Tamagotchi Log 6/17/98

6/17/98: It's been a good and bad day. I'm not sure how to weigh the two. My life is the bad part.. work just plain sucks. Anyways.. I had to turn off the sound on Oyajitchi because the reviews at my job were often in and out of my room and my boss gave me a look when he kept beeping every 10 mins. Soo I choose to put him on mute and just look after him. This being the worst mistake of my day. I got caught up in work going on around me and it took only 30 minutes to slip by before I realized I had not checked him. I do not know when he passed away but it was around 1pm. He died with the attention light on, uncared for, hungry and unhappy all because I turned the sound on mute and got caught up in my stupid job :(( Poor sweet thing died at age 25, which is kinda normal for a secret character, he probably would have gone on for a while longer had I not killed him :( I feel horrible.. I worked hard to get him, to have him die of neglect.. :( I feel just rotten.. the day at work goes bad and then I accidentally killed that poor sweet Oyajitchi :( I hope he forgives me up there at Tamagotchi Planet. Maybe one day I will be graced with his presence again...

On other thoughts Zukitchi did not change.. the wrong Zukitchi changed. Probably because of work too.. I hate this week! He is still Zukitchi so he won't be changing into the Japanese secret character, most likely. But he is doing well, getting needy though because he has entered that stage of already getting close to dying because he didn't change.

Mimitchi passed a couple of days ago and I already have Tongaritchi back, with 75% discipline. He will _hopefully_ be returning to me within the next 2 or 3 days. I really miss him, things are more difficult without him in my life, I dunno why.. but they just are.

Mesutchi and Osutchi have really helped lift this sadness because they are becoming my favorite Tamagotchi already. If you haven't read my Mesu Osu logs, they have mated and two cute little baby Tsubutchi's today at 5pm. I love these Tama's, they are very awesome. I love everything about them.. and they are just cute all 'round! Love 'em lots, buy two if you don't have them! I'm off for the night, got a few images to convert for the Tama images page, of Osu and Mesu and a few other parts of the page to work on. Happy caretaking fellow Tama fans!

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