Tamagotchi Log 6/14/98

6/14/98: Where have I been you might ask? It's been prolly close to a week since I've written a log, in fact I think more. At work things have been busy causing me to work extra hours and in the evening I have been devoting my time to a secret web page... okay not so secret. I am working on a Mesutchi & Osutchi web page. YES! I finally got one of the pairs I ordered in the mail. I have my Smoke and Clear pair. They are on their 3rd day living and I am logging everything that is going on ;). Images galore and information outta my ears for all the curious virtual pet fans out there. I think there are a few pages out there already doing stuff on Osutchi & Mesutchi, but my stuff is my stuff because it is based entirely on my own experience. And I am constructing my own animations like I did with Morino Tamagotch page when I did that page. I like how it's turning out, I hope when it is posted that my visitors will like it as well. Let me just say a couple of things, they are very enjoyable Tamagotchi, I like them very much so far. And right now I have Ojotchi and Obotchi in the Kodomotchi (child) stage. I promise the page will be up this week sometime, I just have a few more animations to made and some images to create. It will have similar format as the Morino Logs, so if you prefer that format to this log format then you will like it. More to come on these awesome virtual pets!

As for my Tamagotchi, allot can change in a week in a Tamagotchi's life, as you well know. The changes since I last posted are simply this: After my milky white reset that finale time I have been able to keep him safe from reset danger and he has entered into the adult stage for the 1st time and he is well on his way to being the secret character, with 50% discipline, I can't wait because it'll be the Japanese secret character!

I do have the P1 Japanese secret character on my White Japanese Tama with black buttons. Oyajitchi is 22 years and 99oz right now. The weight keeps going up and down, I take it down but since he's kinda needy and I've been working so much I eventually bring it back up. He's on a yo-yo diet ;).

On my US P2 I have Zatchi still, he is age 15 today and doing okay, not very okay though. It's not been the perfect week for him, work has really taken a lot of my time away from my Tama's, even Mesutchi and Osutchi.

To my udder disappointment Morino changed into Funkorogatchi two days ago. This after I took perfect care of him and changed the temp meter once every 15 mins for all 24 hours except 5 hours, in which I had to sleep. Everyone tells me to just leave him going overnight because it doesn’t change that much, but it seemed to effect what character I got this time because I got him again. Next time I hatch him I will pause him at night and use the same method and see what I get that time. I really would like to see some other character but this one... I don’t consider myself a horrible caretaker, but I must be doing something awfully wrong to keep getting this guy. I was told temperature determines character, wellllllll I've tried different methods and really I just am not sure what to do...

I finally got Ginjirotchi on CD-ROM, he changed a couple of days ago. I have seen him before on my sisters’ computer, but that was a while back and I forgotten how cute and adorable he is! He is oh soo sweet and he makes really cute sounds! I'm not much into the CD-ROM but I do enjoy some of the characters a lot, and this is one :)

Ugh I just broke my mouse. This is not good because I use the mouse half the time and the keyboard the other half. It still kinda works, but not entirely. Ugh. This could seriously mess up doing animations since the program I work with only uses the mouse for creating the images. We will see, I think I'll still be able to do it, but I'm not entirely sure... :/ Oh well sometime this week that page will be online. I think I have an old mouse somewhere....

Oh well, gotta go, must work to do if I can do it, glad I know most keyboard commands, tho my knowledge is kinda rusty.

Oh one more thing. Mimitchi is 19 today and kinda needy, I expect him to die by 20 or 21, because I took some days away from him when he was younger. As soon as he leaves I will be getting him back as fast as possible, I need him to be with me by Saturday night as I am going out of town for an entire week. Yes no logs, no updates or anything for that entire week. I'm sure I'll have lots to say when I get back. Up until this Saturday I will update as much as I can, I have lots of email to go through and may not even be able to finish that with everything else I'm trying to do. Very busy indeed. When I get back I will take an evening to try and get some caught up though. And I am unsure but I believe I will be pausing Mesutchi and Osutchi over that week’s time... maybe. I am unsure as of yet. I am unsure about the rest of them too. I figure I will decide at the time depending on what stage of life they are in. Really I only intended on bringing Mimitchi along with me. Enough rambling, nite nite!

Note: Ugh, sorry I linked this log wrong, thankfully it was brought to my attention! Thanks KLaY!

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