Tamagotchi Log 7/2/98

7/2/98: AKA: Two Weeks In One Log. AKA: One Long Log.

So for the first time in a long time I have taken a rather long leave of absence and it is the first leave from my web page in a long time, thus upon returning home to find myself buried in almost 200 pieces of email, half of which require my reply. To also find that my hits maintained while I was gone ::surprise::. Okay a short note about this log. I intend on it to be longer then most because of the time I have missed. While it will cover the changes and other things that happened Tama-wise, it will also cover some of the things that happened over my vacation that my friends, my Tama's (one and the same for the most part ;)), and myself experienced over the entire vacation and some thoughts on what is going on now and where things are headed at the moment. So if you really don't want to know about that kinda stuff, then you probably won't wanna read this log. :)

Where do I start... god I dunno. I guess I'll try to keep things in chronological order, so if it gets icky, skip to the next paragraph ;). I believe this log will be written over a period of days...

Okay so letís go back to Saturday night, June 20th. My friend LeAnne stayed the night and my sister was to take us out to the airport. We were leaving on the 6:50am flight into LAX, a 4 hour trip. We went to bed, the night was long and anticipation was hanging silently in the air that night, thus resulting in about 3 Ĺ hours of sleep. I decided to leave Zatchi on pause, at age 22 years, at home for this trip.

We thankfully made it out of the house and managed to get into the first boarding group onto the plane. Everything was going great, in fact. LeAnne and I were boarded on the plane about 15 minutes until take-off. Being a 'free for all seating' flight, I grabbed a nice seat a few isles in front of the wing, where I could see rather well at the surroundings. My carryon bag only consisted of a few things, among of which were a Discman, CD's, Mesutchi & Osutchi, and Mimitchi Tamagotchi. I had decided to take Mesu and Osu because my friends wanted to see them mate. Mimitchi, of course, was going no matter what happened. While the week before wasn't the best without him, he returned to me in plenty of time to be with me for this trip. Mesu and Osu were to wake up at 9am so I just let them be, as it was over 2 hours before that was to happen.

It was only my third time on a plane and this time I felt more relaxed and it was a less nervous situation for me. I really enjoy flying and this time I _had_ to have Mimitchi be with me during it. I woke him up about 5 minutes before we were cleared to take off into airspace. This being over 2 hours early of his normal wake up time, I decided he would be paused later to give back the time.

I often speak of bonding with Tama's and Tama's I'm bonded with. Mimitchi, as most would probably know, is one Tama I just love so very much and I was very happy to have him with me during this flight. Somehow things felt safer. Take off was great, I held him so he could see out the window, I believe he enjoyed it as much as I did. It's hard to describe something that is easier seen then read.

To sum up the flight in, we had two stops along the way; one in Boise Idaho and one in Reno Los Vegas, none of which we had to change flights (thankfully). So we took off the ground and landed 3 times during it all.

I might add that during the layover in Boise, Mesu and Osu changed into the Hyurutchi Babitchi stage.

The only problem we had with the trip was we had an unexpected layover in Reno. When we got there we were told there was a problem in LAX and we were going to be delayed in Reno for 30 minutes. The 30 mins turned out to be 45 and we didn't actually leave there until after 10am. We did finally arrive in LAX around 11:45 though, safely and thankfully none of our luggage got lost.

When LeAnne and I arrived we met up with Brendan, an Internet friend, and sat around in McDonaldís for about 4 hours until Ashley's flight came in, she's also an Internet friend. We have all met before, this was the groupsí second meeting.

I must say that California was in the 90's and it was just almost too hot for me. I'm more used to this 70 and 80 degree weather of Washington. It was pretty bad, but I survived it. I must say though, I really like California, and it was even better this time.. It is one big place.

When we got back to our hotel and relaxed for a bit, even though we were all so very exhausted, we decided to go to the Brea Mall. It is about as big as our mall, maybe even smaller, I'm not sure, but it has more variety of stores. While we did go, it was a Sunday so it was closed, so we just walked around and looked then went out to dinner, I believe.

That day was rather short because most of it was spent at the airport, but this is pretty typical... out of all places in LA I've seen, the airport is the place I'm most familiar with... well kinda, it's so many buildings I'd still get lost... anyway..

We went to bed late that night in a nice air conditioned (YEAH!) room.

The next day, Monday, we got up really late, after noon I believe. Now I was really surprised I got the best characters all week on Mesu and Osu because they sat alone all morning receiving minimal and/or no care from me at all while we all slept. We watched some TV and decided to go back to the mall, because it was open. We shopped around and I almost bought a few things, but didn't. Brendan bought me a Road Runner stuffed animal from the Warner Brothers store though :). It was a nice place, kinda hot though. Seems like we weren't gonna get any breaks from the weather at all this week.

After doing a few other errands we decided to go to the beach. It was after 6pm when we arrived. I wasn't really dressed to get in the water, plus I had my Tama's on me so I declined getting wet. It was my first time of going to the beach since I was very very young, so young I couldn't remember. We saw the sun set, and even though I didn't want to get wet the water came up pretty far onto the beach several times, getting me a little wet.

One thing I was surprised at while being on the beach is how moist the air felt. It's like I was walking through wet air, but I wasn't really wet. The air smelt nice once I got to the edge of the water. It was a pretty comfy environment to be in. I think Mimitchi enjoyed it.

Mesu and Osu were in my pocket at the time and sadly I forgot the time so they went to bed in poop... amazingly this didn't effect what they changed into.

We all walked the beach, LeAnne went off on her own walk, while Brendan and Ashley got in the water, and Mimitchi and I stayed away from the wetness, I'm not much into getting wet, especially when the wind is blowing that hard and it's getting kinda cold out.

The beach also was very different than another other shore I have ever seen in all the lakes/oceans I've seen. This one was incredibly dirty. Humans are so messy. There was trash everywhere. It looked like a big trash can. It also smelt bad walking through it. It only smelt nice when I got up to the edge of the shore, then I could smell that 'beach' smell that one is supposed so smell, instead of the trash smell.

We weren't at the beach very long that night, but it was enough, it was comforting and cleared my mind.. I was finally away from work, finally away from that pressure, finally away from the house I live in, finally away from everything I know, except that in which I wished to bring with me. I was in an entirely new environment with friends I love and care about allot, Tama's and humans alike. :)

This was Mimitchi's first trip outside of Washington state. I am so very happy he was able to come, I think he enjoyed it and I really enjoyed having his company.

Tuesday we got up kinda late, as always because we always go to bed late. We didn't have time for allot of things, so we went to a movie, Can't Hardly Wait, a truly awesome movie. I intend on buying it when it comes out.. it was just awesome, you have to see it to understand. I made sure Mimitchi could watch and I'm sure he enjoyed it.

Later that evening we went out to a restaurant and had dinner with Brendan's parents and basically just talked and relaxed. I don't even remember the name of the place we went to, but it was really nice and Brendan's parents treated all of us to dinner, which was pretty cool of them.

While Tuesday was mostly a slow day it was rather relaxing, and as usual, we went to bed kinda late.

The very next day we tried our best to get up early and did manage to be out by noon or so. We all went to Knott's Berry Farm. While this is a kinda low scale Disneyland, it is different, less crowded and in that way it is almost better. I don't think it's the best place I've been to though. I'm not so into the rides as I used to be and coasters just aren't my thing, but it was still fun, but incredibly hot temperature wise.

Another thing I must note about Knott's is Brendan used to work there and they treated him _horribly_. I won't explain entirely, but obviously he isn't the only one because there were banners outside on the way into parking that talked of rats on the premises and bad employee treatment. So at least something is being done about it...

We stayed about until closing and the last thing we did was watch the light/laser on water show, it was pretty cool how they did it, but the subject matter was disappointing and obviously directed more to an age group of 5 to 10 year olds. No less the effects were pretty cool.

We got home pretty late again.. and again.. the usual ritual of watching Jerry Springer on KCAL 9 was followed by going to bed after midnight, as always.

Thursday we got up late again, but we were outta the hotel by 1130 or noon, we grabbed a bite to eat and we soon drove 3 hours off to my all time favorite place in California... Universal Studios!

It was a fun ride out. Ashley brought her CD's and we listened to them whenever we were in the car. They are the Bob & Tom CD's, a couple of really funny morning radio show guys that have been on the air for many many years in Ohio.

When we finally got there we paid to get in and decided to do as much as we could. The first thing we did was basically look around at the shops, I didn't really buy anything, except a camera to take pic's of everything with. We walked by a filming of some new Nickelodeon TV show, which name I forget, but I took a pic, the film has yet to be developed. The next thing we did was we took the tram on a tour of Universal. Really this is something you just have to experience on your own to enjoy. Incredible! It was soo fun. We got to see some of the sets of old TV/movies, and there were several areas we went threw that were set up to scar the riders of the tram. We went through a cave that was designed to look like an underground subway and it simulated an earthquake, very realistic, with fire and just.. so much, too much to remember. There was another area with Godzilla and Jaws, not to mention a falling bridge and a few other areas. They showed us the studios and what they were for, what was being filmed there and little about the sets. So much.. too much to even describe, go there if you can! I could go back 2 or 3 times and still have so much fun there.

The tram was only probably 30 mins to 45 mins, or maybe it just seemed that long? Either way that was one of my favorite parts of the entire day. We got off there and proceeded to go on every ride we could, in fact, we did go on everything. I don't recall the order of things we did, but one of the first was E.T.

Now I kinda enjoyed the movie in the '80's when I saw it.. but I didnít' enjoy the ride at all. I found it rather dull and boring, though it had some pretty good effects and most children would enjoy it a lot.

I REALLY enjoyed the Back To The Future ride! It was one of my faves in fact. It was more of a simulator. I had never seen the movie, but only parts, but it was enough to make me want to see the movie sometime. We got into a large car and the effects were out of this world, so to speak. This isn't easy to describe, but if you go get on this ride... it's the best!

I'm sure there is one I'm missing.. but I can't recall what it is. Either way we decided to go into the Back Draft ride/exhibit/whatever you call it. I refer to things as rides, because I don't know what else to call them. Either way.. this one left me shaking. I don't think I've clutched Mimitchi as hard in my hands as I did this time around. I hate fire, but I went in anyway. They showed a behind the scenes thing on the movie that was interesting, as I have seen the movie (it was okay not my fave, btw..).

Then we went into this room that kinda resembled a boiler room and a storage room and a garage, put all together. They guy kinda warned it wasn't for the faint of heart.. well I wanted to stay. Curiosity killed the Kat, no? Suddenly a small fire started, no biggie. But little by little, cans of gasoline got spilt and poured among the walls, floor, and several things scattered about the large room. It got rather hot in the room as the fire spread about the room, exploding things all over, it was so loud in there I almost had to cover my ears. The roar of the flames and metal screeching against metal barrels and the walls just was almost enough to kill my hearing. It was kinda like a sharp piece of metal scraped across a chalk board... times a hundred. It kept getting warmer and warmer in there and the gas kept splashing all over and the fire was filling the room.

This was kinda traumatizing. Next thing that I recall happening was the balcony type thing I was standing on, which was quite high above the flour and was a black metal/iron sorta thing, suddenly gave way right below my right foot. I dropped what felt like a good entire foot downward. Of all places I could have been standing... I had to have been standing right there.... The whole thing lasted I'd say a good 20 mins, maybe less, and indeed that was all it took to shake me up and traumatize me for life....

Finally it was over, the flames were distinguished and I was able to leave. I think those behind me were the only reason I was able to move, as I felt myself being pushed forward in the crowd, I managed to stumble out of that place and boy I did take a sigh of relief as I was ushered out of there.

With the relief passed, the conversation drifted immediately to the subject that kept coming up as the day moved toward night and it proceeded to get a little darker. Jurassic Park. I love the movie. I love the books. I love it all. And the question was... should we go on the water ride? We all kinda debated for a long time... I myself dislike water rides, but resistance was futile and so was Jurassic Park. We all decided to go for it, what the hell... you only live once, right? I paused Mimitchi and put him safely in my purse, in hopes I wouldn't get that wet... previously throughout the day we viewed several people leaving Jurassic Park, completely soaked from head to toe.. so right then my worry was Mimitchi.

We got into line and we managed to get on the ride right away, the four of us got the last seat in the boat and soon we were zoomed off up a large hill and landed ourselves into a neat replica of Jurassic Park. There were many dinosaurs around us, including that one that spits (whose name I can't recall), but instead of spits water, instead of blinding poison. It seemed very tame for a very long time, we traveled among brontosaurus and soon things began to look creepy. The broken fences, Velocirators, and T-Rex made appearances as we entered a cave. Into the cave we began to climb a large hill, a very steady almost straight uphill in what looked like a tunnel. It was designed to make it look like it went on forever. But the illusion stopped as we began to level out and it got pitch black. The boat stopped for just a few seconds and a silence fell just as fast as the screams began. Suddenly we were falling and I mean rapidly near straight downward. I was lifted off the seat I was in and I felt a scream leave my lungs as I felt the wind and some water rush up into my face. We finally hit the bottom and a huge wave splashed up and fell over and into the boat, soaking some, leaving others only a little wet. I was lucky.. getting only partly wet.

At the end of the day we went to Marvel Mania, a restaurant completely decorated in Marvel Comic's characters and look. It was incredible, it was very genuine and real to the comic looks. They played scenes from the TV shows and other tidbits throughout the evening, while people walked around dressed up as the characters. I am not a Marvel Comic fan, but was familiar with some of it. Brendan was really into it, he loved it. I sure wasn't complaining, it was really cool. The food was a bit expensive, but then again this is California and Universal, so it was probably normal. There was so much in here, you just had to see it to believe it. This is the only Marvel Mania in existence right now, but the waiter told us they intend to have others made as soon as they can.. I'd say it'd be a hit anywhere, even people who don't like comics could enjoy this place. I think they should make similar restaurants with other themes.... Tama's... Tamagotchi... Tamagotchi... maybe Tamagotchi? :)

Another thing about Marvel Mania I almost forgot.. the bathrooms. They are dark, lit with red lighting, the doors are like the ones you see in dungeons and on one of the walls every now and again Spiderman makes an animated appearance. Very cool!

I believe I forgot to mention we went to the Hard Rock Cafe, but mostly to just look around, we didn't eat there, it would have probably been to expensive anyway.

After that we took 5 steep escalators out of Universal and went up to the parking lot, as Universal was closing for the evening. I really wish we had made it there a few hours earlier then we did.. There was so much to do and see, we just didn't get a chance to do it, no matter how we hurried to look at it all.

Of all places, Universal is the one I love the most in California, so far. I gotta go back!

Only one negative thing occurred in CA and it was a portion of the ride home. We took a wrong turn off the highway. We soon found ourselves deep in downtown LA, after midnight, in a rather bad area of down town LA. It took Ashley's good instincts to get us out of there and back on the right track... safely back on the right road. It kinda shakes a person up when total strangers come up to your car and wash your window with a dirty newspaper... lets not go into details, shall we? You had to be there. It was no joy ride, but we made it out.

We got home late, as you can imagine and got up late again Friday, missing Jerry this time. I don't really recall what we did on this day other then talk and eat out. It was a kinda relaxation day, if I recall correctly. We did a few things, not a whole lot.

Wait a min... we did do something, I think we did it today. We went to see The Truman Show

and it was soo awesome. I love that movie! I'm gonna buy it when it comes out. Popcorn fights aplenty, I might add.

Saturday we got up late as usual. First thing I did was check on Mesu and Osu... they were ready to mate. Since everyone had been waiting all week to see them mate, that is the first thing we did. We were all half asleep when I discovered they were ready. But as soon as I pressed the button and the mating music occurred... it kinda got peoples attention. So half asleep we all crawled out of bed and gathered around these little Tama's so we could all act like voyeurs and watch them do their act of lovin'. They were compatible and indeed mated with no problems. My only problem was the animationís for these two characters were not as impressive or entertaining as the first two I saw mate. In fact I was a little disappointed in the lack of animationís put for these characters that Bandai made, Piratchi and Hiratchi are their names. Ashley held the Osu and I held Mesu and they did their thing and were done in less then a minute or two..

We decided to go see another movie before we all had to leave California. We went to Out of Sight. I don't remember it that well... but I do know I didn't enjoy it as much as I enjoyed the other movies I saw during the week. It was okay, though.

When we got home, we packed our stuff, cleaned up the room and got ready for the departing flights the next day.

We did do one more thing before the night was over. At 1230am after we watched Jerry Springer, we had this weird craving and ordered pizza! They delivered to us, too! I wasn't sure if they would, but they did. Pizza Hut jacked us around about our order, so we decided never to order from them again and went with Dominos, whom was very kind and straight forward with us, even at this late hour. So there we were, almost 1:30am, sitting in bed eating pizza the night before we had to get up at 9am and be on a plane and out to Spokane by the end of the day. Ashley had to go home and work back in Ohio sadly.. she had to leave at 2:25pm.. our flight was to leave at 5pm. Maybe one day we will go to Ohio...? Either way we were happy, but sadness lingered in the room as we knew we were to depart the next day.

We got up early today... surprise, surprise... it was our day to leave though, Sunday. It had only been a week, but it was a _really_ good week. We did nearly everything we intended to do and on top of that.. we were exhausted with no sleep, which was to be expected, of course...

We managed to get to the airport on time and Sassy got on her plane on time. We didn't get to see her go. You see the airport at LA is international and incredibly HUGE. I'm talking each airline has its own separate building/floor/whatever. It was huge and very hard to get around. We were waiting in line to check in baggage for our flight at one end of the airport, while Ashley took another airline, so we were stuck separating at the very end. The line to check in was a good 30 minute or longer wait.

When that was finally finished we ended up at McDonaldís for the remainder of a few hours until our flight went out. The three of us, LeAnne, Brendan and me, talked, snacked on McD's, and joked around in all our boredom for the few hours we were waiting for. I thought it would be a boring long wait, but really it went by fast and the worst part was the heat, otherwise we did okay. Tama's are always great for times when you have nothing better to do then care for them, right? :)

When it was finally time for our flight, we got upstairs an hour before departure and got into the first boarding group. Our flights on Southwest were a free for all seating, first come first serve, sorta thing. It was great. We sat around for another 30 mins and finally we were boarded on the plane.

We went into the back part of the plane and got a seat in the middle. This plane seemed to lack room, unfortunately. But soon we were seated but not comfy I might say. The cold air/air conditioning/whatever that one is supposed to receive didn't seem to be on high. Very little air was blowing and we were just so hot. It was hard to be comfy on an 85 degree plane for 4 hours. I enjoyed take off, as always, but this time I didn't enjoy the flight as much as I did the first times I was on a plane. In fact the trip seemed more like a waste of 4 hours, too bad we couldn't get a straight flight instead of the 2 stops we had to make. For once all that was one my mind on this flight was the want to get off the plane and as soon as possible. The humidity was horrible, but at least the flight it self was nice and so were the stewardesses.

On the first stop we changed seats. The seats back there were just too uncomfy and we hoped there would be better and cooler air up front. So we took 3 seats, 2 on each side, that each faced each other, right up front near the cockpit. This was more comfy, more spacey, but still so little air, so the plane remained very hot for the remainder of the trip. I don't recall what stop this was, but the second stop was in Montana.

Next stop, of course, was my home, Spokane. It was great to be home. We were thrilled to get off the stuffy hot plane and out into the nice cold 50 degree night weather. It felt great. We got our luggage and met my sister, Heidi, there whom took us to my house. We got home and LeAnne had to go home, her parents needed her for something, so Brendan and I just went almost straight to bed, being exhausted and unable to sleep on the plane, due to the heat.

Here ends my California vacation. This was only the ending of the first week of three weeks for Brendan though. He was staying at my house until July 19th. Thus explains why the lack of updates.. etc.

I don't recall everything we did. But I do know that I had the first 3 days off of work that week and worked the next 7 days after that with a few more in between. It was great to have days off and to spend it with him. Heidi, Brendan, LeAnne, and I spent the greater of three weeks playing games, shopping, watching movies and sitting around my office, heh.

We all had a great time and went many places. It has been 3 weeks and I don't remember much order, but I'll tell you some highlights.

We had a water gun fight, something Brendan had been wanting to do forever. It wasn't your ordinary water fun fight. It took place after 11pm at night, thus it was rather dark, except for moonlight. We all had super soaker guns, several that shoot over 50 feet and there are two acres and several cars and the house for shelter, not to mention the dark being a great way to hide. We had a really good time, got very soaked. This is one event Mimitchi was _not_ involved in...as you can imagine.

Lets see... We all went to City of Angels at the Garland $1 Theater. While I was disappointed with the ending of the movie, I still enjoyed it.. though I like the soundtrack better then the movie. We had lots of popcorn throwing and half bottomless popcorn ended up all over the inside of LeAnne's car... this meaning tradition happened again. Every time Brendan comes up, _something_ floods LeAnne's car. :) Yours truly came up with the idea, Brendan is the one that actually dowsed LeAnne with the popcorn.

On July 4th we went down to River Front Park and watched the fireworks late in the evening. It was a good show, but sadly it was way too short for how long it took to get a parking spot and actually get to the bridge and watch them. No less it was still fun.

Up here in Washington State fireworks have been outlawed in most areas, with a few small exceptions. I managed to buy a box of pops (those things that look like paper tears that you throw at the ground and make a loud popping noise) and a tank. The tank I don't recall what it does, but I used to get them when fireworks were legal. We happened to come by a stand so we bought a few small things. I didn't end up using either of those things because we spent the evening at LeAnne's house playing darts, I believe.

We all went to my Grandma's house and played croquet in really hot 98 degree weather, but it was awfully fun. I ended up getting smacked in the back of the knee with my sister's ball, leaving a big ol' blue bruise on my leg. It hurts to walk, but oh well, it's going away.

We went to a play Mame. No, nothing related to Mametchi, not even pronounced the same. It was a good play though, glad I went. We watched Space Balls on our way out to the theater, it was a long drive. Then went to a old fashioned drive in, Dicks.

We visited both the malls a lot, went to the arcades a lot, made our usual trips to TRU, and several places. I managed to pick up 3 different Tamagotchi puzzles on these trips. We all bought lots of things during the entire trip, too many to list, but a whole lot I tell you.

My Nakamura TamaOtch showed up in the mail during this time, which was great. We started it up for about 30 mins while watching South Park. Sadly it is very hard to understand.. and we all found it annoying, considering it flashes this phrase "Good Morning/Greetings Today" across the screen while beeping continuously every 30 seconds (yes I timed it). It is really weird and the responses are of course in Japanese... so it confused me lots. Even Brendan who knows some Japanese had a hard time with it. I can't say I find it that fascinating.. but I might do a page about it in the future... I dunno yet... :)

Weird thing is, when we got back it was great weather, but the very next day and ever since we have been having record making temperatures, up even past 100 degrees, which is not normal for this area, at least not for several weeks at a time. Brendan brought that hot California air with him! Odd thing is, California was getting up over 100 every day.. I'm happy I'm not going back there for a while, but only for that weather reason.

I dunno, it's so hard to sum up a month in one log, but I'm trying. I really thought I'd be able to keep updating my logs over the last 2 weeks, but I found myself away from the house and often not getting home until late, or having to work the next day, so having to go to bed early.

So in a way, the last month has been a kinda forced vacation away from my computer and work. While I logged on every now and again to get my e-mail so it wouldn't pile up too high, and I went to work occasionally... mostly I have been on a forced vacation away from most things I normally do.. This is kinda a good thing, it helped me relax and relieve stress that had been building up for a very long time.

I left out many parts of the last 3 weeks. Some things you just gotta be there to see. Sometimes some things in life are so grand that no words, no thoughts, nothing read can replace what was seen and done.

The first time I ever got on a plane was last July. I got on a plane to meet 2 people I had only met on-line. One of which has turned out to be the love of my life. I thought nothing could beat last year. But it happened... this trip was the best I've ever taken. Worth every penny. I'm flat broke, but you know.. money isn't everything, memories are worth more then the next paycheck. I don't know if I ever mentioned in my logs, but Brendan is my soul mate..

I'm sure I lost traffic and visitors to my site through my absence. But I must admit the only thing I regret about the past month's absence is not being able to update my Mesu/Osu logs and make the animationís like I intended on doing, so I could share my mate-able Tama's with the world.

I did keep a running track of what characters I got and even made a few animations over the past weeks. I have been trying to update that log as well and soon after this log, that log will be posted. I am going to make some animationís first and update it, as my characters changed recently.

I do intend on getting back to my usual frequent updates, like my page used to be. I love doing my page, but I think I needed that long vacation. I have so much email I am behind on, things that just piled up while I was gone, but I intend on answering every email and updating all the parts I need to with time over the next couple of weeks. Soon I will be all caught up.

I will note here if you read the Mesu/Osu logs for the time I was gone, you will be very disappointed. I only put in technical details and very few details, a lot of the images are not mine, I make sure to say which are mine and which arenít. I will go back to making my own entirely and things will be back to up their usual standards. The reason I didn't trash the log all together is I need it to keep track of my generations and characters... there are a few observations in there that I recalled from California, but most of it's there to continue the family tree of Mesu/Osu.

So now what? You might ask. I'm asking myself that. I find myself very alone as both LeAnne and Brendan are gone. LeAnne went to Vegas and Brendan is back home tonight. My sister will be leaving next week for 3 whole weeks. I have no real plans, except to work on work and my web page. Exciting life, eh?

I will say that I miss Brendan very much.. I'm rather lonely now, after being with him for so many weeks. I look forward to our next time together, which will hopefully be at least once more before the end of the year... maybe Winter... when it's much cooler and there is snow... He's never seen snow fall you know..

Now if you skipped the above parts or just found it incredibly boring (which is most likely true :P ), this next part is about my Tama's. I had Mimitchi Tama die on me July 7th while I was sitting in the car at Perkinís, waiting for Brendan to purchase something and get back in the car so we could head home for the night. My sister was there when the beeping began. Poor sweet Mimitchi... at least he got to enjoy the trip in California, every inch of the way! I brought him back on the 6th day and he is now 12 years old, he got sick yesterday. While he is usually the one that comforts me when I am sad, it is so hard for me to let go of Brendan this time... It's just not so easy this time...

When I got back from California I unpaused Zatchi, a very demanding Zatchi. He was 22 years. He got paused from time to time and even for an entire day a couple of times during that past few weeks. Eventually he did die at age 28. Poor little Zatchi.. I would have loved to bring him to CA with me, had he been younger.

I had Ginjirotchi on CD-ROM when I left. I couldn't do anything about him, I had to go. When I got back I turned on the computer and it showed him leaving. When I looked I found he had left only the day after I left, so he didn't die because of lack of care by the care center (72 hours) but because it was his time to go, which makes me feel better about leaving him. He left this for me:

"Hello friend. I had fun being in your computer, but longed to be independent once again. To feel the cool space air run through my hair. I sensed that you are a very caring Earthling. Thank you for raising me."

Tonight I decided to hatch another, since it's been so long. It is a Gen2 Shirobabitchi that I am taking care of at the same time as writing this log. I have no clue what I want... anything I haven't got would be good. Do you think I jinx myself because I say that every time? If I get Mimitchi again, I won't say that next time. :)

Whelp I must be done with log, and it's about time! More logs to come, updates, etc etc.. I promise this site will be back to normal in no time! Sorry I could not provide more details, but I must say I had a good time, as did all of us, Tama's and human's alike!

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