Tamagotchi Log 6/6/98

6/6/98: Well.. yesterday at age 9 Funkorogatchi died, I restarted him in mid afternoon, deciding I do have enough time to raise another before I go outta town. Meanwhile my milky white Tama has not reset, and thankfully got legs last night, I want Zukitchi on him, then off to getting secret character! :)

Unfortunately my experiment on 'cow spots' tama sucked. I disciplined half way when it was Tonmarutchi, then it went to 0 disciplined when it got legs, I choose no discipline after that and still got Zukitchi. Next time no discipline at all. Then I get Hashizotchi. But thatís for another time Ill do that, just hope Zukitchi doesnít change, because then I'll have him while I'm in CA, not a bad thing, but not entirely good either.

Oyajitchi is doing well. Age 14 and hardly acts like he's a day over 3, doing very well indeed. He's not exactly cute, but not really ugly either, I like him better then the US Gaijintchi. He's pretty easy to play the game with too, just like Gaijintchi. The little hair sticking up on the top of his head is cute :)

I still have GreyMon, he is 12 today, no Metal GreyMon THIS time. Victories at 45%, he's overweight but surviving. I expect him to drop off soon...

Update: Well it's closer to evening and since Morino Tamagotch changed from Babimotchi to Imotchi.. went to bed happy at 10mg 1 year :) While Cd-Rom Tama Mimitchi became really needy today dropping as much as 1 heart per min. He finally died on me around 5pm, age 18 years old. This is what he said:

Hello good friend. Based on the ostensible fact that I was living and eating on your computer screen, I have deuced that you are a very responsible Earthling. Congratulations on raising me!

I can't ever seem to get him past age 18 on Cd-Rom so that must be his 'day of death'. I am going to start another Tama Cd-Rom soon. In fact.. Tomorrow I will.

Oh btw! I got 5 more Tamagotchi, all gen2 from an EBay Auction! Now I have a total of 50 Tamagotchi with the ones that are in the mail on the way to me! :))

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