anything on the road, but because the tire was a bad tire.....

No less, we did eventually get the tire on, we made it up to the gas station, cooled off, got some more to drink and got back on the road. I skipped some parts, but that was the most of it. We did manage to get out to the camp and pick up Heidi and bring her home, we were almost 3 hours late. We road the rest of the way home in the horrible heat, and after some stops and car switching at the office, we all did eventually get home just fine. I took a long freezing shower when I got here :P

Now Tama wise, Friday was not good. I neglected them all so badly. I had to put about half on pause because of the neediness. While I was trying to take care of my Milky white Tama, so it'd be Pochitchi. I missed some disciplines though, I am sure now.

That day the only thing I was really happy about, besides making it home safely and in one piece, was that my Japanese White P1 changed into the character I wanted, Kuchipatchi! I have now gotten all the P1 characters, including Japanese.

That day Mesu and Osu became adults before the night was over, becoming ChoHimetchi and ChoMametchi. Read my 3rd Mesu & Osu Log for details of the last events of my Osu/Mesu's lives.

Now I also might want to note for y'all to read that Mesu/Osu log 3 because today they died, that log explains how, with images I made.

Now as of today... I am extremely tired, weak, blistered, but alive, My Tongaritchi changed into Zukitchi, even though it was fully disciplined. This due to the fact that I had neglected him so much yesterday I am sure. I tried my best.. but in that situation, it was soo hard.

Oh yeah, I also got another Zukitchi, but this one on CD-ROM.

There he is! Don’t' steal image, please :) Below is him eating a snack, an Iced Cream cone.

And below are a couple of images of me playing the game with him! I love Corel Capture! :)

Well, okay, time for bed, so I make the rest fast. It's almost 2:30am, but I've been making images so it's taking longer then normal to write this. One might ask, am I gonna restart Mesu & Osu? The answer is Yes. But, I am waiting for the rest of my group to pass away before starting anymore. Am I going to start Tama Ocean soon? Yes. Same answer as before. I will start it. I need to take care of less Tama's at once because it is too hard to really concentrate on getting the characters I want when life is giving me hell. No less I can deal with 5 easily, but 10 is too much for having other things to do other then taking care of Tama's :)

Right now I have a needy group. Mimitchi has yet to die. He was supposed to be off pause all day yesterday, but again life stopped me from doing that.. so he has yet to pass, he's like 39 or something heheh. Pausing makes a big difference. Also needy is Bill and Oyajitchi, my Zukitchi (on the Blue Tama, that is), Meramon on Digi is needy, Kuchipatchi will be in a few days, considering he is an 'unhealthy' character. The only two that aren't really needy are my Zukitchi on the Milky White Tama and the TamaOtch, whom is Tabatchi again. That Zukitchi will become needy if he doesn't change though. And TamaOtch never really got needy before.

Bill and Oyajitchi are going to be 26 tomorrow, they need so much attention! Zukitchi is 14, but needy not as needy as the two secret characters though. Meramon drops 3 hearts to 1 happy heart. He often beeps at me, but not as often as the secret characters. Meramon is 14 years. So I'd say in a week or two they all will be gone, with the exception of Mimitchi, whom will be restarted as always.

BTW a few pieces of noting before I upload and log off. The people at Radio Shack here in Spokane area, the Northtown Mall, are so completely rude and their prices are bad. If anyone is reading this that shops there, any computer items you find at Radio Shack, you will find 100% cheaper at Babbage’s, right across the hall from Radio Shack, plus a friendlier group of people. I had to say that, as today we were treated badly in that Radio Shack.

Also, I have changed my Fan Fiction section. I don't only feature "Virtual Pet" the story. I am accepting other stories now. Check that page out if you write Tama Stories :)

Selfish plug: Next thing and finale last thing... I have an item up for bids on e-bay. I put a Tamagotchi Ocean up there. Go here to find more information about it. It ends the 22nd, so best hurry if you want it! :)

Now, its time for bed... I'm exhausted... not to mention all those other physical problems I could complain about from yesterday, but I'll spare anyone that reads this ;)

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