Tamagotchi Log 6/15/98

6/15/98: Well today was a really ughy day. First day the company I work for is getting reviewed and if I didn't have the job I do I would get this week off.. :P It wasn't the best day. Tama wise it wasn't no better. Around 12:30 this afternoon Morino Tamagotch died at age 10 as Funkorogatchi. For the first time since hatching it I have put the tab back in. Mainly because I am going on my week vacation in California and if anything happened to that Tama, I would be rather upset. So he departed and I watched and really there is nothing special to the death of Morino. He sits there looking very sad or upset and after about 10 seconds the death screen is up there, complete with spirit and grave site.

Oyajitchi is really really needy today. Seems every 15 or 20 mins he is empty on something. Very hard to care for him.. depending on what I am doing at work his weight is either at the maximum or minimum, he's on a yo-yo diet I tell you. I expect him to leave me anytime because he is 23 and usually secret characters leave between 24 and 29 somewheres, with a few exceptions that is.

Zatchi is 16 today and doing pretty well, rather quiet most of the time. Because of work it is soo hard to take perfect care of him though, like I would want to. But either way he is cute as always. Sadly I don't think I will be bringing him to CA with me. I'm just afraid something will happen to them. But I'm not sure yet either. I am bringing Mimitchi.

Speaking of which, the other bad part of my day is that Mimitchi died tonight at 6:05pm. I had just got home from work and I heard that dreaded beeping... at least we were alone so I could say good bye... I hate it when he passes away at work.. He was only 20 today, because I took away 2 days to make him grow faster when he was younger, but sometimes I just can't live without him... so I had to bring him back faster! This time will be close to the same, he's gotta return to me by Saturday night before I leave the next morning.. I think he will just LOVE the plane ride! I just love him.. miss him already.. :/ Sadly this is the way I planned it, so he'd be back just in time for the trip. I figured he'd enjoy the trip more then a week in the office.... My poor sweetie :(

To those that care I got a new mouse today and I was able to get my Mesu/Osu web page up last night along with logs. I think they will also stay at home on pause though, I would be very upset to loose them as well.. I've never lost a Tama, but there is always a first and I can't just go out and buy two more... So during next week there will be no updates or anything in fact. I have no access to a computer down there. I might go through withdrawal as it might be my first week in years without touching a keyboard ;). Oh well.. off I go, gotta write more on Mesutchi and Osutchi and try to get caught up on my e-mail and updating other parts of my page... bye bye, wish me luck in getting back Mimitchi this week.. gonna be hard during the review at work :/

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