Tamagotchi Log 7/26/98

7/26/98: Well it has been a few days since I have written in here. I was hoping that some of my Tama's will have changed into adults, but most have not. So anyway, here is the updates on my current running Tamagotchi:

First, Mimitchi, he is very demanding at age 18.. he got sick yesterday, meaning he has the hourís equivalent to being age 15 or 16. So I have about a week left with him, if that... poor sweetie... :/

My Morino Tamagotch is doing okay, I s'pose. I accidentally lost track of time and he slept in poop last night.... :/ He's an Imotchi right now, I assume soon he will enter the cocoon stage, I was hoping he would by this weekend, but he didn't, so it's gonna be hard with work to be perfect on the temp meter.. but we shall see.. He is 6 years and 15lbs right now.

As for Milky White Tama, the one that often resets.. it hasn't reset, in fact it is 6 years today, and hopefully he will be changing soon. The reason my Tama's are so old and yet haven't changed is the fact that I've had the last 4 days off, so I've been catching up on sleep, thus pausing for some of the morning. Milky white is in the Tongaritchi stage and has yet to get sick, as of right now.. they still have the rest of the day, ya know ;) He is 75% disciplined so I do hope to get Pochitchi...

Next is the Gen1 White/Blue Tama that I was working on raising really bad in hopes of getting the Kuchitamatchi instead of Tamatchi.. welll.. I guess I just can't treat Tamaís badly, because again, I got the one with legs instead, so I've been treating him horribly and only gave him 25% discipline.. I have no clue what I'll get... I hope not Masukutchi.. I want one of the unhealthy characters...

Next up is my all white with black buttons Japanese Tama. I treated this one the worst and what did I get? The one with legs again... ugh. So I've treated him REALLY bad now... maybe I will get anything below Masukutchi.. even Tarakotchi would be nice, I haven't had him for a while and he's so sweet, even if he does has smelly feet :)

Lets see here, thatís 5... which leaves me with a few more. First, Mesutchi and Osutchi... I have been updating my Mesu/Osu log, number 2, today I will be adding log number 3 for Mesu/Osu. But I shall tell.. they mated today... with surprising results I might add! Check out my Mesu/Osu log number 3 for details!

So that makes 7... and of course we have CD-ROM Tamagotchi... I was hoping for anything I haven't gotten, thus I jinxed myself... I got Kusatchi, the plant instead.. he's kinda cute... but not what I wanted... sooo.... oh well.

So... there is one more tama I have running that I have neglected to say anything about since Thursday. But I have decided what I am doing now. I hatched Nakamura TamaOtch on Thursday to play with, to try and figure it out, as it is rather complex and has a lot of Japanese words involved... welll... I thought I was just gonna tab it. But I have decided against such doing, so I have decided I will raise this tama to adult-hood. But... even though I am doing it, I am not going to be writing much about it in here, or anywhere for that matter. I am trying to figure it out a bit before I go and do a whole web page about it, etc... So while I am officially gonna hatch it, I won't be writing much about it, until I figure it out. Though I must say I might do a few animations and put them in my logs in here if I get the time :}

In fact, I've decided to put an animation of the current character I have. I swear to god my animation is completely accurate, this is exactly what this character looks like. I have no clue why, but I think it's so hilarious I had to make an animation of it!


UPDATE: Morino went into a cocoon around 8pm! And my two badly treated Tamatchi's got sick tonight!

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