Tamagotchi Log 7/30/98

7/30/98: Yes! I am a happy camper with my Tama's :) I have lots o' news to tell.. first, I'll tell you about my Tama's and how they are doing :)

First is first... Morino! Oh yeah baby! *L*. It took 5 tries, but man I *finally* got something other then Funkorogatchi! How did I do this, you might ask? Well.. I changed the temperature every 15 minutes for the entire 24 hours, pausing overnight. Part of this with the help of Nakamura. You see.. Nakamura is an annoying Tama at times.. for no reason that thing beeps every 15 minutes.. so that helped when I was at work. I lost pace when I was at work for about 30 mins because a client came in and I had to explain a few things to her for a while. In fact Nakamura beeped during that meeting and it embarrassed me heh. It's only embarrassing when it's in front of total strangers when I am supposed to be totally professional.. but no prob, she just laughed a little and said she was happy her kids where done with GigaPets. I told her Gigapets suck, then continued to work ;) ;). But anyways... the other time I lost pace was in the evening while I went to Toys R Us, somewhere in there I missed the beeping of Nakamura so the temperature went over to the heat side, unfortunately. I don't know how much it effected the Tama or not.. but I got Minotchi, what someone from the Tama List said is the best character.. somehow I doubt it, as it's not at the top of the chart, in fact it's the 4th and 7th characters.. there are 2 of them on the chart for no known reason. Either way, that is what I got. For a couple of animations check out my Morino log two, I added it at the bottom. I will be making the sleeping animation later tonight. :)

Okay enough about Mori, I'm just happy I got someone else :) Now for Nakamura TamaOtch.. I made another animation of the next character I have on it, it looks very male, that or a tomboy, its name is Tabatchi. I think I got a bad character because he/she spokes a cigar and looks angry always. He doesn't turn out the light on his own at night and he sleeps from 10pm to 1pm... yes 1pm in the afternoon! So odd. Well better then the character before him whom got up at 7am everyday. Here he is:


The other thing I'm really excited about is I have hatched another Tama, 3 days ago. A P1 Japanese Tama. I decided I was going to get that beaked character, Kutchipatchi, if it's the last thing I do all year. So I really neglected him and with 8 other Tama’s to care for it wasn't too hard to do. Turning off the sound helped, so he was constantly neglected. For how much I hated to do that, this morning he changed into the beaked character, Kuchitamatchi, and now I am taking perfect care in hopes of getting Kuchipatchi or Nyorotchi! :) This is only the third time I've managed to get the beaked character on any Tama, so I'm happy... god it's hard to neglect Tama's...

As for Mimitchi, well he is 23 today, artificially of course. He will be leaving me soon... That is the sad part. I have all these other successes and Mimitchi is going to leave me very soon and in the middle of my 4 day weekend, no less :/ Poor sweetie, I love him so, I wish he never had to leave me...

Next on my milky white Japanese tama, I still have Zukitchi, he is 75% disciplined and fill hearts being pretty much well cared for. Not perfect care though, as I have had a lot of focus on Mori when he was in a cocoon, so I'm not so sure Zuki will change into the secret character or not... I still have one more discipline to go.. I do hope he changes though... it'd be nice.

Then I have the 2 Masukutchi's.. whom I hope don't change at all. Both are 9 years and 75% disciplined right now. They are being cared for kinda average. The only diff between the two is they were hatched a short time apart and one of Japanese the other is US.

Then of course Mesu and Osutchi.. the main update is in my Mesu/Osu log3. But for a recap.. the parents left the children and today they changed into the second half of the Babitchi stage and I have the characters I had once before.

Oh yeah, can't forget Kusatchi on CD-ROM. He passed away this morning around 11am. He left me this postcard after he went back to Tamagotchi Planet at age 12:

"Thanks for raising me. You're a really easy-going owner, a quality I really admire. Here's a tip for you: check the health meter more often. Did you know that I like to listen to heavy metal music? Bye."

And that be that news. Now for other news (heh..) I heard back from my friend Jason Kunst, in Japan. He finally received reimbursement for the lost Mesu/Osu/Angelgotch that the post office owed him. I guess they are dragging him through hell though.. because he doesn't seem like a happy camper, I feel bad for him, having to put up with the political garbage of the post office... No less he got a refund I think, so he said he will soon be mailing me my Osu/Mesu/Angelgotch.. the original pair I ordered and the Japanese Angel I ordered so long ago! While he is checking into the matter of the Oceangotch, as it seems it too is lost in the mail :( Gosh I sure hate the post office sometimes!

Oh, I have to mention, I put today aside to work on my pages and my email. I will say that I can write replies to my email, but as of right now I can't send or receive anything. That doesn't mean you can't email me, but it does mean I won't be receiving any email for a while. It seems my provider, arias.net, is having problems right now with the POP server, and so nothing goes out, nothing comes in until they fix it. It prolly won't be any longer then a day or two at most. They are usually on top of things and get things fixed fast over there. So that is kinda bad news... I hate it when my mail piles up :P I get too much mail.. I never thought I'd get this much email a day!

Okay.. lets see here... oh yes.. I have been getting more Tama Toyz... unfortunately I have only 1-4 and 6. I am high bidder on eBay to get a number 5 toy, because I think I may have missed it, and I also am a high bidder on a number 9, since I doubt I'll get lucky enough to get it at Wal*Mart, since the only Wal*Mart around here is 45 mins away and I usually don't have time to go out there. The Toy I want most is number 8, the flash light! What an awesome idea! :) I shall write something about these toys at another time, though, as I don't have them all right now. Also on eBay I noticed a Tamagotchi Game Boy game, for only 9 bucks.. I may snatch that baby up if I can. Right now I've just been focusing on winning a few non-tama auctions for SNES games and maybe I'll be getting a N64 sometime in the future :)

Oh I must mention that someone on the Tama E-Mail List has seen a Tamagotchi Ocean at a Wal*Mart. So Friday I will be going out to my Wal*Mart to check to see if they have any, as well as searching my local stores that normally carry Tama's. Hey I might have Ocean before I get the Japanese version, never thought that would happen, considering it's been so long since I ordered it. No less I am not so sure what I will be doing on this Tama. Everyone and their mom will probably have Ocean Tama in the future not to mention a web page about it, so I may not do an extensive web page on it... but then again I may. I'm not sure yet.

I've been bugged quite a bit about Tamagotchi Angel, people want me to do a page on it.. any kinda page. But there are sooo many Angel pages out there. No less I won't let my visitors down, so in the future, expect a Tamagotchi Angel page from me. It won't be anything big, but it will be something that everyone always asks me about Tama Angel in email! There's your clue! :) First I will be getting my Japanese Angel, then I will go from there :)

I'm sure you've noticed a lack of updates to my Rated links page.. it has been quite a while due to so much other work in other areas, but if you've sent in a URL, it will get posted in the future!

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