Tamagotchi Log 8/5/98

8/5/98: Well since I last wrote a few things have occurred.. something’s unfortunate, some not...

Okay, first off... my Nyorotchi passed away Monday, he was only 8 years old.. poor guy. I was treating him perfectly too. I'm not sure why he passed so fast, expect that he's a really unhealthy guy. I waited a little while and decided to hatch that Japanese Tama again, and again my goal was to get Kuchipatchi. Right now on that Tama I have Kuchitamatchi, one of few times in my life I managed to get this unhealthy Kodomotchi character.

I also hatched another Tama, another Japanese one, my P2 blue/black/yellow one, with the space ship up top and Mimitchi inside :) I've decided already to go for the Pochitchi/Nyatchi character. He is already a Tongaritchi and 75% disciplined... which means I have a couple more days. :)

heh.. as for Mimitchi.. well yes indeed he is STILL with me. Been pausing him a lot lately, unfortunately. Work has been difficult and I have been going in early and coming home later then normal. Then trying to go to bed early, so he is still with me, not that I mind :) I really do love that Tama :)

As for TamaOtch... he passed away as Kabatchi yesterday afternoon. I didn't hear anything when he went away and I have yet to recall if the sound was on or off. When I looked at the screen he was driving back and forth in a car and some symbols were flashing across the screen as well as some Japanese and empty/full hearts. I had a slight brain fart right then and accidentally pushed both outside buttons at the same time, thus restarting the Tama :P Oh well.. I didn't really see the whole ending. I hatched the all white middle egg this time around.. I hope I get someone else this time. Animations to come and maybe a web page :)

Okay, lets see.. DigiMon He is 4 years and 50% victory right now. He became the unhealthier character, Betamon, which is good, I'm guaranteed a diff character.. well pretty much. I think he will be an adult in the next two days, I'm not sure though.

Then I have both my secret characters, Bill and Gaijintchi.. they both got sick tonight as they are both 15 years old.. but they really don't show any signs of age right now, fairly easy to care for, but this is the life of the secret character :)

Mesu and Osu had babies, same generation, unfortunately. And then Zukitchi is still with me at age 16, he will be passing soon I am sure, as he is needy and getting old. I'm sad he didn't change this time around.. oh well.

As always I'm behind on everything, it’s just so hard to keep up a web page when you are stuck away working 8-11 hours a day. I need a week off or something :P I've been adding more links to my links page, as I haven't updated that in quite a while. I'm working on ideas for other parts of my site including the crossword and madlibs area.. as well as adding a page or two about Angelgotch and TamaOtch. I'm gonna do more with my Mimitchi Tama page when I get time and add some more things to my Mesu/Osu Info page. I need to fix a small bug in my Tama Addiction Test JavaScript, which in so far I have had very little time to work on. I've had people ask about fan fiction on my pages.. and as it is I only have one story, because it is my ultimate favorite fan fiction. But I am thinking of making it so I will have many other stories available, if they are submitted to me, as I've had a couple. I like Tama stories, especially ones based on true experiences, with a twist. I would write my own fan fiction, but as it seems I'm too far behind on other things to get the chance to sit down and write like I used to. Also something else that might occur is a CD-ROM Tamagotchi page... maybe. I have many many ideas for web pages, even non-Tama pages, the problem is getting the time. People have asked me what's going on, so I'm just kinda typing out my ideas here.. though not the specific idea's ;) Oh yeah I might have a Tama Ocean page in the future as well. I make no guarantee’s... "ask me no questions, I tell you no lies!" ;) JK.. anyway. I have a few other ideas on my mind right now, but they are kinda so-so iffy. I dunno, either way I have mucho more planed for my web pages.

I figure if I can just have a good quiet weekend and not have to do logs, make animations, and answer millions of pieces of email.. then I'll have time for everything. Which is why it takes me so long to get to email sometimes, because I update so often, I have to decide between email and working on the page.. often I choose working on the page so I won't get behind.

Welp.. I have babbled enough for tonight. Need to go to bed early again, got early work again and I may have to work Sunday too... ugh! :(

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