Tamagotchi Log 8/02/98

8/02/98: Well.. it's been interesting lately. I guess. First off Mori passed away and I am rather unhappy. He passed away Friday, at only 11 years old :(

Tragic has stricken.. My Mori, the one I worked so hard to get, whom was loved and cherished has died. I blame myself as I was holding him, but didn't hear his cries for help. I had only checked on him less then 2 minutes ago as I enter the parking lot in Target, looking for the Maurer Mobile (LeAnne's tiny car). As I am walking I hear that high pitching beeping and look down to see Morino is passing away and all he left behind was his ghost. While I took really good care of sweet Minot chi, because I didn't hear the beeping in time, he was killed by a predator. I'm sorry! :( I miss that poor little guy. One day.. maybe I'll get him back...

In other thoughts, Mesu and Osu changed into the two Kodomotchi characters I have had before.. sooo I might end up getting the same Mametchi-like characters again.. oh well, they were cute :)

As for Mimitchi, he will be passing very soon I'm sure. He has to be paused now and again because sometimes it's too hard to care for him perfectly at this age. I'm glad he made it through the weekend though. We watched two movies today, Murder 101, which was just awesome! And an older movie called The Manhattan Project which I have been wanting to see forever, so I was happy I could enjoy those movies with him, along with all the other 8 Tama's :)

As for Zukitchi, well... the day has yet to end, but if he doesn't change today, he won't change.. oddly enough he's the only one I wanted to change into the secret character and he's the only one out of 3 that didn't change. Oh well... there's always next time..

Next there is Masukutchi.. well he _was_ Masukutchi.. but now he is Gaijintchi/Ketotchi. He is the Japanese secret character, the foreigner. I didn't want to get him, but I did anyways :P Oh well, guess he will live long and prosper, that's for sure! He is age 12 and 30oz today.

Next is my other Masukutchi.. or should I say Bill? He also changed into the secret character the same day that Gaijintchi changed, Friday. He is 12 years and 30 oz as well.

Last night my Kuchitamatchi changed into a character I had yet to get on P1! Nyorotchi :) I had never had him on the Tama, only CD-ROM.. He's so sweet, yet so sickly.. I feel sorry for the poor thing, I had to neglect that tama a lot to get him, but I'm happy I got him, finally :) He is 6 years and 11oz right now. Poor thing is so skinny, 10 oz is him minimum weight.

Tabatchi, on Nakamura TamaOtch, is still around, not needy at all at age 11 today. Last night for the first time when he went to bed he turned out the lights on his own! I guess it took time to teach him how to do this, but he finally knows how to do it himself :)

Last night I hatched another Tama, so I'm back up to 9 right now. I decided to hatch my new DigiMon, brown/black US Version I. After an hour he changed into Botamon and went straight to bed since it was after 9pm. Right now he is at 0yrs and 29lbs. Did I mention I was trying to treat him badly to get anything but the best character? Welp I am.. I donít want the worst, donít want the best... in between would be best :)

As for Tama Toyz from McD's I am gonna tally the list after this and update my Tama List page. I have more, but still only 1-4 and 6. I am high bidder on an entire set 1-8 and a #9, so I hope I get those, I'll know tonight.

In fact I've spent way too much time on eBay lately. I am possibly gonna be the proud owner of a N64 soon, if everything goes as I want it to this week :) I'm also keeping an eye on Tamagotchi for Game Boy and a few other things :) Oh well, I spend way too much money on eBay!

Oh yeah, almost forgot to mention, I bought two more v-pets... two more DigiMon, one is brick brown/red and the other is an icky yellow heh :) They were on sale for cheap 5.99, so I said, why not? :)

As I am sitting here I have decided to hatch another Tama. Another P2 Japanese Tamagotch. This time it will be the blue Tama, with the space ship and Mimitchi at the top, black border and yellow buttons :) I am going for Pochitchi/Nyatchi this time.

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