Tamagotchi Log 7/23/98

7/23/98: Weirdly enough I've found myself with 4 days off of work. This is exactly what I wanted so I can get more caught up on my pages and email :P Oh well, it's perfect. In this time I felt the need to hatch dude. I am caring for 7 Tamagotchi right now. :)

First of course, there is Mesutchi and Osutchi, whom are still in the Kodomotchi stage, the child stage. I have no clue when they will change into adult form, they are both 9 years today.

Then I have Imotchi, my Morino, whom is 3 years old today and doing well. I have been taking pretty good care of him and I really hope to get anything but Funkorogatchi this time... I hope :)

Then, of course, I have Mimitchi Tama whom is 16 today and getting needier, unfortunately. He is a sweetie and I love involving him in everything that goes on around him, but I fear once he gets a few more days older it will be harder to always let him be involved. In some of the theater's here it's too dark to see him well enough to care for him. Tonight I am going to a play, Nunsense, and I am still unsure if I will be able to keep him unpaused during it. As long as there is enough lighting it's okay, but if he needs something every 10 minutes it's just too hard to keep up in a dark room. I'm gonna try to make sure he can see the entire play tonight though, I think he'll be okay tonight.

A couple of days ago I hatched my Milky white Japanese Tamagotch P2.. yes you know the one that seems to reset on me for no reason from time to time. Never even had a tama make it for an entire lifetime on that Tama without being reset. Well this time I am going for Pochitchi and Nyatchi. I am keeping that Tama in one of my Japanese cases that is very good at keeping my Tama's safe from everything. I do hope it will not reset this time.

Yesterday I decided to hatch another Tama, my all white Japanese Tama with black buttons, P1. I am treating him bad and missing all the disciplines in hopes that I am able to get the beaked character instead of Tamatchi. I want to get Kuchipatchi or Nyorotchi on that one.

I also hatched the same day an US P1, white with blue border and buttons. I am doing the same thing with it, neglecting it in hopes of getting Kuchitamatchi, then hopefully getting Kuchipatchi or Nyorotchi. If I get those two characters I will have gotten all the characters possible on P1, including Japanese characters.

So that's the 7 I have going right now, plus the CD-ROM which is number 8. I got Hashitamatchi on there, instead of the legged character, so I hope I get Hashizotchi or Takotchi. :)

Yes, I'm quite in the Tama mood lately. I got told that a BanDai official talked to a friend of mine and he told her that Tamagotchi Ocean is to be released in the US within the next few weeks! Which is great. I haven't got my Umi No Tamagotch, but I may get the US version first, which is okay for me. Now... since it will be released in the US, everyone will have one, thus everyone will have their own page about it, so unless I really have the urge, it is unlikely I will create a special page for it.. but I might, I dunno yet, I make no promises... ask me no questions, I tell you no lies! :) :) :)

I've been asked by so many people to make an Angelgotchi page.. and the reason why I didn't is because so many people have a page about Tama Angel. I have thought about it, yes. But with so many other pages about it out there.. I dunno if I'll do something major about it... maybe just a page on how to get the characters or something like that? I hate to be a poop, but everyone and their mom seems to have an Angel Tama web page and I try my best to be original and do things that not every page has. But oh well, in time I might decide to do something with Tama angel. I'm only a few characters for getting them all. I might be hatching one over the weekend, I don't know yet.

Among other things, out of loneliness and boredom of life, I might just be hatching many more by next week... I was thinking maybe another P2, an Angel, a DigiMon, maybe more.. not sure yet. Gotta be careful, I don't want them all to be in that needy stage at the same time.. I've gone through that.. it's not fun, with 12, last December.

Right now I have 20 P2's... I have thought about getting 20 Mimitchi's :) Just because :) I love Mimitchi.. so what can I say... the thought has come to mind several times, in fact one of my friends has thought about paying me to do 20 at once and get all Mimitchi's on them, which wouldn't be that hard, if I do it in a good time of the month that is..

I also noticed one thing... I have hatched my 99th Tamagotchi. On my list it seems that my White with Blue border and buttons is hatch number 99. So who might number 100 be, I wonder? We shall see! :) I almost wish I had not looked, because it's in my unconscious now. I wonder who 99 will be when he grows up :) I had not realized how long this page would go on, but I enjoy doing it, so I guess I'm just gonna continue ;) That's all for now.. more to come.

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