Tamagotchi Log 8/13/98

8/13/98: Welp welp welp... I have some time off and what do I do with it? I spend the first day being lazy so here I am on day two and forcing myself to write a log because I'm just bein' too far lazy ;)

First I gotttta tell my good news, cuz there seems to be lots lately. First off my dear friend LeAnne dropped by my house unexpectedly yesterday. She brought me a Tamagotchi Ocean! They finally have them at the local Target stores! Target always gets the newest Tama's first. Well I am quite happy and intend on going back to buy all the other colors hehe :)

This Tamagotchi Ocean is the one I would have bought if I had the choice! It is a light blue color, on the top in a pinkish-purple is stays Tamagotchi Ocean, Ocean being bigger letters. It has different sized bubbles up and down the egg, in white. Around the screen is dark blue and the buttons are blue as well.

The packaging is different as well. It came on a blister pack instead of the normal box. It looks just like the packaging I got my German Tamagotch in. It is in a square plastic container there is plastic separating the egg and the chain. The chain is taped to the plastic behind the egg. Behind that is the instructions folded up really tiny. Mine were folded badly ;) The car it is sitting on is made up of blues and purples and whites. It has four of the characters around the square plastic container the egg is in, one of which is the Ginji whale. It also has another fishy up top of the words Tamagotchi Ocean. I don't quite know the character names yet...:) In the top right hand corner it says "#1820 Ages 8 and Up." It has a clam shaped bubble on the right middle that reads "NEW CHARACTERS! NEW GAME!" On the left beside the square plastic is the words "Includes Touch Screen and Pause Feature!" At the bottom of the package below the square container in the middle is "the original virtual reality pet". Below that are the words "2 LR44 Batteries Included. TM & © Bandai 1997. MADE IN CHINA."

I guarantee a page about this Tama as soon as I am able. I have 10 Tamagotchi going right now, I am kinda gonna wait until some of them die before I hatch this one. It is supposed to be one of the hardest Tama's to raise to adult hood, many owners noting that it dies very fast and often before it gets out of the baby stage. Of course I got told this about the Moreno and I havenít had that happen in all the time I have raised Morino. So I shall see soon enough!

The next thing I am quite happy about is I got a package today in the mail from Jason. I ran downstairs and opened it up and found what I had been waiting for since February! Yes the package with Mesutchi and Osutchi and Angelgotch was finally here!

The Mesutchi is white. The cover is orange and has the symbol for female in a darker orange. The egg is decorated with dark and light orange hearts. The border and buttons are orange as well.

The Osutchi is white and is the match to the Mesutchi, as they come in matching pairs :) The top is green with the symbol for male in a darker green. The egg is decorated in light and dark green stars. The border and buttons are green also. This was my first choice for Mesu and Osu. But honestly now that I look at it, I think I like my clear and smoke pair better, I always tend to like clear colors more anyways. I'm happy I have both though.

The Angelgotch is different then the American Angel. It has different stars on the egg and it has pictures of a Tama with wings and a character with lips. It says Angelgotch at the top as well. It is the blue one I had been waiting for forever.

Also including was something else. I heard something shaking as I ran down the stairs and when I opened it up I found something more then just the Tama's. I found a plush Angelgotch keychain! I don't know why Jason included this, maybe because of the mess up with the post office or something? I dunno. It's awfully kind of him, though. The character is Kuriten. It is about 3 inches tall. It has a beady chain attached behind the head with a small yellow ring, for the halo, and a tag written in Japanese. The only thing on the tag I can read is "Bandai 1997 Made in China". The angel is pinkish-skin colored, its eyes and mouth black with that little brown curl on the top of its pointed head. It also has cute little white wings on its back. :)

Well.. That's pretty much my good news. As for my Tama's, they doing good actually :) Cept for Mimitchi.. poor Mimitchi I can't let him go so he's been on pause a lot lately. It's because of work. Now that I have some days off I can spend more time with him. But when I'm trying to care for 9 other Tama's and work at the same time it doesn't work as well as it should. Either way he is doing okay. I love him lots and he knows it, at least I'd like to think he knows it :)

As for TamaOtch, he is Tabatchi again, like he was last time. But that's okay because I love him anyways, even if he is a bit weird. He is 9 years old today, overweight as always cuz it's near impossible for me to win the game :P

As for my secret characters, they are both 23 years old. Gaijintchi and Oyajitchi are both rather needy, beeping for attention every 10 to 20 mins or so. They are getting rather old, I have no clue when they will die but it could be as long as 2 days to an entire week more.

As for Meramon, he never did change into secret character, Mamemon, and is rather needy at age 11. He is dropping 4 hungry hearts to only 1 happy heart. He is 40% victories and has not had a lot of chances to fight this time around, due to my job.

As for my Zukitchi.. he never did change.. sigh. He was 75% disciplined when he got sick so I knew he wouldn't. I missed it sometime at work, unfortunately. He is 12 years old and will most likely die sometime this week because he won't be changing in to the secret character.

Right now I also have two Tama's I am raising. One of my Japanese white Tama, P1. He is Kuchitamatchi right now and 5 years old. He is only 75% disciplined and soon I hope to get that last discipline, so hopefully he will become Kuchipatchi.

The other one I am raising is my milky white Japanese Gen2. Right now it is a Tongaritchi and has 50% discipline, which I will increase to at least 75% or more because I want Pochitchi and Nyatchi on that Tama.

And lastly is my CD-ROM Tamagotchi. Right now he is a Tongaritchi and I hope to get Mimitchi, but hey Pochitchi will do me well.

Right now he is 5 years, 32lbs, 50% disciplined. The above image is mine. Mine. Don't steal it, please.

Time for me to go.. gotta upload this stuff, plus I have other things on the page to take care of. :)

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