Tamagotchi Log 8/09/98

8/09/98: I guess it's been a little since I've written in the logs, or should I say it's been a while Tama wise. Hold on, gotta hatch my CD-ROM. Okay, there we go, I got a Gen2 Tama :) In fact, I bed you'd like to see a pic of Shirobabitchi? :)

Well there he is, eating some milk hehe :)

Anyways... much has happened Tama wise for me, course that is expected when one has 10 Tama's going. Let me tell you about each :)

First off, my dear Mimitchi... yes he is still with me heheh. I paused him more then I thought I did. Last week was a really hard week at work so I had almost no time to care for him. I don't like to torture him making him suffer because I have to work so I just pause him a lot and care for him when I can.

A couple of days ago I had two Tama's depart on me, Zukitchi at age 18 and Nyorotchi at age 8. I got Nyorotchi two times in a row, so I'd say I know a perfected way on how to get him, I'm sure of it :) I restarted both those Tama's tonight in hopes of getting Kuchipatchi and Pochitchi.

On DigiMon I got Meramon. I got the Betamon and took really good care of him so I got the middle character, Meramon. So maybe he will change into that secret character? I dunno, but I've been trying to take really good care since. Right now his victories are up to 47%

Oyajitchi and Gaijintchi are still with me at 19 years old. Unfortunately they are showing a few signs of the age. They are being a little needy, not a whole lot, but enough to notice when I have 8 other Tama's to care for :)

Right now my TamaOtchi is in the Kakutchi stage. I have a feeling I won't get a different character this time. It's just impossible to tell when this Tama needs discipline. It beeps at me every 15 minutes, yes I've timed that. Sometimes I am able to see if he needs discipline by trying to play the game and all but one whole time he has needed discipline. That was the morning I hatched him and the discipline went away because I accidentally disciplined him later on thinking he needed it :P At least I think that's what happened to it. Either way it was gone at the end of the morning. It's awfully hard to check on him every 15 minutes when he beeps. That is almost impossible while I am at work. I figure I'd need to take 5 whole days off just to give my TamaOtch constant care to get any discipline in there. If any one reading this has a TamaOtch and has the answer to my problems or wishes to help me out, please write. I really wish I knew Japanese.

As for Mesu and Osu. I have tried oh how I have tried to treat them oh soo bad, but they have moved into that second part of the Babitchi stage that I have been to 3 times now. Oh goodness I hope I get a different adult this time. I'm treating them so badly, I hate to even look at them, it's horrible treatment, so much they were sulking earlier. :(

Let's see here... oh Yeah Zukitchi. I lost one, have another on my blue Japanese Tama. He is 8 years today and 75% disciplined. I do hope I get that secret character. I've been wanting him forever.

That's them all right now. I've been trying my best to update some of my pages lately but because of other things I haven't had the time I want. Goodness I hope I can just get a day off this week sometime. It'd be really useful. In fact I could use a week off just to work on my web page heh. I'd love to get paid for this job, wonder if I'll ever get lucky and land myself a really good internet job? Naaa.. only need luck and I ain't got that :P

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