Tamagotchi Log 12/20/97

12/20/97: Today was a good goooooood day. I had expected Ginji to leave me, and he hasn't. Next off I took my Tama's and went Christmas shopping. I spent the day taking perfect care of my two Tama’s that are supposed to be Mimitchi. I waited to get my Mimitchi all day long. It seemed to take forever. But finally I was standing in the stuffed animal isle at Toys R's Us and I looked down to check my Tama's again and what did I see before my eyes on my yellow and black Mimitchi Tama? None other than Mimitchi himself :) He had finally returned to me, at just age 5 at that. I was sooooo happy! Believe me that made my day 100% better ;) Nonetheless I am very happy and thrilled to have my little Mimitchi back :)

We were out till after 8pm shopping and I *still* am not done getting gifts :P What happened? Last year I was done by Oct., this year I'm still shopping this close to Christmas, guess time flies fast when you have Tama’s :) I really believe that, this year has been a breeze! Last night was a long one. Ginji and Tongaritchi had gone to bed far long before I did and Mimitchi for that. Mimitchi's clock was set wrong so he stayed up with me till I finally went to sleep at 2:30am. Spent most of the evening on the phone with my boyfriend and my friend LeAnne, gotta love 3 way calling. I figured why not let Mimitchi stay up with me? Oh well. Becuz of that I am late posting this log ;)

On another note, as the little dare of me doing 18 Tama's at once, plus the cd-rom. I would do 19, but I am not gonna open my Hong Kong Tama when it arrives. I have gotten a few hints that I will prolly be pushed over and my count of Tama's is going past 20 by the end of Christmas ;) Just a few subtle hints I picked up on. I am still looking into finding an original Japanese Tamagotchi. I might find one soon at an auction, I hope I get it. I also looking for an Angelgotchi, but I am not willing to pay 50 dollars or more for one. I only want one because of the motion censor, what a cool idea. But I am not too fond of the idea that you are essentially playing with your dead Tamagotchi, that's just not a nice thought for me. I don't like it when they die.

Anyway... overall Saturday was a good very goooooooooooooood day for me hehe. I wait another 2 days for my Tongaritchi to change into my second Mimitchi :)

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