Tamagotchi Log 6/9/98

6/9/98: Wellll.... I am thrilled! To say that I won a Nakamura TamaOtch from Jason in an eBay auction! I'm so very happy! I've always wanted one :) This is my third time in trying, so I finally won! :) I've been told that it's a boring tama though.. but I'll find that out for myself! :) I've also been told to leave it in the package for its worth allot, but what's the point of that? :P I'll tell ya a little more about it when I get it. In fact I'll prolly put up the little I know about it in my FAQ area, well General Tama Info area, sometime soon.

In other thoughts.... my milky white Japanese tama that seems ooh so sensitive to anything and everything reset on me today :( I had Zukitchi and he was 7 I think. I dunno why this Tama is so.. ugh. But I am determined to get Zukitchi, then get the secret character. I restarted him again tonight with full intentions of getting Zukitchi again, and trying one last time before I go out of town for a week. I intend on getting him very soon.. if it resets again I guess I'll put the tab back in for a while until the middle of July.

You see, at work the business I work at is being reviewed by the state next week, then the week after I go out of town to California for a vacation. Then I bring a friend back with me for a while. That following week if the first week of the month, my busiest, then the week after, also very busy, we are getting an audit.. gonna be at the office allot more hours then I intend I think... :P

Anyway back to Tamas.. My friends Digi died today, he was 14, while mine is still living and in bed tonight. He is 15yrs, 99lbs, 49% victory. Yeah I'm taking rotten care because I really donít want another 66 year old Digi :P

On the other hand, my other Zukitchi is still alive, age 10, and not Zukitchi. Well.. I took really bad care, hit 3 of 4 disciplines before he got sick, then got that last one after he got sick, thinking he wouldnít change because he had already got sick.. but nope, right before I left work tonight I heard that changing sound that is oh so familiar and looked to see little Zatchi standing there. I dunno what I'll do with him when I go to California.. might leave him at home on pause. I dunno yet... that's why I didn't want him to change...

Oyajitchi is doing pretty well. He's 17, and barely shows sign of age at all. Feels like a 5 year old Tamatchi. Very easy to care for, and the game is incredibly easy, just like Gaijintchi on US Tama's. He's not really cute, but he's cuter then Gaijintchi. Ooh he just pooped.. heh.

Imotchi is age 4 today, he is currently sleeping as he goes to bed at 8pm. He weights 11mg and is one heart empty on each, as I didnít catch it before he went to bed. He has been taking care of kinda average to great care, never slept in poop, will be getting into that cocoon soon I assume over the next 2 or 3 days. Maybe I will get lucky and get something other then Funkorogatchi? I hope so. Anything would be good.

Mimitchi is 14 today, prolly closer to 15 or 16 (I'll know when he gets sick), because I aged him physically by keeping him up late when he was younger to make him change faster. I need to have him back by the time I go to California.. I don't want him to miss the experience.. the plane ride the beautiful morning sky (I'm outta here around 5, on the plane a little after 6). I don't want him to miss this experience. Last year was the first time I was ever on a plane, it was before I ever heard of Tamagotchi, and I was just thrilled, so I want him to experience it with me again :) I think he'll enjoy California.. Disneyland, Knotts, big big city.. very new, relaxing, though you really can't see any stars in the sky at night like you can up here. I can only see a few, it's the smog that seems to hover over LA heheh. I never thought I'd like to travel ever until last year, now I enjoy it if I'm with good company. I've always wanted to fly, so finally I'll be back on a plane again soon, about time! With my buddy Mimitchi this time, no less! :) Gonna have a week of vacation and relaxation in California with good friends :) Oh well, enough babbling, goodnight fellow Tama lovers...

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