Tamagotchi Log 6/4/98

6/4/98: It seems that my milky white Tama has a real problem with it, as it seems to reset really easily. Yesterday I got out of the car and I heard that familiar beep... it had reset and for no reason. I guessed it may have bumped into something? But it had never happened before, why it happened then, I have no clue. Than today when I got to work I got out of the car, different car, and began walking to the office door and heard that beep again. Now.. there was nothing happening at the time to make it do that, I don't recall hitting anything or it bumping anything, except maybe the other 4 Tamaís in my hand? Either way that thing really resets very easily and I have no clue why. I am rehatching it for the 3rd time in 3 days right now, 10:10am. While I don't understand the problem I intend on being extra careful with that Tama. I don't know really what is happening with that thing, I hope I didn't get a defect though, because it is Japanese and I really can't just get a replacement at the store....

On other thoughts I am high bidder in another auction on eBay for Nakamura TamaOtch. Try again, this time maybe I'll win it? I'm not so sure, though I'm not too willing to pay a ton for it. I also bought another Osutchi and Mesutchi from Jason, he is sending them to me and I'm sending him the money today, hopefully it won't take 4 months to get. I am too anxious to get a hold of a pair of these, which is why I am buying a second pair while the post office traces down and gets the money back to Jason so I can get them re-bought and re-sent to me. He owes me a Mesutchi/Osutchi/Angelgotch, in that package. So while I'm waiting... I'm buying the clear and smoke pair. The pair I am waiting for, for the last 5 months, is White/Green and White/Orange. I don't expect to see them for a while.. but I can't wait till I get this pair. The post office better hurry and repay him so I can get those Tama's. And... it seems my Umino Tamagotch, Oceangotchi, hasn't arrived to me yet in the last 2 months... looks like yet _another_ prob with the post office... sigh. I just want my Tama's! :P

Really right now I am at work writing this log on a break. But the rest shall be finished at home... ;) And now I'm at home, heh.

As for my Tamas.. my 'cow spotted' Tama is Tongaritchi, age 5 and hasn't gotten sick.. yet, but the night is still young. He has no discipline, but almost perfect care. This is kinda an experiment to see what I get. Though he did sleep next to poop once, so I dunno...

Oyajitchi is 12, very easy to care for.. he might live quite long, he is a secret character. Mimitchi is 9 years, doing well, easy as ever to care for at this age :) Funkorogatchi, on my Morino Tama, is kinda needy, he gets attacked twice a day and losses 'leaves' pretty fast, he is 8 but a needy character. GreyMon is 10 today, I donít think he will be changing into Metal GreyMon! :) Tis a goood thing. He has 45% victories, looses 2 outta 3 battles, prolly cuz he was raised poorly.. wonder why I still got him...?

Update: Tongaritchi got sick...ooh he is gonna change tomorrow! Can't wait, can't wait, can't wait! :)

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